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Differences Between the North and South

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1 Differences Between the North and South

2 Industrialization in the North
Industry and Manufacturing continue to be the key basis of the North’s economy as factories grow in size and numbers while workers jobs become more specialized

3 Improved Transportation in the North
Fulton’s steam ship and new clipper ships: ships with steep hulls and tall sails- allow for increased transportation and trade on waterways, rivers, and the sea. The locomotive is invented and by the 1840’s will begin to become the leading form of transportation Railroad lines connected the entire country

4 The Telegraph Samuel Morse invent the telegraph to easily send messages as a series of dots and beeps through wires. Morse develops Morse Code which is a series of dots and dashes that represents the alphabet From over 23,00 miles of telegraph lines are created

5 Agricultural Improvements
Cyrus McCormick invents a reaper and John Deere invents a tractor to make farming easier, it allows for the growth of Midwestern farming Despite these advancements the North is still focused on Industry and moves away from agriculture

6 Changes in the North The creation of factories lead to the rise of cities Work conditions worsened as factory owners wanted to maximize profits By the 1830’s workers began forming trade unions that would strike for better working conditions Women and African Americans worked in factories but were often discriminated against

7 Immigration Immigration reached new heights in the mid 1800s and the countries’ population boomed The immigrants brought their languages, customs, religions, and ways of life with them that often filtered into and became apart of American culture Sadly, many of these immigrants faced prejudice and a minor political party known as the Know-Nothing party formed to stop immigration

8 The South’s Economy The South’s entire economy was based off of agriculture and farming In the Deep South cotton was the chief crop and its production reached new heights in the late 1800s In the Upper South tobacco, hemp, wheat, and vegetables were produced

9 Farms in the South Most white farmers were small scaled farmers and can be spirited into groups The first group yeomen, were farmers who owned small farms with no slaves Tenant farmers worked off other people’s land as they had none of their own Finally, the rural poor were the last group who would live in crude cabins in wooded areas living off the land The final group were the Plantations and their owners. Plantations could be several thousand acres and have hundreds of workers and slaves working different jobs

10 Why no Industry in the South?
The farming and agriculture was so profitable there was no need Most southerners had their money in slaves and land and didn’t have capital to donate for industry A large proportion of the Southern population were slaves who had no opportunity to buy manufactured goods Some simply didn’t want industry

11 Transportation in the South
The South relied on natural waterways and had far fewer canals The South had less and poorer roads The South had some railroads but far fewer than the North

12 Overview of Differences
North South Focus on Industry and Manufacturing Many roads and canals New growing population Many railroads Many telegraph lines Focus on agriculture Fewer roads and canals Stagnant white population with a growing slave population Fewer railroads Fewer telegraph lines


14 Slavery and Slave Codes

15 Slavery Enslaved Africans Americans endured incredible hardships
Slave Quarters were small huts where slaves would be huddled together like cattle and their beds were collections of leaves and hay

16 Slave Family Life Slave families were very vulnerable as any slave could be sold at any time, separating the family Relatives and friends would watch over the children of slaves whose parents had been sold away

17 African American Culture
Since the Slave trade had been done away with most of the slaves in the country had been born there They held on to their customs with dance, music, folk stories, colored cloths around their heads, and keeping their religious practices

18 African American Christianity
Many highly religious Slaves adopted Christianity and prayed for the day wish they would be free Slaves often used their own Christian songs to tell secrets and complain about suffering

19 Slave Codes Slave Codes were laws created in the 1830s-1860s to control enslaved people Slave codes prevented slaves from assembling in large groups, leaving plantation without a written pass, and reading and writing This was all to prevent Slaves from revolting and rarely did slaves revolt…although one famous Slave revolt lead by Nat Turner resulted in 55 white deaths








27 Writing Prompt Think about one of the pictures that we looked at and write a paragraph or two describing how that photo made you feel about slavery? Would you fight to prevent slavery? Why did this photo stand out to you?

28 The Underground Railroad

29 The Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad was a network of safe houses owned by free blacks and whites who opposed slavery. The Underground Railroad offered protection and help to escapees Slaves had to overcome woods, swamps, being chased, and only knowing the way by being guided by the North Star Famous escaped slaves like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass escaped through the railroad

30 Harriet Tubman The most famous Underground railroad “conductor was Harriet Tubman Tubman made 19 different trips to the south to free slaves assisting over 300 African Americans, including her parents, to escape slavery





35 Classwork For the rest of the period create a journal as if you were a runaway slave escaping on the Underground Railroad. This journal should be no less then a page long and should include the names of at least two towns you pass through on the journey. You should also tell of the experiences you have along the way describing people you meet, where you stay, or some close calls you may have. Use the notes we took in class, the Frederick Douglass reading we just went over, and pages 406 and for references while creating your journal Good Luck!!

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