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A Brand Called Princess Kimaya 9820359318.

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2 A Brand Called Princess Kimaya 9820359318

3 In Navi Mumbai Princess Kimaya was born and raised up …

4 At three her first public appearance was with her father But for three years she only made One friend there… at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium, Vashi

5 She felt something within herself should be overcome and she did “ ”

6 studying at D.Y. Patil’s Gyanpushpa Vidhyniketan school performing with her father since 2000 received annual scholarships involved with international tours & shows won many prizes in various contests playing vital role durring her father’s corporate shows and … made a lot of friends SHESHE

7 Later… She realized Lotus flower is not born to be so beautiful Life favors courage, confidence, and efforts

8 Gave up the offer to be on television shows on national geography, pogo and many other international channels Concentrated on study and learning more of real life without knowing what the future would be… So… She made a choice upon study

9 She was fascinated by her father’s performances She attended his magic workshop but learned more just being with him Later, She made her own show with her own style specially as a mentalist & supernatural entertainer. Princess Kimaya has performed in almost 10 counties with her father. Her last visit and performance was for velosi at Abudhabi & dubai.

10 What hre father used to say… “A trick may be very good [but] the magician must be better than the trick. Don’t presume that your audience just loves to see more and more of you”.

11 That is why she is now India’s first large scale illusionist, corporate magician, mentalist and presenter Her strong skills and substantial knowledge about magic & illusion is much more vital than any other class lessons will definitely add a different perspective to your company as a performer. Performed specially designed ESP acts for VELOSI middle east at ABU DHABI & DUBAI on getting whole accreditation as a Type A Inspection body on 22 nd Sep,2012. Performed for KING of The Oman and biggest Business group ‘Zavovi’ at Muscat

12 Attended three Magic Workshops conducted by Satish Deshmukh,organized by IAM-India.

13 Levitation act with her international dancer

14 with shiwaji satam

15 P.C.Sorcar jr.

16 Manoj Joshi, Mukesh Khanna, Asawari Joshi

17 Her first stage show at the age of 2 and half

18 Sushma Reddy and others

19 shan

20 Harish Bhimani

21 Kiran Shantaram and perrijat from TV

22 Her first stage show at the age of 2 and half

23 Fist public performance at the age of two and half on 31 st Dec,1998, New year show, Specially for one thousand children organized by ‘CHILD’ and sponsored by CIDCO at Sarovar Vihar(Hovercraft Station),CBD, Navi Mumbai. Performed stage show at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium, Navi Mumbai on 24 th June1998,for Jain Jagruti Centre where her father Satish Deshmukh was made to disappear from the stage and she appeared from nowhere on the stage. She also performed 2 internationally acclaimed tricks(diminishing milk & candle to flower) in solo act. Performed a specially designed show for hospitalized/ailing children on children’s day(14 th Nov,1999 at Wadia Hospital, Institute of child Health and Research Center, Mumbai when she was just two & half. Her major show was held at Nashik on 31 st Dec,1999 at Casa Portuguesa-NIWEC under the title ‘ILLUSION 2000” She has also performed in a special appearance in Satish Deshmukh’s full-fledged show ‘THE ILLUSION’ at the age of 3 on15th Oct,2000 At the age of 4 she has launched 3 types of soaps for kids (Teddy, Mango, and Toilet soaps) in ABRACADABRA with ANURAAH on20th Feb,2001. Attended three Magic Workshops conducted by Satish Deshmukh,organized by IAM-India. Kimaya is a proud member of the International Academy of Magic & Society of American Magicians and enjoys participating in magic conventions.

24 More details & Contact information Name Stage Name Date of Birth/place Address(Resi) E-mail ID Telefax Cell: Promotion Agencies Fathers Name / Profession Mothers Name / Profession Kimaya Satish Deshmukh Princess Kimaya August 19,1996, Nashik C-5/17/0:3,Sector-3,CBD,Navi Mumbai-400614,India, 91-22-7570770 +91 9820359318, +91 9833231385 Showtec India, Satish Deshmukh & Associates Satish Deshmukh - International Entertainer, trainer, educator, corporate magician and renowned master illusionist Sarla Satish, Service in NMMC-Dept. of Health

25 Learned understand the reason of art. Unlearned feel the pleasure! Thanks for Your Precious Time!

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