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Basics of Liability Liability Issues and Coverage.

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1 Basics of Liability Liability Issues and Coverage

2 How is Liability Determined Status of Injured Party Duty of Care Damage actually occurred Damage was foreseeable

3 Status of Injured Party Trespasser Invitee Licensee

4 What was the Duty of Care a person acted with reasonable prudence: watchful attentive cautious If a person's actions do not meet this: acts are considered negligent damages may be claimed

5 Was the Duty of Care Breached Were Safeguard Procedures in place? – Were these procedures violated? Was the loss reported immediately? What actions or omissions of others contributed to the loss?

6 Was the property being used only for state purposes? Who signed for the property and who had physical custody at the time of the loss? Did the employee/volunteer demonstrate reasonable care of the property? Was the Duty of Care breached

7 Damage Actually Occurred Was Someone Injured: – Physically – Emotionally – Financially Was Property Damaged or Stolen Was There A Misrepresentation of Product

8 Was The Breach of Duty The Cause Was There A Third Party Involved Was Another Property Involved Were Expectations Unrealistic Was Nature Involved

9 Damage Was Foreseeable Was it reasonable to assume your actions would cause a loss Was it reasonable to assume your failure to act would cause a loss

10 Who will make a claim Property owner – neighboring property owners Volunteers & Staff Visitors & Trespassers Licensee

11 Property Owners Bodily Injury Property Damage Personal Liability Loss of Use Contractual

12 Volunteers Bodily Injury Personal Injury Property Damage

13 Staff Workers Compensation Employers Liability Employers Practices Liability

14 Visitors & Trespassers Bodily Injury Personal Injury Property Damage

15 Licensee Bodily Injury Property Damage Personal Injury Contractual

16 What Coverage is applicable General Liability Directors and Officers Insurance Workers Compensation

17 General Liability ( includes Premise and Operations) Bodily Injury Property Damage Personal Injury Contractual Premise Medical Fire Legal

18 Bodily Injury Medical Expenses Pain and Suffering Loss of Wages (measured by Capacity) Loss of Future Benefits Outside resources such as Social Security and insurance benefits or payments are not typically allowed to be part of any litigation.

19 Property Damage Actual Damage to Property Loss of Use Loss of Income

20 Personal Injury Libel Slander False Advertising Copyright Infringement False Arrest Wrongful Detention

21 Contractual Liability Contractually assuming the liability or obligations of another Commonly called Hold Harmless or Indemnification

22 Fire Legal Fire Damage to the premise you occupied that belongs to another Restricted to that particular part of the property you occupy

23 Premise Medical Medical Costs No-Fault Coverage Limited Coverage – typically $5,000 to $25,000

24 Directors and Officers For legal actions brought for alleged “wrongful acts” as a director or officer Payable to the directors, officers, or to the organization(s) Indemnifications for certain damages (losses) or advancement of defense costs

25 Workers Compensation Provides Wage Replacement Provides Medical Cost Mandatory relinquishment of employee right to sue employer for Tort of Negligence – “the compensation bargain”

26 AVOIDING A LOSS Proper Training of Staff/Volunteers in Procedures Premise Safety Measures Contract Awareness Obtaining reliable Services and Vendors DOCUMENTATION

27 Training of Staff and Volunteers Documented Record of Individuals Trained Documentation of Processes Trained For Event Safety Incident Handling Incident Reporting

28 Premise Safety Checklist for inspections Safety/Warnings Signage Adequate Staffing Adequate Lighting First Aid Kits

29 Contractual Considerations Understanding Whom has what – Obligations – Responsibilities Never Individually sign or accept responsibility for the Organization

30 Services or Vendors Obtain Certificates of Insurance with limits that match those of the organization Review Contract or Purchase Order for Indemnification or Hold Harmless language Who is responsible for the security of Vendors property

31 Links or Information on RKI Website Risk Control Checklist Volunteer Management Information Contacts for Additional Information Question Card – Click on the Library

32 Thank You Any Questions?

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