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Scramble for Africa Imperialism and The Berlin Conference.

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1 Scramble for Africa Imperialism and The Berlin Conference

2 Age of Imperialism Imperialism- The quest for colonial empires

3 Motives for Imperialism 1.Economic gain 2.Political and military competition 3.A belief in the superiority of the Anglo Saxon race..

4 Factors that Drove Imperialism  Industrialization  The need for markets  The need for raw materials  The desire for power  The desire for prestige

5 Scramble For Africa Western European nations race to divide Africa among themselves. They draw territorial boundaries without regard to African’s ethnic, linguistic, and cultural divisions. British rule gives rise to nationalist feelings and to resistance movements

6 Africa Circa Before ColonizationScramble for Africa

7 Berlin Conference European countries try to set up rules to prevent nations from fighting each other for the division of Africa Called for by Portugal and organized by Otto von Bismarck, first Chancellor of Germany

8 Countries of the Conference Austria-Hungary Belgium Denmark France Germany Great Britain Italy the Netherlands Portugal Russia Spain Sweden-Norway (unified from ) Turkey United States of America (did not participate)

9 Africa 1914 (Before WW1)

10 Africa 1918 (After WW1) Any new or additional countries added to the “colonization” of Africa?

11 Africa 1945 (After WW2)

12 Political Cartoons

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