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WELCOME TO The University of Tulsa Athletics. Golden Hurricane Student Services Melissa Dawson: Associate Athletics Director for Student Services Michael.

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1 WELCOME TO The University of Tulsa Athletics

2 Golden Hurricane Student Services Melissa Dawson: Associate Athletics Director for Student Services Michael Stevenson: Coordinator/Assistant Athletics Director for Student Services Schnea Nealy: Coordinator/Director of Student Athlete Development April Thompson: Coordinator/Learning Specialist/Tutor Coordinator

3 Policies and Procedures Manual Academic and Personal support for Student-Athletes Relationship with campus advisor Athletic Academic Coordinator Enhanced Academic Support(EAS) – Based on Cum GPA – Assigned hours

4 Policies and Procedures Manual Class attendance – NO SKIPPING! Travel statements Missed appointments – YOU will be responsible for paying the cost of the tutor! Rules/regulations – Respect the “top-of-the-line” academic area you’ve been given.

5 Enhanced Academic Support Rules and Regulations EAS attendance is closely monitored. Student-Athletes are expected to meet all EAS requirements. All Student-Athletes must attend an orientation session prior to using the Case Academic Center. EAS is for studying only. It is not a social or recreational period. Please minimize conversations in the outside lobby prior to entering or after leaving the academic center. The study area is designated as a quiet area. You must sign in appropriately at the front desk. Come to EAS prepared to study. Know what you plan to accomplish in EAS each session. Do not come to study hours without anything to do. NO cell phones are to be used during EAS. NO food, beverages, or products of any kind that might soil or damage furnishings are permitted.

6 Policies and Procedures Manual Observe all tutoring/mentoring requirements, regulations and procedures. This includes requesting tutors/mentors in advance and canceling appointments 24 hours in advance, with the permission of your academic coordinator. Missed tutoring/mentoring appointments could result in loss of tutoring/mentoring privileges. The Student- Athlete will also be charged for the missed tutoring session($8) All unexcused absences and disciplinary problems will be reported according to the Missed Appointment Policy. Failure to sign in or out may result in an unexcused absence. It is your responsibility to see that you are properly checked in and out. The following Student-Athletes are required to attend EAS: – ALL first semester freshmen. – ALL Student-Athletes on probation or continued probation. – ANY Student-Athlete whose Athletic Academic Coordinator or coach requires. – All students are expected to comply with EAS rules and regulations as directed by the EAS monitor on duty.

7 Policies and Procedures Manual Tests, Quizzes or Assignments on the Road The athletics policy for tests on the road will be: – The Student-Athlete makes arrangements for the exam to be given on the road. – The Student-Athlete will have the instructor contact the Associate Athletic Director for Student Services who will work with the professor to obtain the exam in a sealed envelope/signed across the back. – The professor will also enclose directions. – If there is no one able to travel with the team at the time the test/exam needs to be administered, the Associate Athletic Director for Student Services will contact the host institution to arrange for proctoring of the exam. – A coach never administers or sees a test (he/she may transport it in a signed/sealed envelope, but only if the professor has stipulated or agreed to that).

8 Policies and Procedures Manual Advising Information Each Student-Athlete will be assigned an official academic advisor according to his/her school or major. It is important to know where to find your advisor. An Athletic Academic Coordinator will never serve as your academic advisor. Advising Offices Arts and Sciences Undecided Chapman Hall Room 119 631-2244 Business Administration Business Administration Hall Room 218 631-2216 Engineering Natural Sciences Keplinger Hall Room M205 631-2223 631-2224

9 Rules/Regulations Social websites Student-Athlete Code of Conduct Academic Dishonesty Alcohol Policy

10 Academic Requirements Enrollment – Enrolled in a minimum full-time program(12semester hours) – Encouraged to enroll in 13-16 hours per semester Dropping a course May not drop a course without the approval of the Athletic Academic Coordinator and Assoc. AD for Student Services

11 TU S.A.A.C. Comprised of Student-Athlete representatives from all sports. Purpose is to provide direct input into athletic department decisions that affect Student- Athletes. Coordinates community services/outreach programs. Director of Student Athlete Development is the liaison between the Athletic Department and TU S.A.A.C.

12 TIMESMTWTHF 6:00 Weights 7:30 am 8:00 Mis 1123Atrg 2603Mis 1123Atrg 2603 8:30 9:00 Geol 2063 9:30 10:00 Mis 1120EAS 10:30 11:00 EASSoc 2133EASSoc 2133 11:30 12:00 noon 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 Practice 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 Che 1123 6:30 7:00 EAS 7:30 8:00 EAS 8:30 9:00 NAME: Student-Athlete Student Athlete Mock Schedule

13 Athletics Compliance Office Associate A.D. – Crista Troester Assistant A.D. – Christina Carter Graduate Assistant – Russell Fisher

14 Extra Benefits Any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution's athletics interests to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relative or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Bottom Line: If you or your family or friends are getting an advantage because of your status as a student-athlete, you are most likely getting an extra benefit. Examples Include: Employment for yourself or a friend/family member Gifts of any kind (e.g., birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc) Signing or co-signing of loans for student-athletes Providing loans to a student-athlete's relatives or friends Cash or money payments Any tangible items, including merchandise Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type Free or reduced-cost housing Use of an automobile or the provision of transportation Providing a meal other than in your home on special infrequent occasions (e.g., Thanksgiving, birthday) Providing tickets to an athletic, institutional or community event (e.g., movie, professional contest) Even buying a student-athlete a drink at a bar could be considered an extra benefit!

15 Financial Aid Fill out your FAFSA EVERY YEAR to qualify for grants and loans. Website: Report ALL Outside Aid to the Compliance Office. If you get a new award during the year, it must be reported as well.

16 Student Athlete Assistance Funds SAOF: Used to assist student-athletes in meeting financial needs that arise in conjunction with participation in intercollegiate athletics, enrollment in an academic curriculum or that recognize academic achievement. All student-athletes, including international, are eligible to receive SAOF benefits. SAF: Intended to provide direct benefits to student-athletes who have demonstrated a financial need. Pell-eligible Student-Athletes, Athletes that demonstrate Financial Need and International Student-Athletes are eligible for SAF. For more information, Contact Assistant A.D. for Compliance Christina Carter Clothing Allowance Insurance for Qualified applicants Testing fees (GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT) Medical, Dental and Vision Expenses Emergency Travel

17 Scholarship Renewal/Nonrenewal Financial Aid Agreement and NLI are valid for ONE (1) year, you are not guaranteed Aid the next year. Your Aid can only be cancelled during the period of award for these reasons: – If you are ineligible for competition, – If you fraudulently misrepresent yourself on your TU application, NLI or Financial Aid Agreement, – If you engage in serious misconduct warranting serious disciplinary action, – If you voluntarily withdraw from the team, or – If you violate TU institutional, academic, compliance or Athletics Department policies. Your aid cannot be reduced or cancelled without a right to a hearing by written notice. You will be notified the Faculty Athletics Representative (Dr. Chris Anderson) if you wish to schedule a hearing.

18 Academic Honor Renewals Bylaw The renewal of an academic honor award may be exempt from an institution’s equivalency computation regardless of whether the recipient qualified for exemption in his or her initial academic year of enrollment, provided: a)Earns at least a 3.00 GPA or above during the previous academic year; b)Meets all NCAA, Conference USA, and institutional progress towards degree requirements Bylaw For transfers; the renewal of an academic honor award may be exempted from an institution’s equivalency computation, provided a)The recipient achieves a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 at the certifying institution; and b)The recipient meets all NCAA, conference and instutional progress- toward degree requirements.

19 Summer School Apply in March!!!!! The Application Deadline is in April. Submit your application to the Associate AD for Student Services for approval. Not all are approved!!!!! Approval is at the discretion of the Athletics Department. Financial Aid in summer is the same percentage awarded during the school year, unless otherwise specified as less for budgetary reasons.

20 Employment: Bylaw 12.4 Bylaw 12.4.1 says, “Compensation may be paid to a student- athlete: – (a) Only for work actually performed; and – (b) At a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services. Bylaw prohibits student-athletes from receiving renumeration due to your publicity, athletics fame or reputation! If you have a job during your time as a Student Athlete, you must register that job, wages and employer with the Compliance Office. There is a place in your packets to mark your job status.

21 Fee For Lesson: Bylaw You may be paid for teaching or coaching in skills or technique in your sport on a fee-for-lesson basis, provided: – Institutional facilities aren’t used; – The Institution obtains and keeps a record of the recipient of the lesson(s); – The Compensation is paid by the lesson recipient or their family; – The instruction given is comparable to a private lesson if the lesson involves more than on recipient at a time; – The student-athlete doesn’t use his or her name, picture or appearance to promote or advertise the lessons.

22 Agents NCAA Bylaw 12.3: An individual shall be ineligible for participation in an intercollegiate sport if he or she EVER has agreed (orally or in writing) to be represented by an agent for the purpose of marketing his or her athletics ability or reputation in that sport. Even agreeing to allow an agent to represent you in the future would make you ineligible (See USC, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina). Bottom Line: Do not communicate with an agent unless they have registered with the Athletics Department and you have been given permission by the compliance department to talk with them!!!

23 Social Networking Many schools have banned their Student Athletes from using Social Networking Sites. Be mindful about what you say in a blog, put on your profile or Tweet on Twitter. Lots of people are reading these posts now. If there are pictures of you or anyone else on your profile, they must be appropriate. A RECOMMENDATION: SET YOUR PROFILE TO PRIVATE. Then only your friends can see your profile.

24 Promotional Activities: Bylaw 12.5 Because you are a Student Athlete, you may be asked to appear at events as part of a promotion. It’s one of the perks of being a collegiate athlete! If you are asked to do a promotional activity, let the Compliance Office know. We must determine if it is permissible and maintain a record of the event, your participation and any benefit you may have received as a result.

25 Complementary Admissions Like all students, student athletes get complementary admission to all sports on campus. You also receive complementary tickets for your family to attend games in which you play. Do not sell your ticket or it will count as an extra benefit.

26 Official Visits: Student Hosts Current Full- Time Student-Athletes often act as host for Prospective Student-Athletes during their official visit (NCAA Bylaw Student Hosts are given $30 per day to spend on entertainment for PSA and their family. THIS MONEY CANNOT BE USED FOR GIFTS OF VALUE (i.e. t-shirts, souvenirs). You must provide your own transportation. You cannot use a coach’s car or University Vehicle. Do not go more than 30 miles from campus! Do not allow conversations between PSA and “Representative of TU’s athletic interests (i.e. boosters, staff members).

27 Concussions A concussion is a brain injury that: Is caused by a blow to the head or body. Can change the way your brain normally works. Can range from mild to severe. Presents itself differently for each athlete. Can occur during practice or competition in ANY sport. Can happen even if you do not lose consciousness. How can you prevent concussions? Do not initiate contact with your head or helmet. Avoid striking an opponent in the head, or undercutting them so they fall onto their head. A few symptoms: Amnesia, confusion, headache, loss of consciousness, Balance Problems or dizziness, Double or fuzzy vision, Sensitivity to light or noise, Nausea, Feeling sluggish, foggy or groggy, Feeling unusually irritable, Concentration or memory problems, slowed reaction time.

28 Concussions What should you do if you think you have a concussion? – Don’t hide it: If you keep playing, you’re risking serious injury. – Report it: Tell your athletic trainer or coach. – Get it checked out: The sooner you get it checked out, the sooner you can return to competition. – Take time to recover: Your brain needs time to heal after a concussion. While your brain is still healing, you have a much higher chance of getting a repeat concussion.

29 Academic Progress Rate (APR) Established by the NCAA to measure the success or failure of collegiate athletic teams in moving student-athletes towards graduation. – Measured by your retention and eligibility. – Creates Team and University Accountability. Your academic success DIRECTLY affects your sport. If your team does not meet the APR requirements, the team could lose scholarships. Another reason to take advantage of your Enhanced Academic Support staff.

30 NCAA ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS SATISFACTORY PROGRESS TOWARD DEGREE ENTERING 2ND YEAR OF ENROLLMENT – (This is what you must complete your Freshman year) 24 credits earned during Fall/Spring/Summer 18 credits earned during the academic year(Fall/Spring) 6 hours per term 1.8 GPA

31 NCAA ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS SATISFACTORY PROGRESS TOWARD DEGREE ENTERING 3 RD YEAR OF ENROLLMENT – (This is what you must complete your sophomore year) 40% of degree(50 hours) 18 credits earned during the academic year(Fall/Spring) 6 hours per term 1.9 GPA Must declare a degree(major) program

32 NCAA ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS SATISFACTORY PROGRESS TOWARD DEGREE ENTERING 4 TH YEAR OF ENROLLMENT – (This is what you must complete your Junior year) 60% of degree(75 hours) 18 credits earned during the academic year(Fall/Spring) 6 credits per term 2.0 GPA

33 NCAA ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS SATISFACTORY PROGRESS TOWARD DEGREE ENTERING 5 TH YEAR OF ENROLLMENT – (This is what you must complete your Senior year) 80% of degree(100 hours) 24 credits earned during Fall/Spring/Summer 18 credits earned during academic year(Fall/Spring) 6 credits per term 2.0 GPA

34 Countable Hours / Athletically Related Activities Team activities that can be counted toward the teams allotted amount of time that week. Student-athletes may not participate in countable athletically related activities for more than: In-Season Out-of-Season (during the academic year) 4 hours per day 2 hours per week of individual skill instruction 20 hours per week 8 hours per week total 1 Day off per Week 2 Days off per Week

35 Countable Hours / Athletically Related Activities Things that are considered Countable Hours Required weight training and conditioning Competition, practices and/or individual skill instruction Athletic meetings required by coach Discussion or review of game film Things that are NOT considered Countable Hours Life skills and drug/alcohol educational activities Study hall, tutoring or academic meetings Voluntary sport-related activities (e.g., initiated by student-athlete, no attendance taken, no coach present). Training room activities (e.g., treatment, taping), rehabilitation activities and medical examinations Recruiting activities (e.g., serving as a student host for a prospect, attending official visit meals)

36 Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Chris Anderson – located in Oliphant Hall, #181 Works as a liaison between Athletics and TU A person outside the Athletics Department that you can go to with problems; independent voice

37 Conference USA: Principles and Standards of Sportsmanship The conference commissioner has “broad authority” to ensure good sportsmanship throughout the conference. The essential elements of sportsmanship are embodied in 6 core principles: – Respect – Responsibility – Fairness – Honesty – Integrity – Good Citizenship Exhibit respect and courtesy toward all participants. Comment about others in a positive manner No violence or attempts to incite violence!!! No obscene or critical comments/ gestures toward the other team or spectators If asked about officiating, the correct response is, “per conference policy, I am unable to comment”

38 Conference Penalties for Unsportsmanlike Conduct Public or Private reprimand. Forfeiting any sports events or competitions. Suspend or expel any person from attendance at or participation in one or more events. Pay a fine to the Conference (not to exceed $50,000). Flagrant misconduct will result in suspension from at least one contests.

39 TU Athletics Website A Student-Athlete Section with lots of helpful information. Lots of information about rules compliance. The Rules Education section provides education on demand!

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