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Illustrations By: Stephanie Torres & Kiara Renderos.

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1 Illustrations By: Stephanie Torres & Kiara Renderos

2 It was a Tuesday morning. Ms.Malarkey woke up even worse. She didn’t know what to do, she had to call the principal to get a substitute for her class again so, Mr. Doberman substituted her class.

3 Miss Malarkey was feeling bad because she was very sick. She was also kind of calm because she thought her students had a great substitute.

4 In the middle of the class the principal, Mr. Wiggins got out his office and went inside Mr.Doberman classroom to see what was going on because he heard a lot of noise. All of the students had this sad face and they were all upset.

5 The principal asked the students, “Why are you children sad”. All the students said in a sad voice, “ Mr. Doberman is a mean teacher! And we want Miss Malarkey back!!”

6 Mr. Wiggins called Miss Malarkey and asked, “ Miss Malarkey? Are you feeling a little better now?” And Miss Malarkey answered in a sick and soft noise coughing “no”.

7 “ I just wanted to let you know that I am very upset with the substitute and I want you to let me know when your feeling better.” said Mr. Wiggins. When Miss Malarkey heard what he had to say she went running to the doctor so she can feel better.

8 \ Miss Malarkey was still sick but, she went to the school as fast as she could after she got out the doctor. She went because she tried to teach the class.

9 Miss Malarkey said in her mind, “I need to get well as soon as I can so I can get to teach my students again”. If Miss Malarkey didn’t teach she at last wanted the teacher change.

10 Miss Malarkey was talking to the principal and they both walked to her classroom. They stood outside the classroom while watching the substituted screaming at the children

11 One of the students saw Miss malarkey outside the classroom and started to point at her. He said “ Miss Malarkey is here Miss Malarkey is here ! “.

12 The students all ran outside to hug Miss Malarkey. She said “ no kids if you hug me I might get you sick I'm sorry “. “Why are you here Miss Malarkey? ”, said one of the students.

13 Miss Malarkey didn’t know what to say. She said “ Students go back to your seats, I am still sick and when I get better I will come back and teach you.

14 So then Miss Malarkey left and waved “Goodbye” and she left home sick but… happy. She was happy because she saw how the students loved her so much.

15 So Mr. Doberman saw how the students loved Miss Malarkey. He started to become nice and he started to treat the students how they're supposed to be treated.

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