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ABC book Report Nathan Lud Sports heroes and legends ichiro suzuki By David s Leigh.

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1 ABC book Report Nathan Lud Sports heroes and legends ichiro suzuki By David s Leigh

2 A is for Aiko dia meiden high school. This is the high school he went to while he was playing baseball He went to this school because 11 people were put in the pros.

3 B Baseball The sport Ichiro grew up playing. Ichiro in the beginning of high school was the best player on his team.

4 C is for Chicago white socks Against the Chicago white socks ichiro had a 12 game hitting streak and made it 13

5 D is for dia tokyo Dia Tokyo was a team that formed in japan after babe Ruth visited the team closest to Ichiro.

6 E is for Ecstatic Ichiro felt ecstatic when he signed a 500 million yen contract

7 F is for fielding As a pro ichiro won 2 golden gloves as a mariner. Ichiro strong suit is fielding and that is why I picked it

8 G is for golden glove – Ichiro has one two golden glove awards for his tremendous fielding and with more to come.

9 H is for hit Ichiro was a star in his years as a Japanese player he hit.353

10 I is for injury Ichiro as a kid was a great Picher but in one of his games he hurt his leg and it was dangerous for him to pitch ever again

11 J is for the Japanese baseball association Ichiro spent 8 years as a Japanese baseball player for the orix blue tide

12 Kais geko school A teacher in the capital of Japan introduced his kids to baseball in 1870

13 L is for little Ichiro even now didn’t grow very tall and many people now are much taller than him

14 M is for mariners Once ichiro came to America this was the team he was drafted to as a rookie star

15 N is for New York Yankees Today ichiro is on the Yankees still being great

16 O is for himforwa ogawa This man helped ichiro as a teammate and hit the ball as ichiro was on base. (he was another big part of the team)

17 P is for Picher As a young man ichiro was a Picher but he also and an adult hit the ball off of them

18 Q is for quit As a kid or an adult ichiro never quit at what he did

19 R is for RBi Runs batted in ichiro had many of these in his career

20 S is for steal Ichiro always loved to steal bases while he was on base

21 t is for Tokyo dome The Tokyo dome is where his team the blue wave stadium was.

22 U is for unstoppable In japan ichiro has got on base 56 times in 64 games and the season still wasn’t over. In America ichiro was a 12 game hitting streak as he made it 13 as he faced the white socks

23 V is for victory Ichiro as a kid and a pro has had many victories

24 W is for wizard As a pro in Seattle they called him the wizard because it felt like he was magical.

25 X is for Orix Blue Wave Coming into the pros Ichiro was drafted to the blue wave and was his team while in Japan

26 Y is for young player Ichiro was once a young star but now he is just a star.

27 Z is for Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro is his name from birth he hasn’t did anything to it since he got it as a baby.

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