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All about snakes By Alexis S0to.

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1 All about snakes By Alexis S0to

2 Table of contents All around the world How snakes survive?
What is that How snakes grow What am I? Fun facts

3 Conclusion Some people think snakes are scary but actually most snakes are harmless to people. Unless you startle or hit them that’s when they get aggressive. Maybe if people took the time to learn about snakes maybe they wont be so scared.

4 All around the world Snakes are found in thick forest and in dry, sandy deserts. As well as swamps and lakes. Snakes mostly live on ground but some snakes can climb up trees and swing from branch to branch. Other snakes can dig so they can hide from the sun. Snakes cannot live in cold climate like the North or South pole.

5 How snakes survive Slither Slither Slither “BOOM” as the snake eats it’s prey. Snakes are meat eaters. Snakes eat all kind of animals like deer, goats, rats, birds, bird eggs, lizards, rabbits, and other snakes. Snakes can open their jaws wider than their heads so they can digest larger animals. The venom n a king cobra is strong enough to kill a elephant. These pictures show a mongoose eating a snake and a snake eating a rat.

6 What am I? Snakes are covered in scales and they don’t have any legs. Snakes communicate by scent. Snakes are all different sizes from a 30 foot long anaconda to a Caribbean thread snake which is no wider than a noodle. These pictures show a anaconda(left) and a Caribbean thread snake (right).

7 How snakes grow? Male snakes wrap their tail around the females tail releasing sperm into the opening of her body. Most females lay eggs but the anaconda gives birth. Mother snakes leave their newborn snakes at birth. Newborn young have to hunt and kill their own food. Young and poisonous snakes are born with a supply of venom. This picture is two snakes mating.

8 What am I? There are over 2,700 types of snakes all over the world. The majority of snakes belong to one of five groups of snakes. Most of these snakes are harmless to humans and account 2/3 of the worlds snakes. This picture shows all different types of snakes.

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