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Guided Reading Activity 51 Care of Teeth and Mouth

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1 Guided Reading Activity 51 Care of Teeth and Mouth
Chapter 14, Lesson 2 Guided Reading Activity 51 Care of Teeth and Mouth

2 List two ways healthy teeth contribute to your overall health and appearance.
Allow you to chew foods Help form the shape and structure of your mouth.

3 2a. Answer the following about periodontium:
What is the periodontium? Area immediately around the teeth.

4 2b. Answer the following about periodontium:
What makes up the periodontium? Made up of the gums The periodontal ligament The jawbone

5 2c. Answer the following about periodontium:
What do the structures of periodontium do? Support the teeth Hold them in place

6 3. What are the three main parts of a tooth?

7 4. List the layers of a tooth and a brief description.
Enamel hard substance made of calcium Dentin layer of connective tissue that acts as barrier to protect the pulp. Pulp: Tissue that contains the blood vessels and nerves of a tooth.

8 5. What is one of the main threats to the health of your teeth?
Bacteria Live in your mouth Live on the sugar in food

9 6. Answer the following about plaque:
What is plaque? Sticky, colorless film that acts on sugar to form acids. Acids destroy tooth enamel and irritate gums. How does plaque contribute to tooth decay? Plaque coats a tooth and prevents saliva from reaching the tooth. When plaque accumulates, bacteria develops acid with act on the tooth enamel.

10 7. What are the benefits of brushing and flossing teeth?
Brushing removes plaque. Flossing removes plaque in areas that are not reached by the brush.

11 8. Describe 5 tips for effective tooth brushing.
Hold bristle tips at 45 degrees to gum line. Brush back and forth in short strokes Use a gentle scrubbing motion. Brush outer surfaces of each tooth, inner surfaces and then chewing surfaces. Floss not only between teeth but also beneath the gum line.

12 9. Besides brushing and flossing, what are two others ways to maintain dental health?
Regular visits to the dental care professional. Eating a well-balanced diet.

13 10. Answer the following about problems of the teeth and mouth
A. What is halitosis? Bad Breath

14 10b. What causes halitosis?
Caused by eating certain foods Poor oral hygiene Smoking, Bacteria on the tongue Decayed teeth and gum disease

15 10c. What is periodontal disease?
Inflammation of the periodontal structures.

16 10d. How are plaque, tartar and gum disease related?
If plaque and tartar not removed, gums become irritated and swollen. Left untreated it will develop into gum disease. Can progress to the point of tooth loss.

17 10e. What are three possible sources of a malocclusion?
Extra teeth Crowded teeth Misalignment of the upper and lower jaws.

18 10f. What are two bad effects of malocclusion?
Lead to decay and disease. Can affect speech Ability to chew

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