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CHEESE  Turkish Style White Cheese:  There are many kinds of cheese in the market. Have you ever tried Turkish style white cheese? Turkish style white.

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1 CHEESE  Turkish Style White Cheese:  There are many kinds of cheese in the market. Have you ever tried Turkish style white cheese? Turkish style white cheese is in brine, so that it could keep the cheese fresh very well. The cheese is totally made of fresh milk. 10 liters milk could just made 1 kg cheese. After ferment the nutrition in milk could be absorbed more easily. Cheese is very rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, so it is very healthy for children and the elderly if they eat cheese more. The shelf life of the Turkish style white cheese is just 8 months, even if it is kept in brine, because the cheese is made of totally fresh milk!  How to eat the cheese : It could be eaten together with bread, put into salad or made Borek, which is like a kind of cheese-spinach pie. Crushed cheese with spinach as the filling. Put the pie into oven. With 170 temperature 15 minutes the pie will be ready. It is a very popular food in the Mediterranean area!

2 CHEESE  Turkish Kashkaval Cheese :  Beside Turkish style white cheese, Kashkaval is also a very famous cheese in Turkey. It is also made of fresh cheese. Kashkaval contains 11-12 liters milk per kg, even more than white cheese.  This kind of cheese tastes very silky, so it is perfect together with bread. Kashkaval could be also used on pizza , like mozzarella. But it is very sumptuous, because kashkaval needs more milk, so the prices is more expensive than mozzarella. However its worth it! The pizza with kashkaval is much more delicious! And have you ever tried cheese with red wine? Kashkaval is ideal! You should never miss it!

3 Olives  Turkish Olives :  Black Olives : Olive oil is the natural juice from olive through physical extracting. It doesn’t need to talk about the nutritive value of olive oil more, like preventing cardiovascular and cereblovascular disease, improving digestive system, against cancer, radiation and antioxidation etc.As the raw material the olive has also very high nutritional value. Our black olives come from “Gemlik” area. The olives from Gemlik are famous from its thick pulp and high oleaginousness. The olives from Gemlik look not beautiful, the olive peel is beruffled, but they contain the original flavor of olive, you could feel the olive oil in your mouth. Everyday eat some olives together with breakfast, it is delicious and healthy. You could also use it in salad or on pizza. Our olives have two sorts, original and low salt.  Beside black olive we have also green olive.

4 Black Tea  Turkish Black Tea :  If you talk about black tea, maybe Sri Lanka or England will come to your mind first. But do you know the black tea means not only a drink but also a life in Turkey. You could find in Turkey everywhere any time somebody drinking black tea. No matter in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon or at night. The turkish black tea is always made by a special teapot. The teapot has two parts, above is black tea powder, under is water. In Turkey people enjoy not only the tea, but also the life! So do we need to take more time to talk about the tastes and quality of the turkish black tea? Absolutely No!

5 Turkish Delight  Turkish Delight :  Turkish delight came to the world in the year 1777. It is a kind of jelly drops, which is wrapped up in sugar-coat powder. There are rose, lemon and vanilla flavor, some have pistachio and hazelnut inside. In 19thcentury this jelly drops was brought by an adventurer in Europe and named “Turkish delight”.  Gulluoglu is a well known brand for dessert in Turkey. You could find its shop almost in all the streets in Istanbul. The history of this brand could be traced back 150 years. Yes! Our turkish delight come from this shop. If you want to try the high quality turkish delight, please never miss Gulluoglu. Beside the traditional delight with sugar-coat power, now we have a new type delight with chocolate- coat. In the afternoon, some turkish delight with coffee or black tea, could you imagine it?

6 Jam  Turkish Jam :  Jam is very familiar in China. But why we still bring jam to china? Because it is different from the others. Do you know what is jam like, if turkish mum make it by herself? If you don’t know, please try our jam. You could find many whole fruits inside, even if you don’t open it. In turkish jam Fig Jam has to be mentioned. Turkey is wealthy in fig, the No.1 in the world for fig export. No matter the size or saccharinity, turkish fig is unique. Made from such fig, through traditional processing, no any thickening agent inside. It is the fig jam from turkey!  Turkish Jam could be eaten together with bread, mixed with yoghourt, put on the water-ice or used as filling of cakes or pies.

7 Grape Molasses  Turkish Grape Molasses :  Another special food from Turkey is Grape Molasses. In the ingredients only resins could be found. There is even no water added inside. Resins are very rich in iron and calcium, an excellent tonic for children, women, anemia and valetudinarians. Multi-minerals, vitamin and amino acid inside are good for neurastheniacs. Resins contain plenty of glucose, it could prevent staggers, palpitations caused by hypoglycemia. The fiber and tartaric acid could help relieve you from constipation. In addition resins contain also Resveratrol, which could restrain the growth of tumor cell. Grape Molasses is made through physical extraction, the nutritive value is even better than resins. In Turkey the grape molasses is a traditional tonic for woman, who is after birth.  Turkish Grape Molasses could be eaten together with bread. It could be also mixed with water.

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