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Shame on Durban. In the beggining of September, the World Conference against Racism and Xenofobia took place in Durban, South Africa. The existence of.

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1 Shame on Durban

2 In the beggining of September, the World Conference against Racism and Xenofobia took place in Durban, South Africa. The existence of such conference was a very positive event and it´s goals were quite noble. Member countries of the UN Regional Organizations NGOs Participants Diagnose the several forms of racism Propose measures of fighting racism Objectives

3 Unfortunatelly, a group of countries, lead by the Arab and Muslim Blocks, transformed the Conference into a stage for hatred and intolerant propaganda, by proposing agressive resolutions against Israel. Although almost all of the World’s democracies are against these resolutions, the Arab Block and it’s allies controlled the majority in the Conference and could dominate the agenda. All are DictatorshipsAll are Democracies Some Countries Against the Resolutions India Russia (and Eastern Europe) Japan Brazil (and most of Latin America) European Union (all countries) USA Some Countries Proposing the Resolutions Algeria Tunisia Nigeria Pakistan Syria Iran Libya Iraq Cuba

4 The Arab Block afirms that Israel is a racist country and that it’s doing to the Palestinians the same that was done to Jews during the Holocaust. Although these statements are clearly false, the way that this Block of countries is repeating them and the virulence of the accusations can make many well intentioned people believe in them. 1.“Zionism is the same as Racism” 2.“Israel is an Apartheid country” 3.The Palestinian people is suffering a new Holocaust” Statements of the Arab Block

5 Let us check, first, who are some of the people behind these accusations against Israel: Moammar Gadhafi Country: Libya Internationally convicted for terrorism Sadam Hussein Country: Iraq Killed hundred of thousand of Kurds within Iraqian territory Fidel Castro Country: Cuba Notorious Dictator and persecutor of political dissenters Indeed, these leaders have a lot to teach in terms of Human Rights...

6 They state that a new Holocaust is being commited against the Palestinians. Let’s compare, then, what happened with the Jews during World War II and what is happening now. Palestinian children are taught to kill......jewish child is taken from home to the concentration camp....Jews are thrown in pits, after beeing murdered. Palestinians parade with firearms...

7 “The Holocaust and what is happening today are the same thing” The Al Aksa Mosque: in all the years of Israeli rule, not once was a religious building touched... Well fed, Palestinian women practice their fire arms......jewish women, sick and starving, are taken to their deaths on cargo wagons....jewish prayer house is burnt: the nazis destroyed almost all of Europe’s sinagogues.

8 “There is no difference between what is taking place today and the Holocaust” Well fed Palestinian child plays......Jewish children, starving walking skeletons, will be killed shortly, just because they belong to the Jewish people. Palestinian throw stones, while the media gives full news coverage...... the world remains silent, while millions of jews are exterminated.

9 “The two events where crimes of the same magnitude” The areas of the above squares are proportional to the number of dead in each event. 612 Most of which combatants 6.000.000 Almost all of which civil non combatants Number of Palestinian deaths in the Intifada: Number of jewish deaths in the Holocaust:

10 Why are these accusations made?...even though, it seems too much for some people to tolerate a non-Muslim, non-Arab State within the region. Israel occupies an area 600 times smaller than the 22 Arab Countries, less than 0.2% of the Middle East... Arab Countries Israel

11 What, then, is Zionism anyway? “Zionism is merely the dream of the Jewish nation to return and live in its land.(...) And what is anti-Zionism? It is the denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we accord to all nations of the Globe...” Martin Luther King “The State of Israel will (...) ensure complete social and political equality to all it’s citizens, without distintion of creed, race or sex (...) We strech our hand of friendship and peace to all of our neighbouring States and to their peoples...” Israeli Declaration of Independence

12 Zionism is not racism. Toilet sign in Hebrew, Arabic and English: Israel is the only country in the world with signs in three languages Black Jewish soldier, originally from Etiopia, protects israeli civilians from a terrorist attack: Israel was the only country in human history that took a people out of Africa not to enslave, but to free it.

13 A solution will never be reached using the language of hate and disrespect. A positive aproach is required. Only dialogue and respect for the rights of both peoples, Jewish and Palestinian, can bring about peace.

14 Final thoughts. We would be thrilled if you could share your opinions with us, at Analyse well and take your own conclusions We have tried, with all this, to show that Israel is not a racist country and that Zionism is not racism. Presentation made by a group of young people who believe in peace Alexandre Nani - Brazil

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