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Transforming the Way Your Community Deals with Conflict Search for Common Ground - USA.

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1 Transforming the Way Your Community Deals with Conflict Search for Common Ground - USA

2 Community Conflicts – A Given Interpersonal Intergroup Intragroup Neighbor to Neighbor Interethnic Land Use Misdemeanors There are seven billion people on this planet, we will never all agree, we can only learn how to disagree in peace.

3 Flight Fight Unite Dealing with Community Conflicts – A Choice Conflict is neither positive or negative in itself... it’s the way we deal with the issue and each other that is the key.

4 Flight Fight Unite When in conflict, we can either try to be the winner or look at how can we work this out together.  Festering resentments  Injustice  Peace and Quiet  Order  Justice  Imposed outcomes  Damaged relations  Mutual agreements  Improved relations  Lightened court caseload Why Does Your Choice Matter?  Time  Effort  Commitment

5 Resolving conflicts as partners is a learning experience for all involved – it is rarely the easy route, but ultimately it is the most rewarding approach.

6 Flight Unite Fight Unite Fight Flight What Is A Better Approach? Not all conflicts can be resolved by dialogue, much harm could be avoided by a change of approach. “now”“then”

7 Raise Issues Discover Interests Generate Options Develop Agreements Given the right tools, we can learn how to manage conflicts as partners so that everyone wins. The Cooperative Problem Solving Path

8 Effectively Communicate Manage Emotions Respect Perceptions To resolve conflicts as partners, we must be prepared to stop finger-pointing and labeling – honest listening and expression are fundamental to positive resolution.


10  Conflict Analysis  Conflict Management  Problem Solving Active Listening Positions  Interests Positions  Interests Anger Management How and When to Access Third Party Processes Brainstorming

11  Develop the Processes to Match the Problems Neighbor to Neighbor Interethnic Land Use/ Safety Misdemeanors Mediation Study Circle, Media Programming Neighborhood Problem Solving Process Restorative Justice Processes

12  Endorse Overall Vision of Change  Provide Support Government Education Business Religion Community Groups  Walk the Talk

13 How Does This Happen? How Does This Happen? Search Homeport Skills Leadership Processes Change Partners +

14 Role of Homeport Partner  Act as a catalyst for change, be “applied visionaries”  Build a network of volunteers and professionals who provide resources and services to community members  Enlist support of community leaders  Develop partnerships with and among other community organizations  Identify and proactively respond to systemic and emergent community conflicts

15  Identify Barriers  Define achievable pieces of the vision  Agree on a plan of action  Implement  Articulate Vision  Evaluate / Improve Search supports:

16  Mentoring, coaching, advising  Sources of information  Networking  Training  Materials Search provides:

17 Search for Common Ground “... transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions” D. R. Congo Angola Burundi Iran Macedonia Liberia Greece-Turkey Middle East Morocco Sierra Leone Ukraine United States

18 Contacting Search for Common Ground Search for Common Ground

19 Every day we choose how to respond to crisis, those in our lives and in the world... we are all connected, each individual makes a difference.

20 Map of Cooperative Problem-Solving PrinciplesProcessResults Use conflict as a natural resource Attack problems, respect people Good agreements Good relations Attack Problems Raise Issues Discover Interests Generate Options Develop Agreements Respect People EmotionsCommunication Perceptions

21  Individual Conflict Resolution Skills  Facilitating the Community Problem Solving Process

22  Processes Guide  Communities That Work – Together Guidebook

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