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Racism of Nazi Germany presented by Kyle and Casey.

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1 Racism of Nazi Germany presented by Kyle and Casey

2 Humiliation Used in Nazi propaganda to promote stereotypes and hatred against the Jews Jews were not allowed to enter shops, restaurants, or any other type of public commodities Signs on businesses exclaiming No Jews Allowed Women sitting on a bench that reads “Jews Only” “ Jews Not Wanted Here”

3 Hitler Mein Kempf Mastermind behind Aryan Race Laws Third Reich Empire needed to be developed to maintain racial purity of the Aryan race

4 1933 Jewish Business Boycott Nazi claimed revenge against German Jews and foreigners of Nazi regime. SS stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned shops. The "Star of David" was painted in yellow and black across thousands of doors and windows.

5 Nuremberg Race Laws Made it illegal for German Jews to receive citizenship Jews lost their political rights Jews could have no relations with non-Jews Jews had to sign their property and all businesses to Germans Jews lost all government positions and ownership Jews had to be marked at all times for easier recognition Jewish man and Christian woman accused of intimate relations, with signs describing their 'crime Nazi chart showing Germans how to work out their race

6 Effects on Daily Life Jewish families received no income Health problems worsen Segregation of Schools Depression/Suicide Jewish students intimidated by 'Aryan' classmates Jews were subjected to forced labor.

7 Jewish Ghettos Over 1000 closed city districts where Jews were forced to live in miserable conditions Used as a way to control and segregate Jews until the “Final Solution” First step to dehumanizing Jews

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