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外语系 纺织商务英语 Textile Business English. Module Seven Contract and Order.

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1 外语系 纺织商务英语 Textile Business English

2 Module Seven Contract and Order

3 Task 1 Inquiring

4 1.To master the basic expression on inquiries. 2.To inquire basic contents about commodity through conversation. 3.To learn to write business correspondence to make inquiries. 4.To understand the importance of an inquiry Learning Objectives

5 Lead-in—Group discussion 1. Generally speaking, what should a buyer ask for in an inquiry? 2. How can we have a clear inquiry in a business?

6 Useful expressions and patterns  1.We have seen your advertisement in “The Overseas Journal” and should be glad to have price list and details of your terms.  2.We understand that you are manufactures of …. And should like to receive a sample and quotation.  3.Please send us samples and quote us your lowest prices for……  4.One of our customers is interested in the Model 123, and we like to receive a sample and quotation.  5.One of our clients takes interest in your products and wishes to have your quotations for the items specified below:

7 Useful expressions and patterns  6.We are in the market for the Men’s shirts illustrated in your catalogue No.4. Please quote us your lowest price with the best discount and the date of delivery.  7.Please quote your lowest price C.I.F. Singapore for each of the following items, inclusive of our 3% commission.  8.Enclosed please find samples of our Nylon Socks. If you are able to supply us with 5,000 dozen, we would be pleased to have you quote the favorable price C.I.F. Hong Kong.  9.The articles we require are listed on the attached sheet. If you have them in stock, please tell us the quantity and the lowest C.I.F. Hong Kong price.  10.Some of our customers interested in your Men’s Shirts and we wish to have your C.I.F. quotations with samples and full particulars.

8 Useful expressions and patterns  11.Please send us your best offer by cable indicating packing, specifications, quantity available, discount and the earliest date of delivery.  12.We have pleasure in enclosing you Enquiry No. 345-9 against which you are requested to make us an offer on FOB basis.  13.If you can supply goods of the type and quality required, we may place regular order for large quantities.  14.We hope that your prices will be workable and that business will result to our mutual advantage.  15.We are interested in hand-made gloves in variety of genuine leather, will you send us a copy of your latest catalogue with details of your prices and terms of payment.

9 Listening Dialogue 1 Notes to the dialogue  1.Here is my card. 这是我的名片。  make inquiries about sth. 询问,询价  3.mineral water 矿泉水  4.Our carpets are handmade of pure Chinese wool. 我们的地毯是用中国纯羊毛手工 织成的。  5.resilient 有弹性的  date 交货日期

10 Listening Dialogue 1 Notes to the dialogue  7. Will they be supplied form stock? 可供现货吗?  e.g. We can supply 500 pieces from stock.  a)The stock of men’s shirts is running low.  b)be out of stock 没有现货,缺货,卖光  c)have in stock 有货  d)goods in stock 现货

11 Dialogue 2 Notes to the dialogue  1. Hong Zhou printed pure silk fabrics 杭州真 丝印花绸  2. discount 折扣  cash discount 现金折扣  quantity discount 数量折扣 Listening

12 Listen to dialogue 2 and complete the following answers: 1. What does Miss Zhang work for? He is working for. 2. What does she do? She is a for that company. 3. Which aspects does S make inquiries to Z?

13 Dialogue 3 Notes to the dialogue  1. table cloth 桌布  2. mode of payment 支付方式  3. sales literature 销售资料  4. specification 规格,明细单 ( precise instructions about size, weight, colour, etc.)  5. letter of credit: L/C 信用证 Listening

14 Listen to dialogue 3 and complete the following answers: 1. Which product does Mr.Huang feel interested in? He is interested in (table cloth). 2. Does the American company take specific order? (yes, the company could design table cloth according to customer’s special purposes). 3. How long does it take to make delivery for special orders? (They would not take longer than 6 months). 4. Will they quote on a CIF basis? (No, they decide to quote FOB prices).

15 Reading and Analyzing A “first” Enquiry

16 Reading and Analyzing Brainstorming Question By what ways can we carry out the inquriy throughout international business?

17 A “first” Enquiry Dear Sirs, Messrs. Armstrong & Smith of Sheffield inform us that you are exporters of cotton bed-sheets and pillowcases. We could like you to send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colors and prices, and also samples of the different qualities of the materials used. We are large dealers in textiles and believe there is promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of the kind mentioned.

18 A “first” Enquiry When replying, please state your terms of payment and discount you would allow on purchases of not less than 100 dozens of individual items. Prices quoted should include insurance and freight to Liverpool. Yours faithfully, …………

19 New Words and Expressions  1.Sheffield: 谢菲尔德 (英国城市)  2.bed-sheet 床单  3.pillowcase 枕套  4.various ranges = various lines 许多品种  5.material used 用料  6.promising 有希望的,有前途的

20 Group Discussion Read the passage and discuss the following questions. 1. What's the purpose of this letter? 2. What does the writer want to know from his expecting reply? 3. If you are the seller, what will you state in your reply?

21 Assignment Work in pairs, and compose a dialogue of inquiry on the following situation: A: Mr. Smith, an English businessman, makes an inquiry for Chinese carpets and wish to know clearly the price terms, payment terms, time of shipment, packing conditions, etc, and ask for illustrated catalogues. B: Mr. Zhang, a representative from Zhejiang Animal Byproducts Company, try his best to make replies.

22 Reference For more topic-related information, Pease refer to the following websites: help/business/other/58424

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