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A person who wanted to do away with slavery abolitionist.

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1 a person who wanted to do away with slavery abolitionist

2 a group of nations that agrees to help each other alliance

3 a person, nation, or group that promises support to another ally

4 a change or addition, especially a change or addition to the US constitution amendment

5 a pardon or a crime, especially a crime against the government amnesty

6 a method of producing goods in which workers put together a product as it goes past on a moving belt Assembly line

7 an illegal payment given in return for expected favors bribe

8 the name given to a Northerner who moved to the South to take part in Reconstruction governments carpetbagger

9 a person who designs or makes maps cartographer

10 the rights guaranteed to every American by the Constitution or by laws passed by Congress Civil rights

11 a war fought between people of the same nation Civil War

12 the struggle between communist nations and the US and its allies, using ideas and aid rather than weapons Cold War

13 a system in which all property, including industry, is owned by the people and managed by the government communism

14 an agreement reached when each side gives in a little compromise

15 a prison for those the government says are its enemies Concentration camp

16 the South in the Civil War confederate

17 to combine or unite consolidate

18 a document containing the laws of the US constitution

19 Sharing an edge of boundary; touching contiguous

20 a type of government where all adult citizens have the right to vote in elections democracy

21 a time when the economy fails to grow and many people are out of work depression

22 President Lincoln's order that granted freedom to the slaves in the Confederate states Emancipation Proclamation

23 having to do with people who share the same customs, language, and culture ethnic

24 to ship to other countries or places for sale export

25 to work into shape by heating or hammering forge

26 a great or complete devastation or destruction, mass destruction of life holocaust

27 a person who settled on government land and owned it after five years homesteader

28 a person who is taken prisoner and not released until certain promises or conditions are met hostage

29 a foreign-born settler immigrant

30 the process by which the House of Representatives brings charges against a government official impeachment

31 to bring in goods from a foreign country for sale or use import

32 to install in office with a formal ceremony inaugerate

33 paying part of the purchase price of an item and making regular payments plus interest for the rest of the amount Installment buying

34 to bring people of different races together integrate

35 an organization of workers that tries to improve its members' wages and working conditions Labor union

36 surrounded by land landlocked

37 Imaginary lines on Earth that run parallel to the equator latitude

38 to make free liberate

39 Imaginary lines on Earth that run between the North Pole and South Poles longitude

40 the use of machines to manufacture goods cheaply and quickly Mass production

41 a company that has complete control of an industry monopoly

42 a person who looks for wrong doing and lets others know about it; usually newspaper and magazine reporters muckraker

43 not supporting one side or another in a conflict neutral

44 a boss who watched over the slaves for a plantation owner overseer

45 a government document that gives to the inventor alone the right to make and sell a new invention for a certain number of years patent

46 a map showing geographic features like mountains and rivers Physical map

47 a large farm on which many workers are needed to raise crops plantation

48 a map showing how people have divided an area into nations, states, and countries with boundaries Political map

49 the line of longitude circling the globe from the North Pole through England to the South Pole Prime Meridian

50 extreme radical

51 to approve officially ratify

52 a system used for distributing goods that are in short supply rationing

53 the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War Reconstruction

54 making finer or purer refining

55 to improve living conditions, government, health care, and working conditions reform

56 a person who flees from her or his home country to escape discrimination for political or religious beliefs refugee

57 an area of land set aside by the government as a home for American Indians reservation

58 the name given to a white Southerner who took part in Reconstruction government scalawag

59 a public disgrace scandal

60 to leave or withdraw from secede

61 the separation of people on the basis of race segregation

62 a system of farming in which farmers rent land from landowners and pay their rent with a share of the crop they grow sharecropping

63 the condition of being owned by another person and thought of as property slavery

64 a run-down area of a city where housing is poor and crowded slum

65 a refusal to work until workers can reach an agreement with their employer strike

66 a town that is close to a city suburb

67 the right to vote suffrage

68 an extra supply surplus

69 an apartment house that is run- down, very crowded, or poorly built tenement

70 going from one side of the continent to the other transcontinental

71 a formal agreement between nations, signed by each treaty

72 a group of businesses that unites in order to control the production and price of certain goods trust

73 the North in the Civil War Union

74 having to do with city or cities urban

75 the condition of being well and having enough money welfare




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