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This incident happened in a female dormitory sometime in the 90s..........

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2 This incident happened in a female dormitory sometime in the 90s..........

3 A female student , for reasons unknown, committed suicide by jumping from the roof top of the dormitory , BUT this suicide was a little “uncommon” - since she fell down head first when she jumped. Since then, a “Splat! Splat! Splat!” head smashing sound could be heard along the corridor of this dormitory….from one end slowly moving towards the room of the student that jumped, and stops there.

4 Then an eerie voice asks: “Is anyone in there?” Everybody knew it was her… However nobody dared to answer the door….This continued on for a few weeks and the occurrence gradually lessened………

5 Soon came the summer break and everyone gradually left the dormitory for home 。 But this eerie incident however did not stop..................

6 One night, when the janitor was cleaning the dormitory after the girls left for home, she felt goose bumps on the back of her neck when she came to the room door of the suicide girl. The janitor knew of the rumors of the splatting sounds, but she chose to shrug off that thought and went into THAT room and started cleaning……. She felt a cold draft as she stepped into the room……

7 When she noticed an open window at the north side of the room, she felt a sense of relief 。 The janitor then went to close the window. At that very moment when the window was closed, she heard a “Splat!” 。 She turned around just in time to see the door slam shut on its own 。

8 Her heart started beating fast, and suddenly she heard “Splat!...Splat!....Splat!” moving from the far end of the corridor towards THE room. As hard as she was trying, she could not shrug off the fear that welled within her this time.

9 She is now freaking out, but what can she do? She could not just give in to fate, so she quickly hid under the one of the desks, thinking to wait under the desk until the smashing sound has stopped.

10 The splatting sound stopped in front of the door and a slow eerie voice spoke: “There…is…no…need…to…hide. I…can…see…you.” The janitor was shocked. She was thinking: “How could she see me when I am hiding under the desk with the door closed?"

11 The janitor slowly walked to the door and peeked through the gap at the bottom of the door, trying to see the thing that is talking to her. As she looked through the gap she saw two bloody eyes staring back at her saying…….


13 You can’t hide from me…………………

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