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2 PROGRESSIVISM Def: The political orientation of those who favor progress towards better conditions in governments and society The United States strived to be a model society by encouraging everyone to follow white, middle-class ways of life.(Prentice Hall) Progressivists believe that individuality, progress, and change are fundamental to one's education.(“Siue”)

3 CONTRADICTIONS This Era was not so progressive nonwhite and immigrant Americans.(Prentice Hall) There where many immigrants that did not accept the many different ideas that they where trying to implement to help the immigrants. Although there many people that wanted to help the immigrants there were still a surplus of government officials that did not want the immigrants there at all.

4 RACISM TOWARDS MINORITIES Many Progressives shared the same prejudice against nonwhites held by other white Americans of the time. Others believed that some minorities where more fit to play a role in society than others. They also made so-called scientific theories that said that dark skinned people had less intelligence. (Prentice Hall)

5 RACISM TOWARDS MINORITIES In the late 1800s, Southern progressives used these theories as ways to justify many laws against African Americans. There where also some progressives that urged the violence against Africans Americans. (Prentice Hall)

6 RACISM TOWARDS IMMIGRANTS Many immigrants where treated with little to no respect in the society. Many immigrants where treated unlike people and more of just expendable workers. The immigrants had to go through many check ups before even being able to enter the United States.

7 RACISM TOWARDS IMMIGRANTS As well the U.S then began to restrict all entry of Chinese immigrants. The Chinese where very angry at the laws that where being created against them. Immigrants where worked many hours of the day as well as many immigrant children where working in very dangerous factories.

8 HOW THIS IMPACTED THE MOVEMENT These racisms began to encourage more people to try and help the immigrants. Although it also began to limit the goals of progressivism due to the many government officials against immigrants in general. This also led to many new decisions being made by the supreme court such as the Plessy v. Ferguson decision, which passed segregation laws across the north and south.

9 HOW THIS IMPACTED THE MOVEMENT The movement although all its set backs still continued to help the immigrant and minority parties with different fixes. The Progressivism did bring the Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) which protect consumers from fraudulent labeling and adulteration of products.( It also brought better workers compensation for immigrants working in large factories.

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