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By Doug Markussen, Interim Director EHSRMS, Civil Engineer.

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1 By Doug Markussen, Interim Director EHSRMS, Civil Engineer


3 The UAA EHS RMS Team left to right: Nick Dighiera, Safety Officer; Zane Wilkerson, Student Worker; Doug Markussen, Interim Director and Civil Engineer; and Maury Riner, UAA Chemical Hygiene Officer

4 EHSRMS is a non-academic, non- regulatory service supporting a safe and healthy campus environment by providing: Safety information and counseling Safety information and counseling Safety training Safety training Program assistance Program assistance Liaison with regulatory agencies Liaison with regulatory agencies UAA Policies and Procedures management UAA Policies and Procedures management Risk Management Risk Management

5 Purpose & Mission Our mission is to advocate and champion sound environmental, occupational, employment, and other business practices in order to safeguard the valuable resources of UAA: financial, programs, property, and foremost... our people.

6 Why We’re Here… Objective: to achieve a safe and healthy working and learning environment using regulatory compliance and other prudent practices that best fit the individual and unique operations and programs at UAA

7 EHSRMS’ Website Your Safety Source at UAA or go to UAA’s homepage / A to Z / Letter E / third from the bottom

8 Where do you find: The University Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) Your building’s Building Emergency Plan (BEP) Life, health and safety equipment Incident/Injury reporting Worker’s Compensation reporting

9 UAA Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) Found on the UPD website ( Emergency-Operations-Plan-2009-v2-2.pdf)

10 Building Emergency Plan (BEP) Talk to your supervisor, Building Safety Coordinator, or EHSRMS

11 Fire Alarms Portable Fire Extinguishers Emergency Phones (if any) Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Emergency Eyewash/Shower Units Talk to your Building Safety Coordinator/Building Manager or call EHSRMS

12 UAA Emergency References: Fire - 911 & pull alarm Medical - 911 Police – 911 Police - 6-1120 (UPD) UPD is here on campus, knows the building names and locations, their occupants, and the activities in each building

13 Report all work-related injuries or illnesses to your supervisor Required for: any incident that could have reasonably resulted in injury or illness, regardless of whether it actually resulted in injury or illness and/or any incident which caused damage to property.

14 Alaska Workers’ Compensation Workers’ Compensation is a system which requires your employer to pay your medical costs and part of your lost wages if you are injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation also mandates the payment of benefits to dependents in the case of work related death. “No-fault” coverage To file, call Brenda Vannoy at 6-6119

15 OSHA REPORTING To comply with State and Federal occupational safety and health requirements, certain categories of work-related MUST injuries MUST be reported to OSHA within 8 hours. Prompt incident reporting is critical! State of Alaska, Division of Labor Standards & Safety, Occupational Safety and Health Compliance 907-269-4940 (EHSRMS is responsible for reporting for UAA)

16 Many agencies require safety training for many reasons: Establishes the knowledge necessary to work safely every day Prevent citations and fines Safeguards employee health and safety Some level of training is always required UAA instituted core safety topics for every employee Skillsoft makes it easy and convenient

17 Go to UA Online and Login Go to UA Online and Login Click Employee  Employee E- learning  Skillsoft  Submit Click Employee  Employee E- learning  Skillsoft  Submit 9/6/2012

18 Click Catalog  Learning Programs  UAA Safety – Employee Required Training Click Catalog  Learning Programs  UAA Safety – Employee Required Training Enroll and Begin Enroll and Begin 9/6/2012

19 TRAVEL Questions To Answer: Requirements: Destination(s)? Transportation? Societal and/or customs differences? Legal System differences? Security? Medical care? Repatriation? Insurance? Liability issues? Risk Manager Approval, if… Students are included Minors (under 18) are included Chaperones and/or volunteers are involved Planned activities are risky (skiing, snow machining, hiking, climbing, watercraft, etc.) Remote travel (including local, over-night camping) International travel Non-commercial carrier transportation (private plane, etc.) Renting vehicles Uncertainty with answers to questions at left Travel Authorization Form

20 Covered if pre-approved by travel authorization or purchase order NO coverage for personal use $2,500 deductible for damage 100% liability coverage w/ NO deductible Optional insurance NOT reimbursed by the University If you allow a non-university driver to use your rental vehicle it is 100% at your personal risk DO NOT rent vehicles for non-university drivers!

21 University Vehicles A nnual driving record review is required $2,500 deductible for damage 100% liability coverage w/ NO deductible No coverage for vehicles > 7-years old Proof of University self- insurance must be carried in the vehicle at all times! Observe University transportation guidelines – training is mandatory! May NOT be used by non-university drivers!

22 What About My Own Car? NO There is NO university coverage for personal vehicles of employees when used for work- related activities; employees will assume all liability for citations, accidents and injuries and must provide for their own insurance. Questions? Contact EHSRMS

23 University Property $1,000 deductible At any location NO NO coverage for employee’s personal property Mysterious disappearance excluded Costs covered only if replaced

24 other EHSRMS functions… Contract Review Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreements Liability Release Forms Contracting Information and Templates UA Volunteer Applications Facility Rental and Use Contracts Agreement for Use of UA Equipment or Vehicles Hazard Communications (Right-to- Know) Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan OSHA Required Medical Examinations (Respirators, Hepatitis B Immunizations, Post Chemical and Biological Exposures) UAA Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Lab and Chemical Equipment and Procedural SOPs Hazardous Materials Acquisitions Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Facilities Inspections (Building Blitz’s and Community Campus Assistance Visits) Municipality of Anchorage Assembly Permit (Fire Permit for Haunted House, Crafts Fair, Career Fair, etc.)

25 Doug Markussen Interim Director/Civil Engineer; 907-786-1335 Maury Riner Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO); 907-786-1279 Nicholas Dighiera Safety Officer; 907-786-1178 9/6/2012 EHSRMS contact list

26 UAA Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management Support Safety is Everybody’s Business

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