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ELEMENTS OF ART The “building blocks” of a composition.

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1 ELEMENTS OF ART The “building blocks” of a composition.

2 LINE  continuous mark made on a surface by a moving point  Types of Line: Contour Outline Implied



5 IMPLIED LINE:  Lines that may not have been actually drawn, but that the composition of the work makes it appear that they are there.


7 SHAPE  an enclosed space defined by other elements of art  Types of Shape: Geometric Organic

8 FORM  A “shape” that is three-dimensional and encloses volume (value makes this possible).

9 SPACE  refers to the distance or area between, around, above or within things.  Types of Space: Positive Negative

10  The space that is “filled in” in an artwork. I.E. The part that has been drawn, painted, sculpted, etc… POSITIVE NEGATIVE SPACE SPACE  The “empty space” or “empty void”. The space that is ‘left over’ or not filled in.

11 COLOR  element of art that is produced when light, striking an object, is reflected back to the eye.  Three parts of color: Hue Intensity Value

12 HUE  simply means the name we give to a color (red, yellow, blue, etc.)

13 INTENSITY  the strength and vividness of the color (uses words such as vivid, dull, bright, etc…

14 VALUE  describes the lightness or darkness of a color. This is the key to making form – or objects that appear 3D

15 TEXTURE  refers to the surface quality or "feel" of an object  Types of Texture: Actual Implied

16  These textures use the sense of touch and can actually be felt.  Example: Touching the bark of a tree – I know it’s rough b/c I felt it. ACTUAL TEXTURE VS. IMPLIED TEXTURE  These textures use the sense of sight and cannot actually be felt. We know what it should look at from the way it looks.  Example: Looking at a picture of tree bark – I know it’s rough, but I can’t feel it by rubbing a picture.


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