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Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP) Plan Update Phase Public Input Meeting January 7, 2015 Beverly Open Space and Recreation Committee Charlie Mann, Chair.

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1 Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP) Plan Update Phase Public Input Meeting January 7, 2015 Beverly Open Space and Recreation Committee Charlie Mann, Chair David Brewster, Vice-Chair Barbara King Marilyn McCrory James Matz William Squibb Elizabeth Dunne David Gardner David Long Sandra Stacey Beverly Planning Department Aaron Clausen, Planning Director Amy Maxner, Environmental Planner Allison Crosbie, Associate Planner

2 The Open Space & Recreation Committee (OSRC) Mission Statement The mission of the City of Beverly Open Space and Recreation Committee is to preserve, maintain and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Beverly by developing and maintaining an open space plan. The plan identifies and recommends open space acquisitions and identifies other creative strategies to preserve open space based on public input and in consideration of City government policies and action and the City’s Master Plan. What We Do Prepare and update the Open Space & Recreation Plan Prepare and maintain a continuing inventory of open space in the City Research and recommend financing alternatives for acquisition and preservation of open space and the development of recreational facilities Set criteria for prioritizing open space acquisition, recreational facility development and redevelopment for current and future use Explore creative strategies to preserve open space Advise and recommend City boards, commissions and decision makers on open space acquisition and recreation facility development

3 Partnerships the Beverly Historical Society

4 Open Space & Recreation Plan Purpose & Importance Open Space and Recreation Plans help local communities and residents collectively identify and plan for open space priorities in their city or town. These plans help guide each community’s own decisions to protect natural resources and provide recreational activities for all residents. Municipal Open Space and Recreation plans are one of the tools available to local decision-makers to help them make informed decisions about future growth.

5 Open Space & Recreation Plan Plan Elements OSRP’s are consensus documents that serve as planning tools for land use, development and protection. They contain comprehensive information on a community’s history, development, natural resources and inventory of existing protected open space and land of conservation and recreation interest. Public input is critical in shaping the Plan’s focus as to the City’s needs and specific goals and objectives that forms the basis for the 7-Year Action Plan.

6 Open Space & Recreation Plan Why an Update is Needed The benefits of the updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan are several Areas potentially suitable for recreational use but currently unavailable may be identified The plan can be a tool to increase access and identify suitable uses that meet the recreational needs of Beverly’s citizens The plan can provide the basis for assessing what recreation and open space deficiencies exist The plan can serve as the basis for linking the open space parcels in Beverly into a coherent network of natural areas and play fields The plan is an initial step in the process of identifying priorities for conservation, and pursuing funding for open space and conservation land acquisitions The potential may exist to link Beverly’s open space inventory to a regional open space and bikeway systems With an updated Plan, the City is eligible to apply for State grant funds (PARC, LAND etc…)

7 Executive Summary  Review past accomplishments, explain framework for updated Plan Public Input Process  Survey Results, Public Comments etc… Analysis of Needs  Community, Open Space, Recreation, Natural Resource and Management Needs Goals & Objectives 7-Year Action Plan What Needs Updating?

8 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan CPA PASSED BY BEVERLY IN NOVEMBER 2012 The OSRC initiated exploratory meetings and gatherings to investigate the feasibility for a CPA campaign. This investigation led to a small group that organized and undertook a full-fledged campaign to place CPA on the ballot. Beverly voters passed CPA in November 2012.

9 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan TALL TREE DRIVE TRAIL TO ACCESS CONSERVATION COMMISSION LAND The OSRC worked to secure a trail easement over private land to access 10-acre Con Com open space parcel off of Tall Tree Drive. The Planning Department secured grant funds to blaze a new trail and install a kiosk on this property. The OSRC organized a work day and participated in blazing a new trail through to this wooded area.

10 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan Pending Conservation Restriction for Norwood Pond Open Space Protection of this 140+ acre property City-owned property has long been a high priority for permanent protection. The Cahill administration is currently working with Essex County Greenbelt to place a CR on this land to be executed in early 2015.

11 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan Protect Camp Paradise This 12-acre property has been a priority for protection through a Conservation Restriction with the Girl Scouts. The Cahill administration has entered into an agreement with the Girl Scouts to purchase the property and permanently protect it as an open space and recreational asset. Funding sources are CPA and PARC Grant. A current, approved up-to-date OSRP is a prerequisite for the PARC Grant funding.

12 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan Acquire Parcel 27X along Greens Hill to Complete Trail Loop Owner-unknown parcel 27X is key to completing a loop trail from Green Street to Bridge Street through Greens Hill open space area. The City is currently in the process of taking this property through tax title proceedings.

13 Major Accomplishments Under Previous 7-Year Action Plan Other Accomplishments & On-Going Efforts Watershed Protection Overlay District Ordinance Update: In 2012/2013 the Planning Department in conjunction with the Ward 5 City Councilor and a small group that included representatives from the OSRC worked to revise and update the WPOD, which was passed by the City Council in June of 2013. Kelleher Pond to be Transferred to the City: Through the OSRD Subdivision process, this pond and its surrounding environs will become a permanent publicly owned recreational resource Greens Hill Trail Maintenance and Improvement: The City performed trail enhancements to Greens Hill behind Ayers Ryal Side School to improve access and visibility of the area Kiosks Installed at Various Open Space Areas: DCR Recreational Trails Grant secured for the construction and installation of uniform informational kiosks OSRC Webpage Updated and Enhanced and OSRC Facebook Page Established Earth Day Walks Continue, with 2015 Representing the 10TH Year in this Annual Event Series OSRC Review of Plans Submitted to Other Land Use Boards for Consistency with the OSRP Worked with Several Eagle Scouts on Numerous Trail Improvement Projects Worked with New England Mountain Bike Assn. on over 12 trail maintenance and new trail blazing projects

14 Open Discussion What is working? What is not working? What is missing? How can the City of Beverly do Better in Open Space and Recreation?

15 Next Steps Planning Department staff and the OSRC will compile information and update various sections of the Plan Planning Department staff and the OSRC will develop a new 7-year Action Plan based on survey and meeting feedback Follow up public feedback on the new Action Plan will be gathered at the March 4, 2015 OSRC meeting Draft update OSRP to be submitted to the State for approval in May

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