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1900–1909 -Sports in the United States grew up and matured in this decade. -Sports became a social force used by leaders and politicians. -Sports became.

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1 1900–1909 -Sports in the United States grew up and matured in this decade. -Sports became a social force used by leaders and politicians. -Sports became a marketing device for businesses and the media. -Sports entered into the public mainstream in ways only dreamed of years before and helped shape American national identity.

2 Baseball 1900-1909 1901 – American League is formed by Bancroft “Ban” Johnson. Made up of 8 original teams: ( Baltimore Orioles, Boston Americans, Chicago White Stockings, Cleveland Blues, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Athletics, and the Washington Senators) The initiation of a Championship between the two leagues winners called the “World Series,” began in 1903.

3 The Yankees are Born The AL gained consent for a team in NYC. Frank J. Ferrell and William S. Devery were these original owners. The Baltimore franchise moved to Hilltop Park in northern Manhattan in 1903. The Highlanders operated out of Hilltop Park for 10 years before moving to the Polo Grounds and renaming themselves the ‘YANKEES’.

4 1903 – 1 st World Series NL Champion – Pittsburgh Pirates AL Champion – Boston American League Baseball Club AKA: The Boston Americans (with a roster including Cy Young) led by batting champion Honus Wagner Deciding game between the National and American leagues in 1903

5 Best of 9 series The Pirate’s fielder Jimmy Sebring hits the first WS home run In Game 5 Boston hit 5 ground-rule triples due to an overflow crowd that had spilled onto the field AL Boston Americans win the first WS in 8 games 1903 – 1 st World Series *1904 WS threatened to be cancelled if the NL’s Champion NY Giants were to play the AL’s Champion NY Highlanders (later known as the Yankees)*. This occurred anyway as the Boston Americans won the AL pennant and the NL’s champion NY Giants claimed the AL Champion was inferior.

6 The ‘Brush Rules’ of Baseball - 1904 Named after NY Giants owner John T. Brush 10% of all gross revenues from the WS would go to the National Commission 2 teams would split 40% of the remaining gross, but only from the first 4 games of the series (This ensured that players did not “fix” games in order to make more money by playing an extended series) The winning team received 3/4 of the money, the losers earned 1/4 Management of the 2 clubs would split the remaining money

7 Under the Brush Rules a lottery system determined the host team for the first 3 games of the WS, and if a 7 th game became necessary as the National Commission held the power to decide where to hold that game. Also under this system, the WS is born, 2 league champions MUST play to determine an overall champion. The ‘Brush Rules’ of Baseball - 1904

8 World Series Continued… Philadelphia Athletics of the American League New York Giants of the National LeagueChristy Mathewson’s Vs. 1905 1906NL Chicago CubsVs.AL Chicago White Sox Winning Team is Underlined 1906-1909 - The Chicago Cubs dynasty made it to 5 WS in a row winning 3 NL Chicago Cubs 1907 1908 1909 Vs. Ty Cobb’s Detroit Tigers Ty Cobb’s Detroit Tigers, AGAIN Ty Cobb’s Detroit Tigers, yet AGAIN!!!

9 Fred Merkle's Bone Head Play On September 23 McGraw's Giants played against Chance's Cubs in New York In the bottom of the 9 th inning with the score tied, rookie Giant 1 st baseman Fred Merkle singled to right field with two outs and a runner on first. The next batter, singled to centerfield, scoring the man from 3 rd. When Merkle saw him cross the plate, he headed for the Giant clubhouse in center field. Cub’s second baseman saw that Merkle had not gone on to touch 2 nd (as required by the rules), he called for the ball, tagged second, and appealed to umpire Bob Emslie, who did not see whether Merkle had actually touched 2 nd. He appealed to home- plate umpire Hank O'Day, who granted the appeal and called Merkle out due to the force play.

10 Race in Baseball The 1900s marked the second decade of African American exclusion from major-league baseball. Negro Baseball League’s saw the rise of black entrepreneurship and continued success in team formation and level and skill of play. Andrew “Rube” Foster created the barnstorming model from 1907–10, which would successfully establish him as the leading entrepreneur in black baseball.

11 Race in Baseball In 1909 Foster and his Leland Giants gained an opportunity to play an exhibition series against the National League's Chicago Cubs after winning their league title. They lost the series, but equality in sports was certainly on the horizon. Foster proceeded to put together what he considered the finest team ever assembled for the following season. There is no record of any white major-league teams lining up to play against this 1910 team, which was loaded with players respected by their white peers as great players.

12 Major League Baseball Divisions 2012 NL East Atlanta Braves Florida Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals AL East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays NL Central Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals NL West Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants AL Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins AL West Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers

13 Timeline of Major League Baseball The 1 st line is the formation chart linked below is of the National League in 1876, while the 2 nd is the transformation of the American League to a major league in 1901. The 3 rd line is the beginning of the expansion era in 1961. All are linked below: Dead-ball eraLive-ball era Relocation of the 1950s–1960sRelocation of the 1950s–1960sExpansion Years (1993 · 1998)19931998

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