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From total compliance to thoughtful commitment.

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1 From total compliance to thoughtful commitment




5 have the opportunities to be the best they can be have high levels of oral communication are confident and motivated and embrace challenge persevere and are resilient in the face of difficulties use critical and creative thinking to solve problems work collaboratively and independently take responsibility for themselves and their learning



8 Do we learn more by getting things right or getting things wrong? Do you think you are you a better learner if you try really hard or if you get all your work finished?

9 What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

10 When something goes really badly, what do you do?

11 When you are struggling to understand something...what do you do?

12 When you would rather take the easy route, how do you motivate yourself to take on a challenge ?

13 Achievement

14 What is real achievement? What does this word mean to you? Think of a personal and significant achievement....... (Keep this in your head) Consider the actions, attitudes and strategies you needed to realise this achievement

15 Effort; support from others; perseverance; determination; risk-taking; having a go; enjoying the process; patience; coping with obstacles; practice; planning; persistence; encouragement; self-belief; trying a different approach; positive self-talk; thinking about times I have achieved difficult things before; imagining myself doing it; proving others wrong; constructive feedback; breaking it down into small steps; having a vision How do your responses compare...? Taken from the work of Barry Hymer 2009

16 Infrequent responses include.... luck chance natural ability intelligence aptitude talent

17 Learning Persevering Attitude Challenge Struggle Mistakes Failure Achievement

18 Telling, controlling, imposing, rewarding, punishing... compliance Asking questions, embracing challenge, developing thinking, persevering through difficulty, learning from mistakes... commitment


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