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Appleton Dental Hygiene Products. Biotene products can be found at all drug stores (including Wal-Mart) in the pharmacy section Tooth Paste- Brush with.

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1 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products

2 Biotene products can be found at all drug stores (including Wal-Mart) in the pharmacy section Tooth Paste- Brush with marble size on soft tooth brush for 2 minutes. No RINSING, EATING, or DRINKING for 20 minutes. Oral Rinse- Rinse two times a day with a capful. Rinse for 1 minute and spit. If used in conjunction with the toothpaste use the rinse first then brush. Mouth Spray- Spray directly into mouth whenever relief is needed. Dry Mouth Gum- Can help to stimulate saliva flow for relief of dry mouth. Chewing regularly can help freshen breath and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

3 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products Sodas. Sweets. Cake. These tempting treats are hard for adults to avoid – but they can be even harder on your teeth. As a matter of fact, two out of three adults risk losing at least one permanent tooth due to decay. But, with the power of fluoride, ACT Restoring Anticavity Mouthwash not only kills bad breath germs, it also strengthens enamel and restores essential minerals to weak spots. The new product is alcohol-free for a less intense taste, but still contains the classic Listerine four essential oils: menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate and eucalyptol. Listerine Zero kills up to 99% of plaque bacteria in vitro, more than other alcohol-free, daily use mouthwashes. Listerine Zero also contains 220 ppm (0.05%) fluoride for effective enamel protection.

4 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products Drinking and swishing your mouth can have some dental benefits, too. Water has a cleansing effect inside the mouth. It “washes” away debris, just like saliva. But because a lot of the germs in the mouth and the foods we eat are acidic, this Essentia water is great to counter act the acid and increase the pH inside the mouth. This product can be found at Whole Foods. Producing High Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant, Restructured, Super- Hydrating Water Not complicated at all… just pour yourself a glass of Alkaline Water. It’s a simple and convenient method to purify and add alkalinity to your water. This product can be found online at Alkalinity (Acid reducing)

5 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products Instructions: Use approximately 16 inches of dental floss. Pull 4 to 5 inches of floss through the loop of the threader. Pass floss threader through space between teeth or under appliance. Remove floss from floss threader and begin normal flossing. Use with your preferred dental floss. The angle easily reaches back teeth, the thin silky floss slides comfortably between tight teeth and sensitive gums, and the textured pick deep cleans between teeth. The GUM Soft-Picks Teeth Cleaners gently massage and stimulate the gums for long-term health. The GUM soft picks can also be used to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. The picks reach spaces between teeth, bridges, crowns, implants, and braces. The pick promotes uniform blood circulation, which keeps your gums healthy. The soft dental floss is a good way to prevent against gingivitis, as it helps remove the plaque that causes the pockets to form along the gum line.

6 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser (WP-100) is clinically proven to be 2x as effective as string floss at improving gum health Removes 99.9% of plaque from treated areas, and is 3x as effective as string floss for cleaning around braces Convenient, hand-held design with two tips Lightweight, cordless and easy to use Clinically proven to reduce plaque, reverse gingivitis and help reduce periodontal pockets, yet it's gentle on your gums. The extra-soft rounded bristles ensure deep, yet gentle cleansing. Significantly reduces coffee, tea and tobacco stains for naturally whiter teeth in just 28 days.

7 Appleton Dental Hygiene Products It's very easy to maintain your new Thermofit occlusal guard. Remove your guard in the morning and then rinse it in cold water. Clean the outside very lightly with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Do not brush the soft inside. You may soak it in a denture cleaner as needed. Do not use alcohol or alcohol- based products. Never boil your occlusal guard. Good tooth brushing and flossing of your own teeth is also very important. The occlusal guard will allow your jaw joints and muscles to function more smoothly. It will allow the jaw to find its best position because the guard prevents the teeth from locking together. It should reduce muscle spasm, clenching habits, jaw/joint pain, teeth wear, and cracked teeth. Wear the occlusal guard as instructed, which is usually during sleep. You may have been advised to wear it during the day also, especially when you are tense and find yourself clenching and grinding. When placing the Thermofit occlusal guard, soak it in hot tap water (not boiling) for about 30 seconds, place it in the mouth and bite firmly to seat it. This process can be repeated until the fit and bite are comfortable. Excess saliva may be present for a few days. You may find you have removed your guard during the night. Do not worry about this. Place it in your mouth again the next night. It may take a couple of weeks before you adjust to wearing the guard. When the occlusal guard is removed from the mouth, you may notice that the "bite" of your teeth feels different for a few minutes. This is to be expected because of the relaxation of your lower jaw muscles. After a few days, you should have less difficulty in speaking. Remember, any difference in your speech is magnified in your own ears, but is not as noticeable to others. Do not clench your teeth on the occlusal guard because this will cause muscle spasms or pain. Remember this phrase: "From these words never depart, lips together, teeth apart." Your teeth should be apart when the guard is out also, unless you are chewing food. Use your storage case to store your occlusal guard. You can store it dry. Do not store it in alcohol or alcohol-based products. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol so please read label carefully! Keep your regular check-up appointments and remember to bring your guard with you. They are necessary for adjusting and refitting the occlusal guard. If you are having jaw pain, avoid eating tough and chewy foods while your TM joints, ligaments and muscles are healing. When you experience pain, apply moist heat to the affected area of the face. Use a damp washcloth under a hot water bottle for 15 to 20 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. Sipping on hot liquid, such as tea, and rolling them around in your mouth may provide comfort.

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