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1 Quality

2 Quality Definitions (compiled by David Garvin)
Transcendent – quality is intuitively understood but nearly impossible to communicate Product-based – quality is found in the components and attributes of a product User-based – quality is found on user satisfaction Manufacturing-based – quality is conformity to specifications Value-based – quality is indicated by the price, the product provides good value for the price

3 Product Quality Dimensions
Performance The efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose 2. Features Attributes of a product that supplement the product’s basic performance.

4 Product Quality Dimensions
3. Reliability The propensity for a product to perform consistently over its useful design life. 4. Conformance The product is within the allowable range of tolerance of the specifications.

5 Product Quality Dimensions
5. Durability The degree to which a product tolerates stress or trauma without falling. 6. Serviceability The ease of repair for a product

6 Product Quality Dimensions
7. Aesthetics The degree to which the product attributes are matched to consumer preferences 8. Perceived Quality This is based on customer opinion

7 Service Quality Dimensions
Tangibles Include the physical appearance of the service facility, the equipment, the personnel and the communication materials. 2. Service Reliability This relates to the ability of the service provider to perform to promised service dependably and accurately.

8 Service Quality Dimensions
3. Responsiveness The willingness of the service provider to be helpful and prompt in providing service. 4. Assurance The knowledge and courtesy of their employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence.

9 Service Quality Dimensions
5. Empathy The ability to provide customers caring, individualized attention

10 Why is having different definitions of quality important
Allows measures to be taken to provide a good basis for communication and planning Leads to improved product and service design The Hewlett-Packard Case

11 Activity 1 Work in pair. Choose a product and use the product quality dimensions mentioned to give examples about each property. Choose a service with your team and use the service quality dimensions mentioned before to give examples about each property.

12 Spheres of Quality Quality Management Quality Assurance
Quality Control

13 Quality Control The control process includes:
Analysis phase (process is broken down into fundamental pieces) Relation (involves understanding the relationships between the parts Generalization (involves perceiving how interrelationships apply to the larger phenomenon of quality being studied)

14 Quality Control Is a set of measures taken to ensure that defective products or services are not produced, and that the design meets performance requirements.

15 Quality Control - Activities
Monitoring process capability and stability Measuring process performance Reducing process variability Optimizing processes to nominal measures Performing acceptance sampling Developing and maintaining control charts

16 Quality Assurance Refers to activities associated with guaranteeing the quality of a product or service The best way to ensure quality is in the design of products, services and processes “Freedom from doubt”

17 Quality Assurance - Activities
Failure mode and effect analysis Concurrent engineering Experimental design Process improvement Design team formation and management Off-line experimentation Reliability/ durability product testing

18 Quality Management These include processes that overarch and tie together the control and assurance activities Quality is viewed as the responsibility of all management and not just quality managers

19 Quality Management - Activities
Planning for quality improvement Creating a quality organizational culture Providing leadership and support Providing training and retraining Designing an organizational system that reinforces quality ideals Providing employee recognition Facilitating organizational communication

20 Activity # 2 Choose a type of activity for a company or a factory that offers a product/service. Assume that you and your team are the owners of this company. List three examples of activities for each of the following: •Quality control •Quality assurance •Quality management

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