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1 MS. EAGLESON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 7 th /8 th Parent Meeting

2 Agenda Calendar Review Bell Schedule Bus Schedule Promotion Requirements Reading Counts Study Island Aeries Welcome Week After School Program Lunch Program Uniform Policy

3 Calendar Review Welcome Week: August 20 th -24 th First Instructional Day: August 27 th Fall Break: November 17 th -November 25 th Winter Break: December 22 nd - January 6 th Spring Break: March 23 rd - March 31 st Graduation Ceremonies: Friday, June 7 th

4 Middle School Bell Schedule 8 am-4:30 pm Monday-Thursday ScheduleFriday Schedule Time- 60 minsPeriodTime- 45 minsPeriod 8:00-9:00Period 18:00-8:45Period 1 9:04-10:04Period 28:49-9:34Period 2 10:04-10:14BB9:38-10:23Period 3 10:19-11:19Period 310:23-10:33BB 11:23-12:23Period 410:37-11:22Period 4 12:23-12:58Lunch11:26-12:11Period 5 1:02-2:02Period 512:15-1:00Period 6 2:06-3:06Period 61:00-1:45Lunch 3:06-3:26BB/Snack1:45-2:30Advisory/RTI 3:30-4:30Advisory/RTI2:30-3:00BB/Snack 3:00-4:30Advisory/RTI

5 Middle School Bus Schedule AM Schedule/ LocationAm Pick UpArrival at 98th Holy Cross5:45 am7:00 am New Life Christian Center7:10 am8:00 am PM Schedule/ LocationPick up from 98 th St.Arrival in the PM Holy Cross4:30 pm5:30 pm New Life Christian Center4:30 pm5:00 pm Sports PM Schedule/ Location Pick up from 98thArrival in the PM Holy Cross5:30 pm6:30 pm New Life Christian Center5:30 pm6:00 pm

6 Promotion Requirements Six promotion requirements for the school year Students need to earn 5/6 requirements to pass the grade level: 1. Combined Class Average (CCA) of 70% or higher 2. Pass Math or Science class with a 70% or higher 3. Pass English or History class with a 70% or higher 4. Study Island Proficiency (Math, Science, English, History) 5. Reading Counts Goal 6. Pass ¾ School Wide Writing Exams

7 Promotion Requirements Students and parents will receive promotion reports four times during the school year Promotion reports are known as “OT/CU” reports (On Target/Catch Up) Advisors Role  Mentor/Guide Advisees  Study Island Oversight  Reading Counts Oversight  Writing Exam Oversight

8 7 th /8 th Summer Reading TitleAuthor Roll of Thunder Hear my CryMildred D. Taylor Artemis FowlEoin Colfer The Chronicles of NarniaC.S. Lewis The Chocolate WarRobert Cormier Crispin: Cross of Lead Edward Irving Wortis Bad Boy Walter Dean Myers Eragon Christopher Paolini Catherine, Called Birdy Karen Cushman The CrossingGary Paulsen Little WomenLouisa May Alcott American Dragons Laurence Yep The Island of Dangerous DreamsJoan Lowery Nixon Students should read at least one novel that they have not previously read from the list below. Credit for the novel will be given upon completion of the associated RC test.

9 Reading Counts (RC) Reading Counts Testing  Monday & Wednesday  7:30 a.m. – 12:00p.m. & 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.  98 th St. Campus 5431 W. 98 th St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90045  St. Agatha’s Campus 2636 S. Mansfield Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90016  Website to check point RC books

10 Study Island Questions aligned with CA State Standards Math, Science, English, History

11 Aeries

12 Welcome Week 9 am- 4:30 pm Monday, August 20 th - Friday, August 24 th Mandatory Attendance  Monday- Full Day Orientation Activities  Tuesday- Reading Testing  Wednesday- LA Zoo  Thursday- Reading Testing  Friday- Knott’s Soak City

13 Students must bring everyday:  Lunch!  Water bottle  Backpack Dress Code Enforced $50 contribution for Welcome Week costs  Payment collected in front office @ 98 th street  Financial Assistance Available Welcome Week 9 am- 4:30 pm

14 Welcome Week Bus Schedule AM Schedule/ LocationAm Pick UpArrival at 98th Holy Cross7:00 am8:00 am New Life Christian Center8:25 am9:00 am

15 After School Program (ASES) Optional After School Sports Program (4:30-5:30)  Flag Football  Dance/Cheer  Softball/Baseball  Basketball  Soccer Corey Taylor- ASES Coordinator ( Martin Conde- Athletic Director (

16 Lunch Program Go to the following page: Select language (English or Spanish) Please read Terms of Use and Policy Select State and School District  State: California  District: Centinela Valley UHSD/ Bright Star  Contact Person Liseth Chavez 310-263-3250

17 Special Education Department Ms. Esther Perez Special Education Director Students with IEP or special needs can speak directly to Ms. Perez

18 Uniform Policy Marni Parsons Student Services Manager

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