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Alison Gabriel, Dyala Ashfour, Raelynn Robinson, Gage Lado

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1 Alison Gabriel, Dyala Ashfour, Raelynn Robinson, Gage Lado
North Central Plains Alison Gabriel, Dyala Ashfour, Raelynn Robinson, Gage Lado

2 San Angelo is the home of ASU
Abilene is an important oil service and marketing center. Home to Harden University . Simon University, and McCurry University The Falls of the Wichita River

3 North Central Plains The north central plains originally started in Canada and it extends down all the way before ending in Texas. The north central plains are much higher in elevation then the coastal Plains It receives less rain fall then the east There are many large cattle farms There is a small population The north central plains can be divided into three different geographic subsection, these three areas are called the Cross Timbers, the Grand Prairie, and the Rolling Plains Fort Worth, a place in the rolling plains is also a very good manufacturing place for computers, airplanes, and clothing. Other cities in the region are Abilene, San Angelo, which are also marketing areas that produce wool and mohair.

4 Rolling Plains The Rolling Plains is the largest geographical section of the North Central Plains. The Rolling Plains are sometimes called the lower plains, because of the higher Greater Plains. It has many cattle ranches and sheep and goats are found here. To the east, grain sorghum, and wheat are grown. Pecans and Peaches are also grown in the Rolling Plains. Texas is one of the leading producers of Peaches. It is also the largest wool producing market in the US.

5 Rolling Plains State Parks
Abilene State Park Big Spring State Park Caprock Canyons State Park Copper Breaks State Park Fort Griffin State Park and Historic Site Fort Richardson State Park, Historic Site, and Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway Lake Arrowhead State Park Lake Brownwood State Park Lake Colorado State Park Palo Duro Canyon State Park Possum Kingdom State Park San Angelo State Park

6 Geography of Rolling Plains
The rolling plains stretches fir about 300 miles The setting of the rolling plains is slightly rolling There are distinct hills, mesas, buttes, and small flat-topped hills A large part of the rolling plains is Wichita Falls Abilene is an important part in the south central part of the oil services and marketing center Cap rock Canyon is the state’s third largest park and has part of the Caprock escarpment, it is in the Rolling Plains Native grasses hairy grama (Bouteloua hirsuta), three-awns and woody species such as mesquite, lotebush, and red-berry juniper

7 Rolling Plains The Rolling Plains is the largest geographical section in the North Central Plains. it is occasionally called the lower plains because the Great Plains are higher and they are to the west Abilene ,which is in the south central section of the Rolling Plains, is significant oil services and marketing. specially crops are peaches and pecans. It is a major agribusiness or commercial farming. Largest wool- product market in USA

8 Grand Prairie In this subsection agriculture is the most important economic activity. One of the most popular cities in this subsection is the Metroplex of Fort Worth and Dallas. Fort Worth is an important financial center. It has large scale aircraft manufacturers. Which bring in employs from all across the state. The city refers to itself as, “Where the west began,” because they operate grain elevators, feed mills, and other business to provide for the agricultural needs of people living farther west. Fort Worth Dallas -

9 Geography of Grand Prairie
Grand Prairie is also a big part of the north central plains There’s limestone in the soil The largest cities are fort worth and Dallas Fort worth is also an important financial area There is one of the nation’s largest military installations Two other communities are Killen and Copperas Cove There’s a lot of cattle and there’s a lot of crop like wheat, peanuts, corn, grain sorghum, and cotton

10 Grand Prairie Grand prairie is one of the smallest sections but it has some of the biggest cities like Fort Worth and Dallas. The Metroplex is a 20 county area. Fort Worth has a large-scale aircraft manufacture Dallas has a big trade center

11 Cross Timbers Cross timber is 26,000 square miles
The area has change significantly in the last 150 years Early travelers through north Texas coined the name "Cross Timbers" by their repeated crossings of these timbered areas that proved to be a barrier to their travel on the open prairies to the east and west

12 Geography of Cross Timbers
The cross timbers in a long strip of forests. The soil is more fertile. Some trees that grow there are post oak, blackjack oaks, hickories, pecans, and elms Cross timbers oaks are used firewood, railroad ties and poles, but most importantly is that they use the timber belt for preserving water. Cotton and corn is grown also dairy and raising livestock The area is also good for truck farming The timber prevents rain water from immediately running off the surface and causes much of it to soak into sand that supplies artesian water for hundreds of wells to the east and south of the Cross Timbers.

13 Cross Timbers Is made up of several important cities for instance Arlington, Denton, and Brownwood It is mostly agriculture, but coal mining is important also. There are many different animals in the cross timbers collages in cross timbers are TWU and University of North Texas

14 Fort Hood Fort Hood is located between Austin and Waco. Its near Killeen. It was est. in 1942 and named after Confederate Gen. John Hood. It’s one of the largest installations.

15 Rivers Trinity River Red River

16 Extra info Animals are antelopes wild boars buffalo Plants-
Indian Paintbrush red yucca Blue Bonnet Lindheimer's Muhly (state flower)

17 Extra Extra Info The average precipitation is 28cm
Population of Dallas and Fort Worth is 6,538,850 Texas’ main fruit crop is peaches State crops are cotton and sorgum

18 Quiz What are 3 crops grown in the Rolling Plains?
What is the Rolling Plains sometimes called? What does the city of Fort Worth refer to itself as? How big is the Cross Timbers? Fort Hood is located between what two cities?

19 Answers Sorghum, Pecans, and Peaches Lower Plains
“Where the West began” 26,000 square miles Austin and Waco

20 Sources
Texas And Texans text book m1l3/resources/1839.html Clip art rmr24/image/


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