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Quality Assurance and Reliability

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1 Quality Assurance and Reliability
CTIS 494 Quality Assurance and Reliability by Dr. Ozlem Albayrak 2007 Fall by Ozlem Albayrak

2 Introduction to CTIS494 Course Elements: - Students - Instructor
- Course Material by Ozlem Albayrak

3 Instructor Ozlem Albayrak Room# 212 Phone: 290 5039
Computer Eng. Bilkent, 1992 M.B.A., Bilkent, 1994 M.S., UMCP, 1998 Phd., Ankara, 2002 Room# 212 Phone: by Ozlem Albayrak

4 The Students ? Attendance Get to Know Why are they here?
Expectations, Interests This is an ELECTIVE course, may require more... by Ozlem Albayrak

5 Office Hour Tuesday: 14:40-15:30 Thursday: 8:40-10:30 e-mail or
appointment by Ozlem Albayrak

6 CTIS 494 Outline (1) Week Subject
17.09 Introduction to Software Quality Assurance 24.09 Software Inspections and Testing 01.10 Capability Maturity Model 08.10 ISO9000 and SPICE (1 hour missing) 15.10 Software Quality Metrics 22.10 Seven Basic (B7) Tools of Quality 29.10 The Seven MP Tools 05.11 MIDTERM (30%) by Ozlem Albayrak

7 CTIS 494 Outline (2) 12.11 5S for Intelligent Housekeeping in Software Development 19.11 Software QFD and Voice of the Customer 26.11 Risk Assessment and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis 03.12 Quality Measures and Statistical Methods for Trustworthy Software 10.12 Verification and Validation (PROJECT REPORTs Submission 15%) 17.12 Testing and Evaluation (1 hour missing) 24.12 Integration, Extension and Maintenance for Trustworthiness (PROJECT PRESENTATIONs 20%) 31.12 Review (2 hours missing) 7.12 FINAL (35 %) by Ozlem Albayrak

8 Today ... Introduction to Software Quality Assurance Week Subject
17.09 Introduction to Software Quality Assurance 24.09 Software Inspections and Testing 01.10 Capability Maturity Model 08.10 ISO9000 and SPICE (1 hour missing) 15.10 Software Quality Metrics 22.10 Seven Basic (B7) Tools of Quality 29.10 The Seven MP Tools 05.11 MIDTERM (30%) Introduction to Software Quality Assurance by Ozlem Albayrak

9 Course Material Not limited to: The main text book References
All quality related high quality sources by Ozlem Albayrak

10 References (1) “Quality Assurance for Information Systems” by W. E. Perry, QED Technical Publishing Group 1991. “Statistical Quality Design and Control” by R. E. DeVor, T. Chang, J.W. Sutherland Macmilllan, 1992. “Software Quality Assurance Reliability and Testing” Chris Summers 1987. by Ozlem Albayrak

11 References (2) “Handbook of Software Quality Assurance”, G. G. Shulmeyer, CDP J. I. McManus 1987. “Total Quality” J.W. Dean, Jr. J. R. Evans West 1994. by Ozlem Albayrak

12 Grading 1 Midterm 30% (II. Parts: Closed and Open book)
1 project 35% (Group of 4) 1 Final 35% (Open book) by Ozlem Albayrak

13 Course Goal: Software Quality Assurance and Reliability
This course provides students with the analytical and management tools necessary to solve software quality problems and implement effective quality systems. by Ozlem Albayrak

14 Topics include: voice of the customer analysis,
the Six Sigma problem solving methodology, process capability analysis, measurement system analysis, design of experiments, statistical process control, failure made and effects analysis, quality function development, and reliability. by Ozlem Albayrak

15 What is Quality? by Ozlem Albayrak

16 Concentration on: SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE by Ozlem Albayrak

17 Requirements Come to class prepared (search related subjects)
Involve in in-class-case studies or exercises Team work is important part of the course by Ozlem Albayrak

18 Project Details are written in the handouts
You will evaluate your clasmates studies  by Ozlem Albayrak

19 CTIS494 PROJECT DETAILS 35% of the total grade is from the projects (same weight as final) The course project is a group project each of which will be developed by 4 students. Project subjects will be announced by the instructor. Project requires groups to submit a report and deliver a in-class presentation. Reports will be submitted 2 weeks before the presentations. by Ozlem Albayrak

20 Project Report specifications
Project reports will be prepared as web pages that can be accessed by all the students and the istructor. The groups are free to design their web pages format, but the generated pages should be readable and understandable. Navigation among the pages should be carefully organized. The quality of the web pages will be determined by is content, format as well as its timely distribution. Late submissions will be heavily penalized. by Ozlem Albayrak

21 Project Presentations
Project study will be presented in classroom. Following the presentations there will be a question-answer session during which the instructor and the other students are allowed to ask questions. Those students who prepare good questions will be awarded by the instructor. Fluency of the presentation is as important as its content, thus the groups are urged to prepare their presentations in advance to deliver a high quality presentation. Duration of the presentations will be announced by the instructor. Using time effectively is an important element. by Ozlem Albayrak

22 Project Evaluation 20% of the project grade is allocated for project presentation and 15% is for the project report. 15% includes evaluation of the following items: Content Format and ease and fluency of navigation Timely delivery 20% includes evaluation of the following items: Fluency of the presentation Obedience to time limits Answers to questions by Ozlem Albayrak

23 Quality exercise Define high quality toilette paper? Single (5 min)
In groups of two (5 min) Reviews Hw # : form a group of four One address for the class and registration to the group.... Do not wait for invitation register by Ozlem Albayrak

24 What is quality? by Ozlem Albayrak

25 Different Perspectives on Quality
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder For the same course one may say it is highly theoretical, while others state that it is highly practical. There are many different definitions and dimensions of Quality by Ozlem Albayrak

26 Quality Dimensions Transcendent Product based User based
Manufacturing based Value based by Ozlem Albayrak

27 Transcendent Quality is something that is intiutively understood but nearly impossible to communicate, such as beauty and love. I like it, because I just like it....!!! by Ozlem Albayrak

28 Product based Quality is found in the components and attributes of a product. I like it, because the product has .... by Ozlem Albayrak

29 User based If the customer is satisfied, the product has good quality.
I am satisfied with this product. by Ozlem Albayrak

30 Manufacturing based If the product conforms to design specifications, it has good quality. The product is of xxx standards. by Ozlem Albayrak

31 Value based If the product is perceived as providing good value for the price, it has good quality. This is the best one I can buy at this price. by Ozlem Albayrak

32 Garvin’s 8 quality dimensions
Performance Durability Serviceability Features Reliability Aesthetics Conformance Percieved quality by Ozlem Albayrak

33 Performance Efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose by Ozlem Albayrak

34 Features Attributes of a product that supplement the product basic performance by Ozlem Albayrak

35 Reliability Propensity (eğilim) for a product to perform consistently over its useful design life by Ozlem Albayrak

36 Conformance Is a particular dimension of a product is within the allowable range of tolerance of the specification, the product conforms. by Ozlem Albayrak

37 Durability The degree to which a product tolerates stress or trauma without failing by Ozlem Albayrak

38 Serviceability Ease of repair for a product by Ozlem Albayrak

39 Aesthetics Subjective sensory characteristics such as taste, feel, sound, look and smell. by Ozlem Albayrak

40 Perceived Quality As the customer perceives the quality. QUALITY
by Ozlem Albayrak

41 Service Quality dimensions
More difficult to define than to define product quality Tangibles Service reliability Assurance by Ozlem Albayrak

42 Differing Functional Perspectives on Quality
Engineering Operations Strategic Management Marketing Financial Human Resources by Ozlem Albayrak

43 Engineering Engineering is an applied science.
Product Design Engineering Concurrent Engineering (simultaneous performance) Statistics + technical orientation by Ozlem Albayrak

44 Design Life Cycle Idea Generation Iterations Preliminary Design
Prototype Development Final Definition Product Design Evaluation Implementation by Ozlem Albayrak

45 Operations Focus was initially on statistical process control
Uses system view underlying modern quality management thinking by Ozlem Albayrak

46 Strategic Management Refers to the planning processes
Long term orientation Goal: to achieve sustainable competititve advantage by Ozlem Albayrak

47 Generic Strategic Planning Process (1)
Firm Mission and Goals External analysis Strategic Options Internal analysis Business level strategy Corporate level strategy Operational Subplans by Ozlem Albayrak

48 Generic Strategic Planning Process (2)
Operational Subplans Organizational Design Conflict Politics and Change Organizational Reward System Strategic Alignment between Structure and Goals by Ozlem Albayrak

49 Marketing Customer satisfaction by Ozlem Albayrak

50 Financial Risk of investment vs. Potential rewards by Ozlem Albayrak

51 Deming Value Chain Improve quality Cost decrease Productivity Improves
Capture the market Stay in business Provide Jobs and more jobs by Ozlem Albayrak

52 Human Resources Employee empowerment Job analysis
Total quality human resources management by Ozlem Albayrak

53 The Three Spheres of Quality
Management Quality Control Quality Assurance by Ozlem Albayrak

54 Quality Control Scientific method includes: Quality Control
Analysis ( a process is broken into fundamental pieces) Relation (relationships between parts) Generalization (how interrelationships apply to the larger phenomenon of quality being studied) by Ozlem Albayrak

55 Quality Control Activities
Monitoring process capability and stability Measuring process performance Reducing process variability Optimizing processes to nominal measures Performing acceptance sampling Developing and maintaining control charts by Ozlem Albayrak

56 Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Activities associated with guaranteering the quality of a product or service. by Ozlem Albayrak

57 Quality Assurance Activities
Failure mode and effect analysis Concurrent Engineering Experimental Design Process improvement Design team formation management Off-line experimentation Reliability/durability product testing by Ozlem Albayrak

58 Quality Management Quality Management Management processes that overarch and tie toegther the control and assurance activities make up quality management. by Ozlem Albayrak

59 Quality Management Activities
Planning for quality improvement Creating a quality organizational culture Providing leadership and support Providing training and re-training Designing a system to reinforce quality ideals Facilitating organizational communication by Ozlem Albayrak

60 Other perspectives Value Added Perspective Cultural Perspectives
by Ozlem Albayrak

61 Contingency Theory There is no theory or method for operating a business that can be applied in all instances. This provides flexibility to managers in pursuing quality. by Ozlem Albayrak

62 Summary Different perspectives on quality management
Quality sphere is composed of: Quality Control Quality Assurance Quality Management Discussion Questions by Ozlem Albayrak

63 Quality Example Define high quality toilette paper? Single (5 min)
In groups of two (5 min) Reviews One address for the class and registration to the group.... Do not wait for invitation register by Ozlem Albayrak

64 Software Quality Assurance
CTIS 494 Software Quality Assurance by Dr. Ozlem Albayrak 2007 Fall by Ozlem Albayrak

65 A Practical Approach to Software Quality
Book by G. O’Regan Slides by Dr. Ozlem Albayrak 2006 Spring by Ozlem Albayrak

66 Outline Software Engineering Challenge History of Software Failures
Background to Software Quality History of Quality Software Engineering Modern Software Quality Management by Ozlem Albayrak

67 Software Engineering Challenge
Challenge is to deliver: High quality software on time to the customer Focus on customer satisfaction by Ozlem Albayrak

68 Software Engineering Challenge
Overestimation How to estimate cost and schedule accurately is a big challenge Risk management is key Example: Taurus project at London Stock Exchange was 13,200% late and costed a lot, and abondened by Ozlem Albayrak

69 Software Engineering Challenge
Changing requirements In civil engineering there are also problems Software eng. Less mature than civil eng. by Ozlem Albayrak

70 History of Software Failures
Y2K problem Find and analyze all code with a Y2K impact Plan and make necessary changes Cost to UK is $32 billion!!! Software quality needs to be a key driving factor by Ozlem Albayrak

71 Introduction to Software Quality(2)
History of Quality Shewart Deming Juran Crosby Other Quality Gurus by Ozlem Albayrak

72 Background to Software Quality
Customers have high expectations In the market there are many high quality companies Late delivery leads to extra cost by Ozlem Albayrak

73 Background to Software Quality (2)
What is software quality “Conformance to the requirements” Crosby “Fitness for use” Juran ISO 9126 standard for information technology by Ozlem Albayrak

74 ISO 9126 – Quality Characteristics
Functionality: extent to which functions are avaliable Reliability: extent to which software reliable Usability: users say easy to use Efficiency Maintainability: easy to maintain Portability: easy to transfer do different environments by Ozlem Albayrak

75 Total Quality Management
Modern approach to quality management is TQM Customer focus Process improvement Development of quality culture by Ozlem Albayrak

76 Software Quality Control
Extensive inspections and testing Formal reviews Aim is to identify defects White box and black box tests Unit, function, subsystem, system, performance, integration, acceptance tests by Ozlem Albayrak

77 History of Quality Shewhart Statistian at AT&T, 1920s PDCA Model Plan
Do Check Act by Ozlem Albayrak

78 History of Quality (2) Deming 1945s, Japan 14 step programme
Consistent purpose and direction in the organization is more important then everyone doing his best alone by Ozlem Albayrak

79 History of Quality (3) Juran Crosby
Another giant in the quality movement Fitness for use 10 step programme Crosby Has influenced CMM (Capability Maturity Model) by Ozlem Albayrak

80 Other Quality Gurus Taguchi Ishikawa Feigenbaum by Ozlem Albayrak

81 Introduction to Software Quality(3)
Software Engineering Requirements Analysis Specification Design Architectural Functional Object-oriented reuse Verification of Design Implementation by Ozlem Albayrak

82 Introduction to Software Quality(4)
Implementation Testing Unit Integration Sub-system System Performance Acceptance Maintenance by Ozlem Albayrak

83 Maintenance 1st Malcom Baldridge Quality award to Motorola
Steps of Six Sigma: Identify product or service Identify customer and requirements Identify needs to satisfy customer Define process of doing work Eliminate waste Ensure continious improvement by: Measuring, analyzing and controlling improved process by Ozlem Albayrak

84 Modern Software Quality Management
Software Inspections Software Testing Software Quality Assurance Problem Solving Fishbone diagrams - Trend Graph Histograms - Scatter Graphs Pareto Chart - Failure Mode Effect Analysis by Ozlem Albayrak

85 Modern Software Quality Management(2)
Modeling Cost of Quality Metrics Customer Satisfation Assessments Total Quality Management by Ozlem Albayrak

86 Metrics Measurement is important part of science and engineering
Goal Question Metric by Basili Data, Charts, Analysis, Trends, Action by Ozlem Albayrak

87 Customer Satisfaction
Customer Saticfaction Measurement Customer Saticfaction Surveys Improvement Planning Execute Plan by Ozlem Albayrak

88 Formal Methods Advantage:
Utilization of mathematical models are being used Lead to more robust(gürbüz) systems by Ozlem Albayrak

89 Modern Software Quality Management
Future of Software Quality Organizational Culture and Change Formal Methods Quality and the Web by Ozlem Albayrak

90 Quality and the WEB Accesss from everywhere in the world
May different browsers Usability, look and feel important Performance as key concept Security Many transactions at any time Avaliability (24x365) Relaibility JAD/RAD with spiral development suggested by Ozlem Albayrak

91 End of Musical notes  by Ozlem Albayrak

92 Review Next class: Search web for software quality assurance
Come to class to discuss by Ozlem Albayrak

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