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Evaluating and Identifying Healthy Relationships

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1 Evaluating and Identifying Healthy Relationships
Friends Family Community

2 Some Examples of Relationships:
Parent-child Friends Boyfriend-girlfriend Siblings Teachers

3 What do healthy relationships provide?
-Basic needs like shelter and food (parents and guardians) - Emotional support and structure. - Social acceptance and friendship.

4 What are we trying to do? Compare and contrast the positive and negative effects of all relationships. Demonstrate how to communicate needs, wants, and emotions in healthy ways. Point out character traits that promote healthy relationships with peers, family, and friends.

5 What Is a Healthy Relationship?
A healthy relationship is one in which both people benefit and feel comfortable. Healthy relationships are based on shared values and interests and mutual respect.

6 Three Cs of Healthy Relationships
Communication- lets you discover the feelings, needs, wants, and knowledge of others. Cooperation- working together for a common goal. Compromise a problem solving method that involves each participant’s giving up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.

7 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
Mutual Respect Consideration Honesty Dependability Commitment

8 What can you do to build character?
You can build a foundation for healthy relationships by demonstrating the six main traits of good character. Trustworthiness, Fairness, Respect, Caring Responsibility, Citizenship.

9 A Balancing Act Healthy relationships maintain a balance between the individuals involved in the relationship.

10 If you’re confused about your relationship and where it’s going and what it’s doing for you, please get help from the appropriate counseling services.

11 Using the examples and characteristics of healthy relationships, what would you consider to be unhealthy?

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