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Lighting Styles Scrapbook TA 245 Angie Sheller.

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1 Lighting Styles Scrapbook TA 245 Angie Sheller


3 Sample #1 - Girl in a Forest This painting uses a cool color palette full of blues and greens which promotes a feeling of the coolness that is felt when in a forest. The streaks of sunlight, painted in yellow, direct the eyes downward to the animals and then the slant of the ground pull the eyes off to the right where we find the girl and the tree which pull us back up to the sunlight which will start the cycle over again. The yellows that are used to create the streaks of sunlight create the feeling of the warmth of the sun that would be felt on the cool forest floor. The front of the girls face is "glowing" which shows the reflection of light off of the objects in front of her to illuminate her face.


5 Sample #2 - The Play Scene in 'Hamlet' The darkness of the far right side and back corner of the room along with the bright left side and front corner in bright colors give the impression of light coming from a window or door on the right hand wall. The brightness on the left side compared to the darkness of the right give the impression of depth to the room and forces the eyes to want to focus on the people and activity occurring in the forefront. The shadows on the faces of the people suggest that there may be light coming from the front as well as the left.


7 Sample #3 - From India Song by Karen Knorr The open archways to the left of the picture give evidence that the main source of light would be daylight coming from that direction. The absence of shadows on the front of the peacock are direct influence of the reflected light off of the walls on the right. The brightness from the left causes the eye to be directed there first at which point we go to the peacock. The darker side of the room will then pull your eye that direction before going back to the brighter side.

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