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Snakes By: Anna Britt.

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1 Snakes By: Anna Britt

2 Table of contents Chapter 1: How snakes find there habitat. Chapter 2: Snakes have great survival skills. Chapter 3: Snakes have great characteristics. Chapter 4: How snakes have great development. Chapter 5: How many breeds they could have. Chapter 6: All about snakes and how they live.

3 How snakes find their habitat
Did you know that snakes find there habitat on there own? Snakes could live in a forest and dry lands. Snakes have to be in warm places because they are cold blooded. Snakes could live in the jungle also.

4 This is a diagram of a snake

5 This is a map that you could find big pythons in the southern of the united states of america

6 Snakes have great survival skills
Did you know that snakes find there prey on there own? Snakes could eat a lot of things like Rabbits, lizards, birds, birds eggs, rats, goats, gazelle and snakes. Snakes eat things bigger then there body! Some snakes eat there prey alive. They live in oxygen. Some snakes could sleep in winter and so do not sleep in the winter. Some snakes camouflage in so they could hide from there prey. Did you know that snakes only have a spine as one of their bones.

7 This is a snake eating it’s prey

8 Snakes have great characteristics
Did you know that snakes have a fork tongue. They used there fork tongue to smell things and that is how they find their prey. Snakes could weight about a pound or two. Snakes could have different color’s and some could change color’s and that’s called camouflage. Some snakes are very long and others not as long. For example there is a snake that is only 6 inches long! Snakes have very good eye sight. Snakes could see as good in the night time like it is day time to them. Snakes are actually very fast because their scales are very strong so nothing gets in their way of moving.

9 This is a picture of a snake that is 6 inches.

10 How snakes have great development
Did you know that male and female snakes find each other by smelling. They use there fork tongue to catch each other’s cent. Most snakes mate ones or twice a year. When a male and female snake come together the male rubes his head on the lower part of the female body.

11 How many breeds they could have
Did you know there are about 2,700 breed. There are tons of male snakes then female. Snakes are most commend with lizards because snakes used to have legs. There is a snake called a constrictors which those are more like pythons cause that is what there called constrictors.

12 Snake being born

13 All about snakes and how they live
Did you know that snakes could dislocate there jaws . Some snakes are venomous and some are not. A love of a snake is called ophiophilia. A fear of a snake is called ophidiobia.

14 Conclusion Snakes have great characteristic which makes them a very interesting creature. They could go very fast and nothing will get in it’s way. They could see very far away from where they are. They could also smell with there tongue that’s shaped like a fork. Their speed ,excellent eye sight , and there sense of smell allows them to have great survival instincts. Manny people don’t know that snakes have such amazing features.

15 Glossary Constrictors: Certain kind of like a python. Ophiophilia: When two snakes are in love. Ophidiophobia: This means snakes are scared. Mate: When they have babies. Cold blooded: When they could only be in warm weather. Prey: There food is there prey. Camouflage: When they blend in to hide from there prey. Breeds: All kinds different of snakes. Venomous: When snakes put venom in it’s preys eyes.

16 Index Snakes All pages Breed chapter 5 Lizards chapter 2,3
Eat chapter 2 Prey chapter 2 Camouflage Chapter 2 Sleep chapter 6 Alive chapter 5 Habitat chapter 1 Winter chapter 2

17 Resources Book tile: Snakes Author: Animal world Book tile: Snakes and lizard what they have in common Author: Sara Swan Miller Website: Sheppard soft ware .com

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