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Consent, comply accede. dishonest, corruptible venal.

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1 consent, comply accede

2 dishonest, corruptible venal

3 shake, wave brandish

4 stop by force suppress

5 include, contain comprise

6 flexible, pliant supple

7 skillful, masterful deft

8 grand, magnificent stately

9 impoverished, deprived destitute

10 comfort, relief solace

11 clearly stated, unambiguous explicit

12 widespread, unrestrained rampant

13 wipe out, eradicate extirpate

14 preplanned, calculated premeditated

15 ill-timed, inconvenient inopportune

16 high peak, summit pinnacle

17 contrary to what was expected or intended ironic

18 meddlesome, too forward officious

19 unfavorable, portentous ominous

20 moldy; out-of- date musty

21 dishonest, corruptible venal

22 consent, comply accede

23 stop by force suppress

24 include, contain comprise

25 skillful, masterful deft

26 flexible, pliant supple

27 grand, magnificent stately

28 impoverished, deprived destitute

29 shake, wave brandish

30 clearly stated, unambiguous explicit

31 comfort, relief solace

32 wipe out, eradicate extirpate

33 widespread, unrestrained rampant

34 ill-timed, inconvenient inopportune

35 preplanned, calculated premeditated

36 high peak, summit pinnacle

37 meddlesome, too forward officious

38 consent, comply accede

39 dishonest, corruptible venal

40 shake, wave brandish

41 stop by force suppress

42 include, contain comprise

43 flexible, pliant supple

44 skillful, masterful deft

45 grand, magnificent stately

46 impoverished, deprived destitute

47 comfort, relief solace

48 clearly stated, unambiguous explicit

49 widespread, unrestrained rampant

50 wipe out, eradicate extirpate

51 preplanned, calculated premeditated

52 ill-timed, inconvenient inopportune

53 high peak, summit pinnacle

54 meddlesome, too forward officious

55 contrary to what was expected or intended ironic

56 unfavorable, portentous ominous

57 moldy; out-of- date musty

58 dishonest, corruptible venal

59 stop by force suppress

60 include, contain comprise

61 skillful, masterful deft

62 consent, comply accede

63 flexible, pliant supple

64 grand, magnificent stately

65 impoverished, deprived destitute

66 shake, wave brandish

67 clearly stated, unambiguous explicit

68 contrary to what was expected or intended ironic

69 comfort, relief solace

70 wipe out, eradicate extirpate

71 widespread, unrestrained rampant

72 ill-timed, inconvenient inopportune

73 preplanned, calculated premeditated

74 high peak, summit pinnacle

75 meddlesome, too forward officious

76 moldy; out-of- date musty

77 unfavorable, portentous ominous

78 moldy; out-of- date musty

79 unfavorable, portentous ominous

80 contrary to what was expected or intended ironic

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