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Brenda Vannoy, Sr. Claims Adjuster Navigating UAA December 3, 2012.

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1 Brenda Vannoy, Sr. Claims Adjuster Navigating UAA December 3, 2012

2 What is our mission? Our mission is to assist the University in achieving its primary goals of education, research, and service with minimal disruption from adverse events.

3 Why Were Here… So you can concentrate on your mission!

4 What does Risk Services include? Emergency Management Risk Management Insurance Claims Environmental Health & Safety 4

5 Risk Management & Insurance 5

6 Risk Management Red Flags Transportation of people Involvement of minors Hazardous materials Hazardous activities Indemnification clauses Foreign travel (employees and student) Renting vehicles

7 For Risk Assessments Contact... Doug Markussen Director, Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management Support Phone: 786-1386 Office: ULB 109B

8 Insurance Programs The University of Alaska is self-insured for many types of losses University-funded Claims handled by Risk Services All University stakeholders benefit when losses are reduced or eliminated

9 Claims 9

10 Claim Handling Risk Services licensed claims professionals Insurance and self-insurance Major lines include: Workers compensation General liability Auto Property Employment practices Marine and aviation 10

11 Whats Covered? University buildings

12 Other University Property $1,000 deductible At any location No coverage for employee personal property

13 Some limitations and exclusions Mysterious disappearance excluded Replacement cost only if replaced Employee personal property not covered Unless authorized by supervisor in writing before the loss $1,000 deductible

14 University Vehicles $2,500 deductible for damage No damage coverage for vehicles over 7 years old

15 Proof of Auto Liability Insurance Must be carried in the vehicle at all times! Proof of University self- insurance available at the Risk Services website Download and print at

16 Rented vehicles during business use… Coverage if pre-approved by travel authorization or purchase order No coverage for personal use $2,500 deductible for damage No deductible for liability

17 What about the rental agencys insurance? Extra charges for optional insurance not reimbursed by the University except outside the United States If combining a business and personal trip, consider whether you need coverage for the personal portion of the trip

18 What about my own car? No coverage for personal vehicles of employees when used for work-related activities Employees must carry their own insurance Compensation provided through mileage reimbursement

19 Alaska Workers Compensation No-fault coverage Benefits are mandated by state law Employer pays the cost Benefits to employees for injuries or occupational conditions

20 Benefits Wage loss Temporary total disability (unable to work) Temporary partial disability (limited work) Medical Care Employee may choose the physician Prescriptions, doctors visits, hospital, x-rays

21 Medical Benefits Treatment required for a work injury is generally covered at 100% Subject to the fee schedule approved by the Alaska Workers Compensation Board Some limitations on multiple treatments (i.e., physical therapy, chiropractic) One change of physicians is allowed, with prior notice to the employer required. Medical providers should submit reports and bills to Risk Services

22 Time Loss Benefits No compensation payable for the first 3 days Benefits calculated under state workers comp laws Check with HR about when Family Medical Leave applies Special payroll code for WC Time off must be physician-authorized.

23 Workers Compensation FAQ Report injuries to your campus Environmental Health & Safety office Contact Risk Services Claims about benefits and payments Temporary modified duty benefits everyone Communication is key! 23

24 Report Immediately Any occurrence resulting in loss of life or requiring hospitalization Any declared disaster within the UA system at any campus or facility Any situation requiring the implementation of Emergency Operations Plans or use of public response agencies

25 Within 8 Hours Property damage or loss expected to result in a claim over $10,000 Any environmental release that is reportable to a federal, state or local regulatory agency

26 Within 24 Hours All injuries to third parties (anyone who is not an employee) Employee injuries requiring a doctor visit or time off work All motor vehicle accidents involving UA and a third party Any other situation that may give rise to a claim against the University

27 Incident Report No claim has been made Injuries to non-employees Damage to property of others Departmental record of first aid employee injuries 27

28 OSHA Reporting Call UAA Environmental Health & Safety 786-1386 or 786-1351 (or UPD Dispatch if after hours) To comply with State and Federal occupational safety and health requirements, these categories of work injuries must be reported to OSHA within 8 hours: Injuries requiring hospitalization Injuries resulting in death

29 Risk Services Offices Fairbanks Claims from Fairbanks and Northern Campuses, Kuskokwim, and Bristol Bay Anchorage Claims from Anchorage and Southcentral Campuses, Southeastern Campuses … with some geographic exceptions

30 Contact Us Risk Services 1815 Bragaw Street, Ste. 206 Anchorage, AK 99517 Phone (907) 786-1140 Fax (907) 786-1412

31 Your Turn 31

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