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Motivating the Unmotivated By: Zeb Welborn and Manihi Kontnik.

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1 Motivating the Unmotivated By: Zeb Welborn and Manihi Kontnik

2 Lack of Motivation: Internal Causes Perception of Failure Need for Control

3 Lack of Motivation: External Causes Lack of Support Lack of Tools and Resources Conflicts with Societal Demands Violence Drugs and Alcohol

4 Students Students are inherently motivated to learn. They learn to be unmotivated when they repeatedly fail. Students have basic needs to belong, be competent and to influence what happens to them. –Motivation occurs most often when those basic needs are met.

5 Core Beliefs Every student can be successful We can help our students achieve success

6 6 Strategies to Help Our Students Succeed Focus on Effort Foster Hope Respect Student’s Power Be Enthusiastic Build Relationships Invest in Your Students

7 7 Tips to Encourage Effort Give Students Feedback Build on Mistakes Redo Work Separate Effort from Achievement Break Tasks into Smaller Components Be Courteous Give Reasons

8 12 Tips to Create Hope Show how achievements benefit their lives Use real world examples Recognize, encourage and support “positive affirmations” Acknowledge your mistakes Demand more than you expect Develop goals

9 12 Tips to Create Hope Get organized Ensure adequacy of basic skills Create challenges that can be mastered Set goals Give before you get Focus on the learning process

10 8 Tips to Give Students Control Give students choices Ask for opinions Let them teach you Defer to student power Celebrate small successes Enlist help from caretakers Show students they have what it takes Challenge refusals respectfully

11 5 Tips to Building a Strong Relationship Let them know they are important to you Ask for feedback Be genuine and honest with them Share stories about yourself as a student Communicate with caretakers

12 4 Tips to Demonstrate Enthusiasm Let them know you enjoy being their tutor Be a life-long learner Be light-hearted Use their interests

13 6 Tips to Show you Care Call Them Communicate with Caretakers Promote Them Acknowledge Their Interests Show You Care about Their Success Ask Them about Themselves

14 Zeb Welborn Website: Facebook: olution Twitter: Presentation Designed by: Welborn Social Media cialMedia

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