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By: Chloe M.

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1 By: Chloe M

2 One cold winter day there was a classroom with joyful kids who were always so noisy. So on that day, their teacher brought a magician to the school to entertain her class. The magician wasn’t very nice. He was more cranky than cheerful. When he got there, he decided to start with his hat by putting an egg into it and make it disappear.

3 But when he tried to make it disappear, it didn’t and it just fell right onto the ground. “Uh oh! That wasn’t supposed to happen.” He said with an embarrassed look on his face. All the children started to laugh at the magician. The magician tried to do another trick which was trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

4 So he reached into the hat and nothing was in there so he just kept reaching into his hat until something came out. “AH! You stupid hat.” screamed the man. He got so mad at the hat that he threw it out the window. So then he started to take really deep breaths. While he was breathing, the bell rang.

5 The bell rang so loud that the man jumped into the air
The bell rang so loud that the man jumped into the air. All the kids said, “YEAH!” and ran outside for recess. A little girl named Karen and all of her friends in her class, decided to make a snowman. So they all made three huge balls of snow and put them on top of each other. “There, all done.” said Karen.

6 “Now all that’s missing is a hat
“Now all that’s missing is a hat.” She looked to her right and saw the hat that the magician threw out the window. So Karen picked up the hat and placed it on top of the snowman’s head. Once she placed the hat on top of his head, the snowman came to life! “Happy birthday!” said the snowman with a joyful voice. “WOW!” all the kids said.

7 All the children that were there were so shocked that they were speechless. “Hello boys and girls I’m Frosty!” said the snowman. “Hello I’m Karen.” Said Karen. “Nice to meet you.” “Why thank you.” Said Frosty. “Ok! Now follow me kids.”

8 So then they all left and followed Frosty
So then they all left and followed Frosty. So they walked down the hill and into the village. Once frosty led the children to the village Frosty noticed the thermostat and said, “Oh my.” “What is it?” said Karen. “Oh well you see, that thermometer over there on the side of the building, it’s red and when it’s red that means the temperature is rising and I can’t stay in hot temperatures because then I’ll melt.” said Frosty.

9 “Oh no,” said Karen. “We have to get you somewhere cold so you won’t melt. I know. We’ll take you to the North Pole.” “YEAH!” said all of the kids. ”You can take a train to the North Pole at the train station.” “Ok!” said frosty. So they all started to walk to the train station so Frosty could get to the North Pole. “We’re here!” cried Karen with joy.

10 “Now frosty won’t melt.” All the kids ran inside and walked up to the ticket booth and said, “One ticket to the North Pole please.” The man behind the counter said, “One ticket to the North Pole, you got it.” So the man started grabbing tickets stamping them and stacking them on top off each other until the pile was taller than him.

11 “That will be $3052 please” said the man.” “Oh we don’t have any money.” said Karen. “WHAT! No money no ticket.” said the man. “But.” said Karen. The man interrupted her before she could finish. “NO MONEY NO TICKET NOW LEAVE!” Karen said, “Sorry Frosty I really thought we could get you to the North Pole.” “Oh that’s ok Karen. I’ll be all right.” said frosty.

12 They walked back outside and saw a train with a freezer because there were cakes in there. “Look frosty. It’s a train heading north. Maybe we can take that to the north pole.” So frosty hopped on the train and said, “Good bye everyone.” Karen got very upset because she didn’t want to say good bye to frosty. “Well, are you coming?” asked frosty. “I’m sure my mom won’t mind as long as I’m home for dinner.” explaimed Karen. So off they went to the North Pole.

13 But what no one knew is that the magician was on the train too
But what no one knew is that the magician was on the train too. They were almost there but the train stopped. Karen and frosty didn’t know what to do so they just got off. Because they were so far up north it was too cold for Karen to handle. So frosty hugged Karen hopping to keep her warm. Suddenly, the rabbit that was inside the magician’s hat appears from out of the bushes. He notices that Karen is cold so he wants to help her. Frosty exclaimed to the rabbit that he needs him to go find help from other animals.

14 The rabbit agreed and followed the rabbit
The rabbit agreed and followed the rabbit. But frosty was walking a little bit slower than the rabbit because he was focusing on keeping Karen warm. The rabbit found the other animals from the woods and told them to make a fire for Karen. The animals agreed with the rabbit and began to make the fire, so all the animals grabbed sticks and twigs from the forest to make a fire. They finally made a fire for Karen.

15 “YAY!” screamed Karen. Because the animals got the fire started, Frosty had to say as far away as possible. But meanwhile, the magician was following Frosty to the forest very secretly. The magician caught up to Frosty and Karen. And when it was quiet, he hopped out of the bushes and blew out the fire so Karen would be cold again.

16 The magician scared the animals so they all ran back inot the forest
The magician scared the animals so they all ran back inot the forest. “Hey!” yelled Frosty, “You cant do that she will be cold.” The magician tried to take the hat off Frosty when he got closer, but Frosty was too fast for him. Frosty grabbed Karen and put her on his back and started to slide down the hill. The magician got mad and ran after them saying, “Come back here. I want that hat.”

17 Frosty got to the greenhouse and said, “Karen we’ll go in there and warm up.” “NO!” said Karen “you’ll melt.” “That’s alright, I’ll just stay inside for a minute and as log as I keep the door open I will be fine.” explained Frosty. Meanwhile, the rabbit needed help for Karen so he found Santa and told him what was going on.

18 And back at the greenhouse, the magician caught up to them and shut the door and said, “Ha, your not getting out.” After he said that, out of nowhere Santa appeared. But he showed up too late because Frosty had already melted. Read the regular Ending Read the alternate Ending

19 But Santa opened the door and Frosty came back to life. “FROSTY
But Santa opened the door and Frosty came back to life. “FROSTY!” said Karen, “You’re ok.” “Yes he is, but he should come to the north pole with me so he does not melt.” explained Santa. Karen was ok with that. So Santa took Karen home and Frosty said, “Goodbye.”

20 ALTERNATE ENDING 1 Karen thought that frosty would never come alive again but Santa, used his powers and brought him back to life. “Frosty!” screamed Karen. “You’re alive.” Frosty didn’t respond. All he said was, “Happy Birthday.” Karen got confused because she thought that Frosty would remember her right away but he didn’t.

21 ALTERNATE ENDING 2 “Frosty, it's me, Karen." now Frosty looked confused. “Frosty, don’t you remember me?” asked Karen. All Frosty said was, “Hello, I’m Frosty.” Karen said, “I know and I’m Karen. We’ve already met.” Karen got very frustrated but she didn’t give up. Santa stepped in and said, “Maybe I can help.” so he waved his fingers around Frosty’s head.

22 Alternate Ending 3 Once he waved his fingers over his head frosty got his memory back. “Karen!” screamed frosty. “You have you memory back.” said Karen. “Yeah!” said Frosty. Look, I hate to break this up but frosty needs to come to the north pole with me so he won’t melt.” explained Santa. And off they went to the north pole waving to each other until they could no longer see each other.

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