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The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals and the Florida Alliance for Direct Support Professional Chapter Making a World of Difference in.

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1 The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals and the Florida Alliance for Direct Support Professional Chapter Making a World of Difference in Peoples’ Lives

2 NADSP Mission The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals promotes the development of a highly competent human services workforce which supports individuals in achieving their life goals.

3 NADSP Vision NADSP encourages the acceptance of a new vision, where direct support is seen as a profession. DSPs assists the individual they serve to lead a self- directed life and contribute to his/her community; and encourages attitudes and behaviors that enhance inclusion in his/her community.

4 NADSP Goals Improve the status and image of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Increase opportunities for education, training and lifelong learning for DSPs Promote partnerships among people served, DSPs and families Support national voluntary credentialing for DSPs Support policy change at organizational, local, state and national levels

5 Chapters (established or in progress) Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Connecticut Florida Georgia Kansas Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee

6 NADSP Tools NADSP provides State Chapters and DSPs with tools to assist them in achieving their professional goals:  NADSP Membership  NADSP Web site  NADSP Credentialing and Accreditation Program  Code of Ethics  Frontline Initiative

7 National DSP Credential Program On July 1, 2006, a national credentialing program for DSPs was launched by the NADSP. This credential:  Is industry driven and VOLUNTARY  Establishes national patterns for work-based learning and related instruction  Is based on nationally validated competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) called the Community Support Skill Standards, the NADSP Code of Ethics and DSP Professionalism  Is flexible, portable, and nationally recognized  Verification process to confirm DSP certification status

8 National DSP Credential Levels DSP –Registered DSP - Certified  Training and work sample requirements DSP - Specialized  Training and work sample requirements

9 Direct Support Professional - Registered Now available Requirements  Criminal background check within last 12 months  Required state and organizational training completed  Continuous employment for 6 months in community human services (can be individual employer who self-directs)  Letter of professional commitment  NADSP Code of Ethics commitment Cost  $50.00 Re-certification  Not required at this level

10 Direct Support Professional – Certified Now Available Requirements  Are a DSP- Registered  Completed an approved education/training program 200 instructional hours 3000 OJT  Two years continuous work with community human service employer (can be individual employer who self-directs)  Submit professional resume  Update professional statement  Letter of support/recommendation from person supported (or family member/legal representative as needed and appropriate)  Portfolio including 8 work samples in required competency areas  NADSP Code of Ethics commitment Cost  $150.00 Re-certification  Every two years 20 hours continuing education in community human services Re-affirm commitment to NADSP Code of Ethics $50.00

11 Direct Support Professional - Specialized Available fall/winter of 2007 Four Specialized Certificates  Positive Behavior Support  Health Support  Inclusion  Supervision and Mentoring Requirements  DSP-certified  40 hours approved continuing education in area of specialization  One year continuous employment with an individual that requires specialized support in the area of specialization DSP is seeking  Letter of support/recommendation from employer regarding DSP competence in area of specialization Cost  $100.00 Re-certification  Every two years DSP –certified is current $10.00 (per specialization)  5 hours continuing education in are of specialization  Re-affirm commitment to NADSP Code of Ethics

12 Competency Areas  Participant Empowerment  Communication  Assessment  Community and Service Networking  Facilitation of Services  Community Living Skills and Supports -  Education, Training and Self-Development  Advocacy  Vocational, Educational and Career Support  Crisis Prevention and Intervention  Organizational (employer) Participation  Documentation  Facilitation Relationships and Friendships  Supporting Health and Wellness  Develop Person- Centered Goals and Objectives

13 Educational Programs Pre-Approved Programs  U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certification for Direct Support Specialist  College of Direct Support (15 courses including OJT and portfolio development) NADSP Accreditation of Existing Programs  Available October 2007  Requires programmatic self-study to determine congruence with the NADSP endorsed Skill Standards  On site review by NADSP

14 Awards


16 NADSP Code of Ethics Person Centered Supports Promoting Physical and Emotional Well-Being Confidentiality Self-Determination Integrity& Responsibility Justice, Fairness& Equity Respect Relationships Advocacy

17 Frontline Initiative The NADSP official publication FI promotes the interests of DSPs who support people with disabilities in a variety of community settings FI offers readers stories and articles that are of interest to people concerned with the quality of support to people with disabilities FI publishes stories and articles from DSPs, who in turn benefit from sharing their ideas and successes FI can be used in a variety of settings (e.g.staff meetings) as a training and discussion tool.

18 FADSP Mission To promote the development of a highly competent human services workforce which supports individuals achieving their life goals.

19 FADSP Guiding Principles Enhance the status of direct support professionals Provide better access for all direct support professionals to high quality educational experiences and life long learning Strengthen the working relationships between DSPs, self-advocates, families and other consumer groups Promote system reform which provides incentives for educational experiences, increased pay, etc Support the development of a national voluntary credentialling process for DSPs

20 FADSP Organizational Goals The goal of FADSP includes promoting the interests of the direct support workforce by: Promoting the direct support profession as a viable career opportunity, Keeping FADSP members aware of pertinent national and state issues, Exploring ways to make NADSP accredited credentialling programs available to DSPs in Florida Supporting and encouraging participation in legislative campaigns both on a national and state level

21 FADSP Organizational Framework Membership Advisory Board Adminstration

22 FADSP Chapter Goals and Objectives Establish and maintain active FADSP membership and a defined organizational structure a) Maintain an active Advisory Board and conduct monthly meetings b) Establish an organizational charter, mission statement and membership structure by October 2007 – DONE! c) Organize a meeting in conjuction with Florida 2008 ARF’s Annual meeting for FADSP members for learning, reflection and the creation of a strong agenda d) Hold bi-annual membership meetings

23 Goals and Objectives con’t Promote FADSP and increase membership a) Generate at least 20 members by February 2008 b) Disseminate a bi-annual newsletter c) Make presentations about workforce issues and FADSP activities at board meetings, advocacy groups and local/regional conferences of organizations such as SEAAMR, USPRA Florida Chapter, FAPSE, ARC Florida, Family CAFÉ and the Interagency Council. d) Develop and implement a strategic recruitment plan involving regional recruitment

24 Goals and Objectives con’t e) Publish information about FADSP f) Meet with regional employment boards and private industry councils to inform them about the direct support workforce and to seek support for training and education programs g) Make contacts at agencies that support people with disabilities and enlist their support h) Enlist the support of self-advocates and families to understand the importance of and the need for promoting the direct support workforce and encourage them to present positive personal experiences

25 FADSP Long Term Goals Organize a direct support professional recognition day that includes public recognition for the direct support workforce Organize a statewide conference that brings direct support professionals together with self-advocates and policy makers for learning and reflection Incorporate the Florida Alliance for Direct Support Professionals

26 Strategies for Building Our Chapter Continue to make contacts at agencies throughout the State that support people with disabilities. Provide training to DSPs on grassroots lobbying related to the direct support workforce and how they can impact their local and state legislators Encourage regions/areas to develop local DSP groups that support the FADSP Encourage the support and action of family members and self advocates.

27 Strategies con’t Work through professional associations/organizations to promote the goals and mission of NADSP and FADSP Identify key people in your community that support your efforts through their personal involvement or in kind support Seek funds from foundations, state human service agencies, etc to support coalition building efforts around workforce development. Meet with foundations, the DD Council and policy makers to stimulate projects and research that will benefit the direct support workforce

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