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2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 1 Inquiries and Replies Week 3.

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1 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 1 Inquiries and Replies Week 3

2 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 2 Definition  The definition of inquiry is that one party in transaction asks the other conditions of this transaction, when he or she prepares to buy or sell products. Inquiry can be made through letter, fax, telephone, or face-to-face communication.  Important but Not necessary for every deal. If both parties acquaint with each other, they do not need to inquiry about conditions and possibility of business. In this case, they can directly make an offer instead of an inquiry.

3 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 3  Could from both importer and exporter  The first step after (or while) business relationship has been built up.  Find the most favorable business partner

4 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 4 Classification  General inquiry This kind of inquiry is usually about general information of product such as pricelist, catalogue, sample and terms of payment  Specific inquiry Expresses clearly his ideas about specific information of a specific product such as price, quantity, way of shipping, and packing.

5 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 5 The first inquiry  “The first inquiry” is sent to a supplier whom you never contact with. In this case, in the beginning of your inquiry letter, you need to tell where and how you get his name and your detailed introduction such as the major products needed, quantity, and way of trade.  Tell any information as much as you can in order to let the supplier know what part he or she can help you.  In order to let the reader get the main point of your letter, you can write the name of product in the subject line, when inquiring.

6 Letter of inquiry  In the first part, show the interests, purposes of writing, and briefly introduce yourself;  In the second part, directly tell the detailed information of inquiry, and/or explain purpose and requests;  Finally, thank for the receiver’s future reply, hope he or she can reply earlier. 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 6

7 Attention!!  Before sending inquiry, you need to consider to which you will send inquiries, and how many inquiries you will send in the same regions. After that, you choose carefully several companies instead of all of them, which can avoid suppliers raising the price owning to the thought of you are eager to get products;  Express detailed requests but not promise to buy ;  Emphasize the importance of the information you need, in order to get more information;  Ask them reply definitely;  Trade is made between two companies, not a private business. So, the letter needs to be sent to the company instead of a specific person;  Language needs to be polite. 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 7

8 General Inquiry Dear Sirs, We have seen you products at the British Summer Trade Fair in June this year and are particularly interested in your products. It would be appreciated if you send us the details of your various ranges, including sizes, colors, and prices, and also samples of different qualities of material used. We are a leading dealer in home products and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced goods. Please give us detailed information on CIF Boston prices, discounts, and terms of payment. We hope this will be a good start for a long and profitable business relations. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, M&N Company Manager 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 8

9 Specific Inquiry Dear Sirs, Re: “Australian Royal” wool blanket We are now considering buying large quantities of your “Australian Royal” wool blanket. There is always a ready market here for “Australian Royal” wool blanket, provided it is of good quality and competitive price. We should be thankful if you would send us its full details concerning the price, discount, term of payment, delivery date, and packing and so on. It would also be appreciated if you could forward your samples. When quoting, please let us have your prices on both FOBC 3% Keelung and CIFC 3% Hongkong. If your terms are favorable, we shall probably order about 10,000 dozens and open L/C in your favor in time. We look forward to hearing from you by return. Yours faithfully, M&N Company Manager 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 9

10 Reply In reply letter, you must make sure you have answered all information. If questions are too many, you can use number to sort. If inquiry is the first inquiry, you may clearly tell them advantages of your products. 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 10

11 Letter of reply  In the beginning, you should make your appreciation about their inquiries, and tell which date you receive the letter, and summarize the content of their letters;  In the second part, answer all questions of inquiry in detail;  Finally, hope your information to be useful and get reply as soon as possible. 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 11

12 Attention !!  If you can only satisfy with some requests, you need to tell what parts you can satisfy with, then explain what you cannot do;  If you cannot satisfy with all of requests completely, you should appreciate their inquiry, then give your apologies;  Language must be sincere and polite 。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 12

13 Reply for general inquiry Dear Sirs , We are very pleased to receive your inquiry of August 12, 2012 and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details you ask for. Also under separate cover, we are sending you some samples and feel confident that when you examined them you will agree the goods are both excellent in quality and craftsmanship. If you are in need of any other information not contained therein, please feel free to let us know, we shall satisfy you to the best of our ability. We allow a proper discount according to the quantity ordered. Your payment term by Letter of Credit at sight is acceptable to us. Thank you again for your interest in our products. We are looking forward to receiving your orders soon. Yours faithfully, C.C., Ltd Manager 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 13

14 Reply for specific inquiry Dear Sirs , Re: “Australian Royal” wool blanket We warmly welcome your inquiry of 16 th August and thank you for your interest in our “Australian Royal” wool blanket. We have pleasure in sending you a copy of the catalogue and samples of the full range of colors and the prices. They will reach you after 5 working days. You will see detail information about “Australian Royal” wool blanket on page 5 of the catalogue. Besides, “Australian Royal” wool blanket is packed in plastic bags, with 1 piece in each bag, 5bags in a paper box,10 boxes in a carton reinforced by hook iron. We give 12% discount on orders of $ 40,000 or more, and payment must be made by confirmed, irrevocable Letter of Credit payable by draft at sight. Our time of delivery is within 30 days after receipt of your L/C. All orders entrusted to us are given our careful and prompt attention. We sincerely desire to have the pleasure of receiving an order from you. Yours faithfully, C.C., Ltd Manager 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 14

15 Useful expression  It would be appreciated if you send us…. 如贵方寄来 … ,我方将不胜感激。  various range 各类产品  a promising market 销路良好的市场  CIF 价格术语 “Cost, Insurance, and Freight”, 成 本、保险加运费的缩写。 通常称为 “ 到岸价 ” 。  terms of paymrent 支付条件,也可以说 payment terms 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 15

16  We are very pleased to receive your inquiry of August 12, 2010 and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details you ask for. 我们感谢贵公司 2010 年 8 月 12 号的询盘,现随函寄上我方附插图的产 品目录和价目表。  under separate cover= by separate post= by separate mail 另封; 另邮寄  be excellent in 在 …… 方面优异  If you are in need of any other information not contained therein, please feel free to let us know, we shall satisfy you to the best of our ability. 如果你需要的信息没有包含在内,请告知我们,我们会尽力满足你方 需求  We should be thankful if you would send us its full details concerning the price, discount, term of payment, delivery date, and packing and so on. 如果你寄给我们关于价格、折扣、支付方式、装运期和包装等详细信 息,我方将不甚感激。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 16

17  … if you could forward your samples… 如果你能够寄送你的样品 ……  FOBC3% Keelung 在基隆船上交货价及两分佣金 CIFC3% Hongkong 到香港货价,保险价,运费及两分佣金  We read with interest your advertisement in China Daily and should be glad to receive particulars of your tender for port construction. 我们对你方在《中国日报》上刊登的广告很感兴趣,现请你方寄送港 口建设投标的详细情况。  We are interested in the mechanical toys demonstrated at the recent Guangzhou Trade Fair and should be glad to have details of your export terms. 我们对你最近在广州交易会上展列的机械玩具感兴趣,请详告你方出 口条件。  We have seen your advertisement in the “Foreign Trade” and should be glad if you would send us by return patterns and prices of good quality cottons available from stock. 我们已经看到了贵方在 “ 对外贸易 ” 上的广告,如果你方能够给我们发 送优等棉花的现货来样和价格,我们将很高兴。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 17

18  We were pleased to know from your letter of 24th June of your interest in our products and enclose the catalogue and price list giving the details you asked for. Also enclosed you will find details of our conditions of sale and terms of payment. 我们很高兴地从你方 6 月 24 日的来信中获悉, 你方对我们的产品感兴 趣,附函的目录和价格单给出了你方要求的详细资料,同时附有我方 的销售条件和支付条件。  We are making you the following offer, subject to your reply reaching here within five days. 我们作如下报价,以你方 5 天内回复为准。  We shall be pleased if you will furnish us with your lowest quotation for the following goods. 如果你们为我们提供下列产品的最低报价,我们将会很高兴。  If you think this offer is acceptable to you, please fax us immediately for our confirmation. 如果你方认为此报价对你方是可以接受的,请立即向我们发出传真以 便我们确认 。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 18

19  Under separate cover, we are sending you one sample pad for the synthetic fabric dress materials we are exporting at present. We hope some of the designs and colors will prove to your liking. 另行寄上我方目前出口的合成纤维衣料,希望某些花样及颜色能使你 喜欢。  We have been importers of ……for many years. At present, we are interested in extending our range and would appreciate your catalogues and quotations. 多年来,我公司经营 …… 进口生意。现欲扩展业务范围,盼能惠寄商 品目录和报价单。  We specialize in supplying small stores in rural areas. Over 3,000of these stores virtually depend on us, and this assured sales outlet enables us to dispose of fairly large quantities. 我们专向乡镇小商店供货。 3,000 家以上此种商店靠我们供货,这些有 保证的销路足使我们能大量推销。  Your samples should give us an idea of the colors and quality of the products. 你公司寄来的样品,使我们对你公司产品的色彩与品质有一番了解。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 19

20  We cannot take anything off the price. 此价不能再减。  One of our clients has sent us a quotation for 2000 units of refrigerator to be sold in the countries in South-east Asia. Please quote us your best terms CIF Manila and let us know what quantities you are able to deliver at regular intervals. 我方一客户发来询盘,要求 2000 台销往东南亚国家的电冰箱报价,请 报贵方 CIF 马尼拉最优惠交易条件,并请告知贵方能定期提供的数量。 . We have the pleasure of sending you a direction of how to operate our new dishwashing machine. 现寄上关于如何使用我们新式洗碗机的说明书一份。  15. If the prices quoted are competitive/workable, and the quality up to standard, we will place orders on a regular basis. 如果贵方报价有竞争力 / 可行性,产品质量达标,我方将长期订购。  16. We trust you will give this enquiry your immediate attention and let us have your reply at an early date. 我方相信贵方会对此询盘予以重视并及早回复。  17. We have been informed by the Bank of Canada, Vancouver that you are one of the leading exporters of textiles in Shanghai. 加拿大银行温哥华分行告知我们,你公司是上海的主要纺织品出口商 之一。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 20

21  We are on the look-out for the following items and should be grateful if you would send samples of the same. 我们欲求购下列产品,如贵公司能寄来样品,我们将非常感激。  In reply to your enquiry dated November 25, we are sending you here with our quotation, along with various samples of leather gloves closely resembling to what you want. 应贵公司 11 月 25 日来函询问,现寄上我方的报价和几副式样不同的与 贵方要求近似的皮手套样品。  You will find that we have given you the most favored quotation for the same products. 你将会发现,我们给贵公司的报价是相同产品中最低的 。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 21

22 Exercise Translate the following terms and expressions: 1.Quantity discount 2.Current price 3. 特殊折扣 4. 质量一般的产品 5. 出货书 6. 畅销市场 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 22

23 Exercise Translate the following sentences: 1.Fragile goods should be handled carefully 2.As soon as we receive your specific inquiries we will make you best offer on CIF lagos basis. 3. 由于自去年以来对我们茶叶的需求量不断增加, 所以我们无法按贵方的要求报价 4. 正如你们所知,我们是经营此类商品多年的国有 公司 5. 我们同意贵方建议 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 23

24 Exercises 敬启者: 我们从《对外贸易》杂志 10 月号上获悉贵公司 的地址。目前我们对贵公司的床单和浴巾 (bath towels) 有兴趣。 兹借此机会介绍我们是本地区最大的纺织品进 口商之一。如能报最好 CIFC5 %伦敦价,并注明 尺寸、颜色,我们将非常感谢。同时请寄一些样 品和目录给我们。如果你方报价合理,适合我们 的市场,我们将向贵公司大量订购。 盼早复,不胜感激。 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 24

25 Answer to last week  We are very much interested in importing “Haier” brand refrigerators from your side and would be glad if you would send us your catalogues.  It will be to our mutual benefit to develop business between us.  We write to introduce ourselves as exporters of health tea having over 30 years’ experience in this line of business.  We have learned from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade that you are in the market for Chinese Cotton Piece Goods.  Your company has been introduced to us by the Bank of China as prospective buyers of electronic products. As we deal in the items, we shall be pleased to establish direct business relations with you 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 2015年5月2日 外贸英语函电 25


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