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2 Contents ZUMBA ® Introduction Vision & Mission The Founder
Our Instructors Programmes offered YOGA / PILATES ZUMBA ® Past Events conducted Upcoming Event Conclusion

3 Introduction Welcome to M Fitness Studio!
We are one of the fastest growing studio in the health and fitness industry. We offer a variety of classes, which include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba® Aerobics and much more. Visit our Studio to experience the fun involved in “fitness” and change the way you have always pictured the gym experience. Our staff and instructors are friendly, professional, and ready to help take you to the next level in fitness.

4 Vision & Mission Vision: Mission:
To place our studio as one of the best fitness studio in Tamil Nadu by providing world class facility in health / fitness & bring in the awareness of healthy lifestyle . Mission: To provide a variety of group classes that will inspire women to achieve the fitness that they have never thought possible. and to bring in internationally renowned fitness experts to teach and train fitness instructors in India.

5 The Founder Mallika Murali is the founder of M Fitness studio.
A successful entrepreneur and has always been passionate about helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals to lead a happy and better life. She herself was practising Yoga for over a decade and she is also a certified YOGA,PILATES and ZUMBA ® Instructor Manager:Admin - Mrs.Lakshmi Ajit Passionate towards Health and Fitness Certified Pilates Instructor

6 Our Instructors Mrs. Nandini Hande
An Entrepreneur, A passion driven ZUMBA® instructor who energizes, inspires and motivates her students and all around her, to take up fitness as a life style. Ms. Keerthana : Yoga Instructor Msc in Yoga & pursuing her M Phil in Yoga, Pilates instructor Ms. Akshaya Agnes Certified Health and Fitness Professional, Bath, UK Group Class Instructor, Certified Pilates Instructor Certified Hollistic Nutrition and Dietetics Mrs.Anitha Reebok Certified Aerobic Instructor

7 Programmes offered YOGA :
Improves posture, stability balance & flexibility Overall mind and body fitness. PILATES: Develops long lean muscles, shapes the body decreases fat Unifies elements of stretching, ballet and yoga into an amazingly effective combination which benefits everybody

8 ZUMBA ® A Fitness program that combines Latin American and international music with dance moves. Maximum Calorie burning( calories) per hour. Apart from standard Zumba® , Zumba ® Gold for Senior citizens, Zumba ® for Kids and Aqua Zumba ® are offered worldwide.

9 Upcoming Event Mega Master Event Of ZUMBA ® Date: 12th Feb-2015
Venue: Forum Vijaya Mall By ZES Sucheta Pal

10 SUCHETA PAL An International Zumba® Education Specialist and the No I Zumba ® trainer for India. Licenced trainer for Zumba ® Zumba ® Kids, Aqua Zumba ® , Zumba ® Gold, Zumba ® Sentao, Zumba ® Toning and Zumba ® Step. Holds a bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Conducted official trainings, workshops, master classes in US, Europe, Middle East & South East Asia.

11 Categories of Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsor : Rs.2 lakhs Benefits : They will be the main sponsor The sponsors can display their banner (exact dimension will be intimated later) as backdrop for the stage. The sponsor can put up a stall in a prominent place at the venue. The Sponsor Company Name & their products / services will be highlighted throughout the programme at regular intervals and will also be featured in all our promotional material prominently. The sponsor will be entitled to 50 complimentary tickets Diamond Sponsorship : Rs.1 lakh The sponsor can display their banner at the venue. The sponsor will be entitled to 25 complimentary tickets. Gold Sponsorship : Rs.50000 The Sponsor can display their banner at the venue. The sponsor will be entitled to 10 complimentary tickets.

12 Past Events Conducted Zumba ® Master class with ZIN
Junko on 6th March 2014

13 Vesna’s Pilates Teacher’s Training
Certification Course – 1st Batch 20th to 23rd March, 2014 Vesna’s Pilates Teacher’s Training Certification Course – 2nd Batch 29th to 31st August, 2014

14 Thank You

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