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Implementation Plan Section 5 Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

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1 Implementation Plan Section 5 Parks & Recreation Master Plan

2 Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment Summary 5 Techniques  New/Improved Neighborhood Parks  Playgrounds/Tot lots  Walking Trails  New Community Park 4 Techniques Total of 8 Assessment Techniques  Recreation Center  Recreation Programs  Baseball/Softball/Soccer fields  Natural Areas 3 Techniques

3 Prioritization for Park Development Currently Funded Development FY 2002 & FY 2003 Five Year CIP Development FY 2004-2008 Other Opportunities FY 2009 and beyond

4 Implementation Plan FY 2002FY 2003FY 2004 - 2008 Minnehaha Park (Phase I) Minnehaha Park (Phase II) Kings Row Park Lake Sybelia Point Park Fort Maitland Park Jim Houser/Covered Bridge Park Hill Recreation Center Park Orange County Schools (Phase III & IV) Orange County Schools (Phase V & VI) Winfield Park Quinn Strong Park (Phase I) Quinn Strong Park (Phase II) Lake Sybelia Beach Park

5 FY 2002 Park Improvements Park Project Costs Funding Source Minnehaha Park (Phase I) $ 411,125 29% Grant 49% CIP 22% Park Trust Fund Lake Sybelia Point Park$ 50,000100 % Grant Jim Houser/Covered Bridge Park $ 189,000100% Grant Orange County Schools (Phase III & IV) $ 120,000100 % CIP Quinn Strong Park (Phase I)$ 90,000100% CIP

6 ParkProject CostFunding Source Minnehaha Park (Phase II)$166,640100 % CIP Orange County Schools Phase V & VI Operating Fund Carry Forward Balance 100 % Operating Fund Quinn Strong Park (Phase II)$93,360100 % CIP FY 2003 Park Improvements

7 YearProject Funding Source* 2004Kings Row Park$307,500 CIP 2005Fort Maitland Park$293,500 CIP 2006Hill Recreation Center Park$293,500 CIP 2007Winfield Park$313,500 CIP 2008Lake Sybelia Beach Park$288,700 CIP * Alternative funding will be pursued FY 2004 - 2008 Park Improvements

8 Other Opportunities Neighborhood Parks Bellamy Park Swoop Extension Love/Charity Park Community Parks Community Park at Lake Jackson (development) Maitland Community Park Mini Parks Hill (Passive) Park School Parks Park Maitland School Summit Charter School Natural Resource Areas SC Batagllia Grove Street Special Use Parks Lake Destiny Soccer Fields Fennel Street Property O’Heir Property

9 Land Acquisition Project New Acreage Cost Funding Source Grove Street Property (FY 2002 – until funded) 13 $1,200,000 Up to 100% Grant Community Park at Lake Jackson (FY 2004 – 2008) 7 – 9$500,000 Land Banking* * Alternative funding will be pursued

10 Implementation Staffing Requirements  Maintenance standards  Park operations standards  Parks assets management system  Residents’ parks information kit Operation & Maintenance  Research & identification of grant opportunities  Grant preparation  Grant administration  Park foundation management Alternative Funding  Park development planning  Project oversight  Audit control  Comprehensive Development Plan updates Project Management Tasks Staff Responsibilities

11 Implementation Staffing Requirements FY 2003 FY 2005 FY 2004 FY 2006 & Beyond

12 Creating a Living Document Master Plan Update Master Plan Update annually Project Review & Prioritization annually Recommendation for CIP annually Community Survey & Needs 3-5 years Assessments PRAB Responsibilities Schedule

13 Funding Strategies Parks & Recreation Master Plan Parks & Recreation Master Plan General Fund Grants Partnerships Park Trust Fund Park Foundation

14 Questions?

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