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Andre De Souza, CEO Walter DeSouza, International Trader April 2010.

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1 Andre De Souza, CEO Walter DeSouza, International Trader April 2010

2 AC Prime Export is a trading company of products, services and business exclusively from Brazil to all the continents. We are operating since January 2006. We work under three genders: PROFISSIONALISM, QUALITY and CRIATIVITY guaranteeing to your Company speed on negotiations, responsibility and, respecting tight deadlines. Products/Services/Business of excellent quality and in a different manner that only Brazil and it´s rich culture can offer, making the final product an exclusive item for its clients. We work keeping a close and tight relationship with our partners/suppliers, resulting in better services and products to our clients. We have suppliers in food & beverage, furniture and imported cars. We are specialized in trading negotiations, product and manufacturing sourcing and logistics facilitation. We will find the right product according to our client needs. Whatever it is. We can handle it.. 2

3  Natural AÇAI (pulp, powder, juices/smoothies),  Natural Coconut Water,  Cachaça (artisinal, flavoured and kosher); flavors: original-mango-passion-fruit,  Biscuits, chocolates and similar,  Fresh fruits pulp and juices,  Arabic roasted gourmet coffee,  Exclusive Cars (Import). Whatever you need, we will find it for you! 3


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8 8 Sucos Naturais - Juices in Drums - Fruit juices in 200Kg drums - natural frozen (no concentrated), - frozen concentrated. - centrifuged, pasteurized, packed in double polyethylene bags in drums of steel plate, and frozen at -18 ° C. acerola, guava, pineapple, passion-fruit, mango SGS

9 CACHAÇA Bi distilled first class Cachaça. Three flavours: coconut, passion-fruit and mango. Also original and organic CACHAÇA Artesanal Cachaça. Silver and Gold CACHAÇA Bi-Distilled Silver and Gold 9

10 10 Natural coconut water 200ml & 1LT tetra pak Natural coconut milk 200ml & 1LT tetra pak COCONUT WATER & MILK

11 MISTER AÇAÍ Pulp, powder, sorbets AÇAÍ and CUPUAÇU Smoothies & Juices 11

12 Tetra Pak, Can & powder juice Juices and powder juices 12

13 13 COFFEE - MILK -Extra strong & traditional roasted ground arabica GOURMET coffee (500ml and BULK). - Green Gourmet Coffee - Whole Powdered Milk (200ml and 400ml)

14 14 Fresh Vegetable Fresh fruits

15 Chocolat, jelly and biscuits 15

16 To learn more about AC PRIME EXPORT please access our site at Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help getting products from Brazil, whatever it is. We´ll find it for you! JOIN US AND SPREAD ALL THE JOY OF BRAZILIAN TASTE ALL OVER THE WORLD! 16 AC PRIME EXPORT Av.Senador Roberto Simonsen, 550 São Caetano do Sul/SP – BRAZIL 09530-401 CNPJ: 07 795 089-0001-79

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