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2/15/14 2015 INW Coaches Meeting Agenda 1.Welcome and Introductions 2.Schedule 3.Practice Fields 4.Make ups and reporting scores 5.Team Binders/Coach Packets.

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1 2/15/14 2015 INW Coaches Meeting Agenda 1.Welcome and Introductions 2.Schedule 3.Practice Fields 4.Make ups and reporting scores 5.Team Binders/Coach Packets 6.Codes of Conduct 7.Bambino Buddy Ball 8.BR Sportsmanship Award 9.Rockwood Health System 10. Coaches info page 11. Rules Matrix 12.Misc. Information – Dana 13. Big Al Baseball

2 2/15/14 Schedule Schedule will be published by April 1. 10U Minors – Mon, Wed or Fri 12U Majors – Tue, Wed or Sat Games start at 6:00 Make up game days Friday May 8 th Friday May 29 th All games must be made up prior to the City Championship City Championships – June 12 - 17 Games start Friday June 12th Single elimination Two game guarantee

3 2/15/14 Practice Fields Please take the time to clean up the dugout and seating area after each practice and game Practice Fields – Leroy Woodrich One field assigned for the season – 2 hour block Practice field may be cancelled if the field is needed for a game Online scheduling Website is User name is your email address, password is your last name and last 4 digits of your mobile phone number Email practicefields@siyb.Org with your top two days and area of town you would like to practice Once fields are assigned you can login and grab additional fields as needed Please review the rules for your practice location

4 2/15/14 Make up game how to and reporting game scores Make up game – any game that is unable to be started or completed It will be the responsibility of the coaches to agree to a makeup date and time. Then notify who will work to find a field, schedule the field prep and schedule and umpire or umpires. Make sure you include the other coach on your e-mail and make it clear what team you are with and what game you re attempting to reschedule. Friday and the weekend are the best dates for makeup games because of field availability. Reporting game scores: Home team to report scores within 24 hours. If the home team doesn’t post after 24 hours the visiting team can post. 1) Go to the SIYB website. or 2) Scroll down to - Post Game Scores 3) Enter your email address. If you are having trouble logging in it is usually because you are not using the same email address that you used to register as a coach. Enter the Password (124649) 1) You will see your team name listed and all of your games. Click the team link and enter the score and check the box that the game has been completed. If you don't click the box it won't show up. Please be sure to enter the correct score in the boxes - it will automatically update the standings. Please update timely so we can avoid emails from parents and coaches.

5 2/15/14 Coaches Binder/PacketCodes of Conduct Line Up Cards Birth Certificates Parent and Coaches Code of Conduct forms Pouch with Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Pins Description and Sportsmanship log 2 dozen baseballs Sponsor offers Parent Code of Conduct – Signed by every parent Coaches Code of Conduct – Signed by every coach

6 2/15/14 Codes of Conduct – Parents Spokane Indians Youth Baseball has implemented a Parent Code of Conduct to send an important message about the proper role of parents in supporting their child in sports. Parents are required to read, understand, and sign this form and give it to their coach prior to the season starting. Coaches will need to carry the signed documents with them to every game (along with each player’s birth certificate) in a binder provided by Spokane Indians Youth Baseball. The SIYB Board will handle random spot checks throughout the 2014 season. 1. Parents shall control emotions while emphasizing ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play. 2. Courtesy is to be shown to opponents, fans and umpires. No criticisms, direct abuse, yelling from the sidelines, profane language/gestures. Spectators should refrain from using any type of artificial noise makers as such items are considered disruptive and unsportsmanlike toward opponents and umpires. 3. We will not question an umpire’s call. Coaches are the only ones who can address this. 4. Parents will remain off the field and out of the dugouts unless invited by the coach. 5. Parents will help emphasize team spirit, unity effort and success. 6. Concerns, questions or ideas from any and all spectators to coaches should be handled away from the field. 7. Please assist the league’s reputation by leaving each dugout, ballpark, tournament site in better shape than when you arrived. Our organization’s goal is to ensure that our players, coaches, teams and parents have the best baseball experience possible. We believe that adherence to the above rules should ensure this goal. There may be times that disciplinary action will need to be taken: Any Spokane Indians Youth Baseball Board member, Commissioner or on-duty Umpire can remove a parent/attendee that acts in an inappropriate manner from the ballpark/facility. They will also be suspended from the following game. Repeat violations may lead to a more severe suspension.

7 2/15/14 Bambino Buddy Ball For players age 5-20 that have mental or physical challenges. Usually 80-100 teams 6 players on a team. Opening day on Saturday May 9th Six week season runs from May 9 th to June 14th After Opening day all games on Sunday from 1-5 at Shadle Buddy system – Buddies help players swing a bat, round the bases and catch the ball Players get a full major league uniform Games are usually 3 innings minimum with a maximum time limit of 1 hour. We are requesting all 11 and 12U teams to participate. Need 4 teams each week. Sign your team up tonight. All participating teams will be eligible to win a $100 pizza party. Before the Bambino Buddy-Ball Division, our special needs kids were often unable to enjoy the game of baseball. Now, through the assistance of a special buddy, they are able to enjoy the same thrills of batting, hitting and throwing just like the other kids. The Bambino Buddy-Ball Division opens up a whole new world to our challenged kids – not only do they experience the thrill of participating, they also get to experience team play and camaraderie.

8 2/15/14 Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Award To be awarded by the opposing team to the player that most exemplifies the following characteristics: 1)Abides by the rules of the game 2)Plays fair and hard 3)Follows the directions of the coach 4)Shows respect for the other team and their effort 5)Offers encouragement to teammates and is a leader 6)Shows respect for the umpires judgment calls 7)Ends the game smoothly – shows class in victory and defeat

9 2/15/14 Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Award This award will be given out at home plate at the end of every game. The goal is to end every game in a positive fashion and to give a player an opportunity to be recognized for outstanding behavior. We recommend that your team appoint a group of 2-3 parents to look for the 7 sportsmanship qualities above. The coaches packet will include a checklist with a more detailed description of the 7 qualities for players to read. At the end of the season ONE (coach will need to decide in the case of a tie) player from each team that receives the most pins will be invited to a special Pony Sportsmanship Recognition Night at a Spokane Indians game on TBD. Player will receive two tickets to the game, $10 in Indians bucks and giveaways All players will be recognized on the field before the game and one player will throw out the first pitch. THIS IS NOT A PLAYER OF THE GAME or MVP AWARD.

10 2/15/14 Rockwood

11 2/15/14 2015 Coaches Info Page Coaches Handbook – local rules, all coaches need to read. Recommend printing it. Rules Matrix Pony National Rule Book Cal Ripken National Rule Book – for all star coaches only Major League Rule Book Insurance Certificates – additional insured Posting game score instructions Codes of Conduct Sportsmanship Pin info/instructions

12 2/15/14 2015 Rules Matrix LeagueMinors 60' 10UMajors 70' 12U Playing Rules GAME LENGTH6 Innings7 Innings GAME TIMENo New After 2 Hrs PLAYERS ENTRANCETop of 4th INNINGS REQUIRED3 - Field 10 Run RuleNoYes 5 RUN LIMIT per InningYes (Except 6th)No PITCHING PITCHING DIST4448 Breaking BallNot Encouraged BALKSNo1st 1/2 No 2nd 1/2 Yes WALKS / STRIKEOUTSYes Intentional Walks (no Pitches)Yes Innings Pitched (Game/Week)3/84/10 Hrs Rest from Game Start40 Fake to ThirdNo BATTING / RUNNING BATTING ORDERConsecutive BAT MAX DIAMETER2 5/8 METAL CLEATSNoYes STEALINGNoYes LEAD OFFNoYes BASE LENGTH6070 STEAL HOME ON PASSED BALLNoYes Droped 3rd Strike RuleNoYes Electronics in DugoutYes

13 2/15/14 Misc Information Watch your email and website regarding uniform and packet pickup Pants, jerseys, hats and belts are provided Equipment includes – catcher's gear, rubber bases and five helmets. (no bats) Two dozen game balls provided. Please return unused uniform's to the SIYB office. Leo's Photography is our photo partner, this is our largest fundraiser. Please encourage your parents and team to support Leo's on photo day. Please make sure to have your players clean up the field prior to leaving. Volunteers needed – we need to continue to build our volunteer committee with parents and coaches with younger players in the league. Please email if you would like to get New IEBUA Assignor – Bob Francis – 230-5045 or

14 2/15/14 Misc Information SIYB Operating Structure: Board of Trustees – 7 person board (2 SYSA, 2 Spokane Indians, 2 former Pony, 1 at-large) Baseball Operating Committee – Traditional Board Positions – Volunteers needed for the BOC Five person rules committee – Five Members of the BOC - more nimble decision making. Group will review all appeals and vote on issues that arise during season. Head and Assistant coaches must register online Register in Bonzi – e-mail to or drop off your Photo ID. ID only required the first year Background checks performed on every coach and volunteer

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