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Baseball dates all the back to the 1840s, these are some of the most important dates. “Dead Ball Era”: The years 1900 – 1919 were very low scoring and.

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3 Baseball dates all the back to the 1840s, these are some of the most important dates. “Dead Ball Era”: The years 1900 – 1919 were very low scoring and were dominating by pitchers, most notably Cy Young. The Cy Young award is given to the best pitcher every year. 1900 – The American League is created. 1912 – The first players strike in MLB occurs. 1918 - Many MLB players would go on to serve in WWI 1920 - Babe Ruth is sold to the Yankees 1933 – First all star game is played 1935 – First night game is played 1945 – The great Jackie Robinson plays his first game in the MLB

4 Left: One of the first baseball gloves used. Right: One of the newest baseball gloves used. Left: One of the first catchers mask used. Right: One of the newest catchers mask. Left: The first baseball ever used. Right: The baseball that they use today.

5 o The first baseball game played was in New York on June 19, 1845. o 300,000 to 1 is the chances that a fan can be hit by a baseball. o The first rule book of baseball was issued in 1877. And it has been changing every year since then. o Nolan Ryan had the longest career in baseball history that lasted 27 years. o Each baseball game has 12,386,344 possible plays. o Having been open for nearly 100 years, Fenway Park in Boston is the oldest baseball stadium still in use. o Baseballs are stitched by hand with two straight needles – 108 stitches each! o Baltimore Oriole’s shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr. didn’t miss a game in 16 years – he played in 2,632 games from 1982 to 1998. o The average life span of a major league baseball is 5-7 pitches o an average of 65 balls are used per game o That means that 157,950 baseballs are used during games per regular season.

6 Plays like this happen all the time in baseball.

7 The American League (A.L) is currently comprised of 15 teams, the Houston Astros are in their first year in the A.L. Over the years teams have switched between league as well as divisions. There are currently 3 divisions in the A.L, each with 5 teams. The team that ends in first place has an automatic bid to the playoffs. The next 2 best teams are rewarded with a wild card. Last year was the first year that they added a second wild card team. The two wild card teams play in a one game playoff to move on. The A.L has what they call a Designated Hitter (DH), this is someone who hits in place of the pitcher. The National Leauge (N.L) does not have a DH so the pitcher must bat. When a N.L team and a A.L team meet they play by the home teams rules in regards to the DH.

8 The National League (N.L.) is also comprised of 15 teams. The Houston Astros just moved, meaning the Leagues do not have even number teams any more. Now since they play 162 games in less than 6 months, the A.L and N.L play each other almost ever day now. This used to only happen a few days in the past, it makes for a very entertaining season. The N.L currently owns 44 World Series championships, that is 18 less than the A.L at 62. However, the N.L has won the last 3 World Series, two against the Texas Rangers. There has been much talk about putting a DH in the N.L but most the fans and players do not want that to happen.

9 Batting (career) Most HR – 762 (Barry Bonds) Career hits – 4,256 (Pete Rose) Most RBI’s – 2,297 (Hank Aaron) Highest Batting Avg -.336 (Ty Cobb) Most Stolen Basses – 1,406 (Ricky Henderson) Most Walks – 2,558 (Barry Bonds) Most HR by pitcher- 38 (Wes Ferrell) Batting (single season) Most HR – 73 (Barry Bonds) Most Hits – 262 (Ichiro Suzuki) Most RBI’s – 191 (Hank Wilson) Highest Batting Avg -.440 (Hugh Duffy) Most Stolen Basses – 130 (Ricky Henderson) Most Walks – 232 (Barry Bonds) Pitching (career) Most Wins – 511 (Cy Young) Lowest E.R.A. – 1.82 (Ed Walsh) Most No-Hitters – 7 (Nolan Ryan) Most Strikeouts – 5,714 (Nolan Ryan) Most Innings Pitched – 7,354 2/3 (Cy Young) Most Complete Games – 749 (Cy Young) Most Saves – 608 – (Mariano Rivera) Most Pickoffs – 144 (Steve Carlton) Pitching (single season) Most Wins – 59 (Charles Radbourn) Lowest E.R.A. – 0.60 (Fernando Rodney) Most Strikeouts – 513 (Matt Kilroy) Most Innings Pitched – 680 (Will White) Most Complete Games – 75 (Will White) Most Saves – 62 (Francisco Rodriguez)


11 The Washington Senators moved from Washington D.C to Arlington Texas in 1961. The Texas Rangers are currently in the American League West with the: L.A Angels, Oakland A’s, Seattle Mariners and the Houston Astros. It would take the Rangers almost 50 years to reach their first World Series in franchise history. Washington Senators Logo On the left is the Texas Rangers first ever logo that they would use until 1980. The logo on the right is their current logo that they have used since 2003.

12 In 2010 the Texas Rangers went to their first World Series in franchise history. They would face the San Francisco Giants and lose the series in 5 games. In 2011 the Texas Rangers went back to the World Series. This time they would face the St. Louis Cardinals. This series would come down to one last strike in game 6. The Rangers would blow that game and play a game 7 where they would lose. I still have not gotten over that game 6, it was heartbreaking.

13 I started playing T-Ball at age 4. I picked up on the sport rather quickly. I believe it has helped my hand eye coordination significantly. I also learner several other life skills such as: Working as a team Dealing with pressure Dealing with failure Dealing with success Not making emotional decisions Photo Left: My baseball picture at age 10

14 I ended my baseball career when I graduated from high school. I knew that I did not have what it took to play in the MLB and that I needed to focus on my future. I go to UNT which does not even have a baseball team to play on. I still go out and play baseball for fun in adult leagues. The time I spent building relationships with all the teammates I ever had was amazing. I have built great friendships with people that I have played baseball with. Photo Right: Senior year of high school

15 In 2010 one of my biggest dreams came true, I got to go to a World Series game. This would be the only game the Rangers would win in the 2010 World Series. This is a Ron Washington bobble head that I acquired at a game. It is one of many Rangers bobble heads I have. Baseball teams have promotional days for almost game.

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