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Generosity, Satisfaction and Peace

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1 Generosity, Satisfaction and Peace
The Nabhi Chakra Generosity, Satisfaction and Peace

2 Nabhi Knowledge Located at the level of the navel

3 Nabhi Knowledge Qualities Left Center Right Good host Good wife
Generosity Center Satisfaction Contentment Peace Honesty Evolution Right Sense of dignity Pure attention

4 Nabhi Knowledge Physical functions regulate Left Pancreas Spleen
Center Stomach Intestines Right Liver Gall Bladder

5 Nabhi How to Balance Causes of problems Left Center Right
Family and/or household problems Dominating husband or wife Center Excess eating or fasting, alcohol, drugs Untidiness Fanaticism Right Worries Stinginess Unhealthy diet

6 Nabhi How to Balance Meditation morning and evening
Use of mantras and affirmations Use of hands (bandhans) Vibrate food before eating Left Use candle or flame Foot soak with warm water Right Ice pack on liver Foot soak with cold water

7 Nabhi How to Balance Affirmations
Left - “Mother, please make me a generous and peaceful person”. Center - “Mother, I am a satisfied person”. Right - “Mother, you solve all my money and family worries and take care of my well being.”

8 “Nothing is more important for me than to see you all rise to the level where you understand your own values” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Bordi, India, February 4, 1985

9 Now let’s meditate

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