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Coach’s Meeting October 2012. Agenda 0 Core Course Update 0 2011-2012 NLI Summary 0 NLI Reminders 0 Financial Aid Refresher 0 Question & Answer 0 Skill.

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1 Coach’s Meeting October 2012

2 Agenda 0 Core Course Update 0 2011-2012 NLI Summary 0 NLI Reminders 0 Financial Aid Refresher 0 Question & Answer 0 Skill –related instruction

3 Core Course Change 0 10 out of the 16 necessary core courses must be complete during the 1 st 6 semesters 0 7 out of the 10 core courses during the 1 st 6 semesters must be English, Math, and Science courses 0 These courses must be used in academic certification (the courses cannot be retaken senior year)








11 A PSA who is granted a complete release may not sign another NLI during the same signing year. The PSA must sign the NLI and athletics aid agreement within 14 days of issuance; otherwise the NLI is invalid. Cosigner’s who are not parents or legal guardians must be approved by the NLI office. NLI Reminders

12 Every space and box must be filled in and/or checked. Make sure date and time are correct. Can be emailed, mailed, or faxed back. NLI’s must be approved by Compliance prior to any public comments. May not comment on verbal commitments! NLI Reminders

13 Before becoming a counter, a PSA may release the institution of the NLI obligation if they are receiving aid unrelated to athletics that is of equal or greater value than the NLI. The aid may be awarded to another student-athlete as long as the team limit has not been reached. Different from a S/A voluntarily quitting the team- aid can only be given the following semester. NLI Reminders

14 NLI – Unofficial Signings Any fake NLI documents must be sent from the compliance office.

15 Financial Aid Refresher Athletics awards are granted for a period of one academic year. – Exceptions: Midyear Enrollment Final Semester One Time Exception Eligibility Exhausted May be increased for any reason at any time. Can be reduced/canceled if: – Ineligible – Serious Misconduct – Withdraws voluntarily – Fraud

16 Question During the recruiting process, can you offer aid for one year to a PSA for future years? For example, can you promise them aid for their junior/senior year and not their freshman/sophomore year ?

17 Offer of financial assistance in future years: Determined that the provisions of Constitution 3- 4-(d) would not preclude a member institution from promising a prospective student-athlete financial assistance for the academic year after initial enrollment (i.e., the student-athlete self- finances the first academic year and is guaranteed a scholarship the next academic year), so long as the offer of aid is signed by the appropriate financial aid authorities and is not in excess of one year Answer

18 Question The head women's golf coach at Ocean State University (OSU) attended a local high school's "Senior Day" event involving Club House, a prospective student athlete. The OSU coach participated in a public announcement of Club's signing a national letter of intent with OSU. Is this permissible?

19 No. NCAA Bylaw states that press conferences to announce a signing may be arranged independently by the prospective student-athlete (or the prospective student- athlete's family), provided there is no arrangement or involvement whatsoever by the institution or representatives of its athletics interests. Answer

20 Skill-related instruction 0 – Sports other than Football 0 Beginning of school – 1 week prior to finals 0 In your declared “Outside the Playing Season” 0 8 hours a week – 2 hours of skill instruction 0 FCS Football 0 Between last contest and summer conditioning = 0 Weights, conditioning, & game film 0 8 hours total – 2 hours of game film 0 MAY NOT BE PUBLICIZED or CONDUCTED IN VIEW OF A GENERAL PUBLIC AUDIENCE!

21 Skill-related instruction 0 – Sports Other Than Baseball and Football 0 Skill instruction – 0 Beginning of school to September 15 th = only 4 student-athletes 0 April 15 th to the end of the semester = only 4 student-athletes 0 September 15 th – April 15 th – more than 4 student-athletes 0 Baseball – 0 September 15 th – one week prior to finals = more than 4 student-athletes 0 January 15 th - April 15 th = more than 4 student-athletes

22 Skill-related instruction 0 A PSA and individuals accompanying them may view skill-related instruction during an official or unofficial visit. 0 Provided it is not publicized or held in view of the general public. 0 You may not invite boosters or high school coaches to watch skill related instruction. 0 A member of the general public can walk into a facility where a team is involved in skill-related instruction. 0 No arranging skill-instruction FOR the public.

23 Conditioning Activities 0 Permissible Conditioning Activities (Ed Col 10/10/12) 0 Simulation of game activities provided no offensive or defensive alignments are set up and no equipment related to the sport is used; 0 Weight training; 0 Running/Sprints; 0 Agility/Plyometric drills 0 Tug-of-war 0 Resistance sprints 0 Sledgehammer training

24 Conditioning Activities 0 Impermissible Conditioning Drills 0 Wrestling 0 Mixed Martial Arts 0 Boxing 0 Blocking/Tackling/Checking Drills 0 Use of football sleds to develop blocking, tackling, checking or other contact techniques 0 Offensive or defensive alignments

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