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Charging of wrong doing accusatory. Studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue Contemplative.

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1 Charging of wrong doing accusatory

2 Studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue Contemplative

3 Opposing; bold in resistance; defying authority defiant

4 Learned, polished, scholarly erudite

5 happy jovial

6 treating with contempt or ridicule mocking

7 A blank space; a missing part; a gap lacuna

8 Unable to be removed, erased or washed away Indelible

9 Immature; lacking adult perception, experience or judgment callow

10 A profit or benefit in addition to a salary or ages Perquisite

11 To make to present as a gift or an honor; confer bestow

12 Pleasing to the ear; melodious; harmonious dulcet

13 To hide in a sneaking manner; to lurk Skulk

14 Understood or known by only a few arcane

15 Enthusiastic vigor; vivacity; liveliness; spirit brio

16 Painful or arduous work; severe toil or exertion Travail

17 Indifferent due to lack of energy or concern Apathetic

18 Frank; straightforward; direct candid

19 Feeling of misfortune/bad luck foreboding

20 furious irate

21 Expressing a poet’s inner feelings; emotional; full of images; song-like Lyrical

22 disrespectful irreverent

23 Slightly contemptuous banter; making fun of Ridiculing

24 A group or band of people; a companion; an associate cohort

25 Appropriate or fitting; relevant Germane

26 Lacking all memory; forgetful; lacking active conscious awareness or knowledge; unmindful Oblivious

27 To spread or diffuse through Permeate

28 liable to make a mistake fallible

29 Fearless; bold; brave intrepid

30 To have lively or boisterous fun cavort

31 To take the place of (another), especially through intrigue or underhanded tactics supplant

32 Very fat; obese corpulent

33 To persuade with flattery; to coax cajole

34 fearful apprehensive

35 A feeling of superiority Condescending

36 Lacing spontaneity, originality, and individuality Conventional

37 Darkness, sadness, rejection gloomy

38 Longing for the past Nostalgic

39 Accepting of conditions; not fanciful or emotional Matter-of-fact

40 Ridiculing to show weakness in ordering to make a point satiric

41 To accept the conclusions or arrangements of others; to give consent by keeping silent Acquiesce

42 Happy and cheerful; carefree blithe

43 Stinging; biting; burning caustic

44 Lasting a long time; constant chronic

45 False idea; mistaken belief fallacy

46 Fair; just; showing no favoritism Impartial

47 To ignite; to arouse or inspire; to catch fire kindle

48 To make impossible; to shut out; to prevent preclude

49 Pleasing to the taste or smell; pleasant savory

50 Long and wearisome; tiresome; boring tedious

51 Jason tried to study for the test but the ___________ in his notes made it difficulty to cover all the material lacuna

52 The ink stains on his pocket were ___________, so his shirt was ruined. indelible

53 Because he was a ____________youth, he was not charged as an adult like the others. callow

54 The salary at Sally’s new job was not much, but the generous ______________ made up for it. perquisites

55 The teacher would ____________ teats in an attempt to get the children to behave. bestow

56 When he should have been in class, Derek could often be found ___________ in the hallways. skulking

57 Ms. Ray teaches the ____________ subject of mathematical logic and not many can understand them. arcane

58 The choir sang the piece with such _____________ that soon the audience was clapping along with the music. brio

59 For all the _____________ and tragedies Marcia has endured, she is still remarkably optimistic. travails

60 Although his _________ urged him to leave the party, Brian stayed past his curfew. cohort

61 The issue is not _____________to the present discussion, so let’s drop it. germane

62 But human beings are _______________. We know all make mistakes. fallible

63 She has walked for a long time, _______________ of the sun burning her. oblivious

64 A darkly sweet aroma ______________ the air; white orchard blossoms erupted from snakelike vines. permeated

65 The first astronauts were _________ men who put their lives on the line. intrepid

66 Here I am struggling with a research paper when I could be ______________ at the beach. cavorting

67 Walter was soon able to _____________ Will as the captain of the team. supplant

68 He grew more _____________ as he stuffed himself daily and got no excuse. corpulent

69 Virgil’s great accomplishment were his ability ti charm and ___________ people out of their bad moods. cajole

70 The president said that we will _____________ to the demands of the terrorists. acquiesce

71 Lori’s ___________ attitude toward her terrible situation was difficult to understand. blithe

72 We were surprised that such __________ remarks came from such a mild mannered person. caustic

73 When Paul’s cough became ___________, he finally went to the doctor. chronic

74 Our victory over the favorite team showed the ______________ of the sportswriter’s prediction. fallacy

75 A judge is supposed to be _______________. impartial

76 Mrs. Cooke could always ___________ an interest in the novel we had to read. kindle

77 Reviewing the work thoroughly will _________ the chance that you missed something. preclude

78 Grandmother could make a ________ dish out the simplest ingredients. savory

79 The ____________ lecture by the guest speaker caused many to fall asleep. tedious

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