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2 TASK TWO Making an Enquiry

3 You saw the information of German cameras on the line and you want to know something about it including the price, quality, minimum quantity and so on. Now you need to make an enquiry for the product.

4 Introduction: 1. Brief Introduction of enquiries An enquiry is usually made to seek a supply of products, service or information. In order to obtain the needed information, the enquirer should state simply, clearly and concisely what he wants, such as general information, a catalogue, a price list, a sample or a quotation, etc.

5 a.Definition: A Request for Information  general enquiries( 一般询盘 )  specific enquiries (具体询盘)  general information: information about various goods  specific information : information about some specific goods

6 b. specific enquiries for regular customers: state only the name, quantity, quality & price for other customers: state clearly all necessary trade terms including the name, quantity, quality of commodity, price terms, shipment terms, payment terms, discount, etc. c. writing principles: complete concise clear to the point

7 2.Replies to Enquiries a. How to reply the enquiry  From an old customer → state firstly how much you appreciate it.  From a new customer → state firstly you are glad to receive it/ express lastly your expectation of cooperation. b. writing principles:  complete: answer all the questions  courteous  prompt

8 3. Practice 1) How to Write an Inquiry Letter 一般询价信写四或五段 :  Source of information  Reason for Enquiry  Asking for price, list, and catalogue  Giving references  Expectation for further business

9  Opening Sentences  We were given your name by...  You have been recommended to us by..  Your articles have been recommended to us by.  ….has been kind enough to give us your address.  As we have learned from...,your are manufactures of  We saw your ad in the current issue of  We have heard that you have put a new...on the market  We visited your stand at the...exhibition  We refer to your special offer of  We have seen your ad in...and we are interested in  Your firm has been recommended to us by...., with whom we have done business for many years.

10  Reasons for Enquiry  We are interested in....  We need /are in the market for....  We have received many enquiries from our customers for....  Our stocks of...are running low.  We would like to expand our range of....  We have a considerable demand here for....

11  Asking for Price  I should be grateful if you send me....  Please send your current/latest catalogue/price list/brochure.  We would like you to send us some samples/patterns.  Please send us full details about your products.  Please quote your prices for these articles/goods/products.  Kindly quote us your lowest prices for....  Please quote your best/most competitive/lowest price.  Please quote your price gross/net/FOB( 离岸价 ).  We would like to know if you are prepared to grant discounts.  We are desirous of having your lowest price for....

12 Asking for other terms  Please let us know the minimum quantity for a trial order.  We should appreciate further details/information about you.  We shall be glad to receive an offer from you on...  Please send further details/information about you  Please include information about packing and shipping.  We should like to know your earliest date of delivery.  What would be your earliest delivery date?  Please let us know on what term you can give us some discount.  Will you let us know what discount you give for large quantities?

13 words and expressions I. enquiry: general enquiry first enquiry specific enquiry make sb an inquiry for sth. eg. Thank you for your letter of 25th June enquiring for bed sheets.

14 Ex. 1. We would like to inform you that we have received a large inquiry ____ 800 sets refrigerators. A. of B. at C. for D. with 2. We thank you for your letter dated March 18 ____ our silk blouses of various styles. A. enquiring for B. enquiry for C. enquired for D. enquire for

15 II. quote: quote: quote sb….price for sth  We will appreciate it very much if you can quote us your best price for Sony Brand Color TV sets of 24 inches and 29 inches.  We can assure you that the prices we quote are very favorable. quotation: Please make us your lowest quotation for silk blouses.

16 iii. 感激的表达 : We shall appreciate it if you would....... We should be thankful if you would...... We should be grateful if you would....... We should be obliged if you would.......

17 Ex. 1. We will be ____ if you will make us your lowest quotations ____ iron-free garments( 免熨服装 ). A. appreciated, for B. obliged, for C. appreciated, on D. obliged, on 2.Your full cooperation_________ A. will be thanked very much B. is to be appreciated C. is to appreciate D. will be highly appreciated

18 iv.price v. You may be assured that our goods are favorably priced. n. at attractive/ most favourable/competitve/lowest/reasonable/ workable price

19 Ex. We offer you our lowest price, ________ we have done a lot of business with other custo mers.( ) A. which B. that C. with which D. at which

20 v. Stock a stock of sth have sth in stock be out of stock

21 Ex. 1. We can supply the goods you require ____. A. from stock B. in stock C. out of stock D. just the stock 2. As the type required is ____ stock, we hope you can take the following goods instead. A. in B. out of C. on D. at

22 Translate some sentences: 1. We shall be very glad to place our order with you if your quotation is competitive and delivery date acceptable. 2. This offer is firm, subject to your reply reaching here by the end of this month. 3.It is only in view of our long-standing business relations that we make you such and offer.

23 4.We shall make you our most favorable quotations CFR Lagos upon receipt of your specific enquiry. 5. As to the captioned goods, we are sending you, under cover, the pricelists in duplicate. 6.This offer will keep open (firm/valid) till the end of this week.

24 other useful phrases: be in correspondence with sb 与某人保持联系 take advantage of the opportunity 利用此机会 be desirous of 想要, 渴望 … coincide with 与 …. 一致 be aware of 意识到 …. date of delivery /shipment 交货期 ( 装运期 ) Term of payment (price) 支付条款 / 价格条款 acquaint sb with sth. 使某人了解某物 / 某事 metric ton 公吨 have confidence in 对 …. 有信心

25 raw material 原材料 quantity discount 数量折扣 trial order 试订 in the event of 万一 excellent value for money 货真价实

26 练习: 你代表南京联合国际文具公司( Nanjing United Stationery International ),正在大量询购办公用品 ( office supplies )。你在某报上看到一家叫做 Advanced Business Concepts 的公司的广告,供应各 种办公用品。给他们写一封询盘信。写信时请考虑 下列问题:  你是怎么知道他们的?  你具体需求什么办公用品?  要不要样品、商品目录或其它材料?

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