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April Rules Ed Agenda –Immediate Legislation –Outside Funds –Promotional Activities –Audits Phone Logs/Recruits Comply & Verify / Jump Forward –IRL Graduation.

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1 April Rules Ed Agenda –Immediate Legislation –Outside Funds –Promotional Activities –Audits Phone Logs/Recruits Comply & Verify / Jump Forward –IRL Graduation Amatuerism questionnaire –Equipment Release Form –Coaches Exam Summer

2 New Legislation Effective Immediately Exception- Basketball – July Evaluation Periods. –During the July evaluation periods, a replaced coach is not required to return to the institution’s campus before engaging in additional recruiting activities, provided no more than three coaches engage in off- campus recruiting activities each day.

3 New Legislation Effective Immediately Exception for Prize Money for Student Athletes- Outside the Playing Season During the Summer Vacation Period- Individual Sports. –In individual sports, a student athlete may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an open athletics event (an event that is not invitation only), provided the competition occurs outside the institution's declared playing and practice season during the institution’s summer vacation period. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the open event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the student-athlete (e.g. coach’s fees or expenses, parent’s expenses).

4 New Legislation Effective Immediately Institutional Orientation Session –A recruited prospective student-athlete who has signed a NLI and has reported to an institutional orientation session that is open to all incoming students within 14 calendar days prior to the opening day of classes of a regular academic year term shall not be subject to the contact restrictions of Bylaw 13 and shall be considered a student-athlete for purposed of Bylaw 16 as of the opening day of the orientation session.

5 New Legislation Effective Immediately 13.2.8 Medical Expenses- –In sports other than Football, an institution may finance medical expenses for a PSA who sustains an injury while participating in voluntary summer workouts conducted by an institution’s strength and conditional coach with department wide duties.

6 New Legislation Effective Immediately Voluntary Summer Conditioning – Sports other than Football and Basketball. –A PSA may engage in voluntary summer workouts with a strength coach and may receive workout apparel (on an issuance and retrieve basis) provided he or she is enrolled in the summer term prior to the student’s initial full-time enrollment at the certifying institution. – Mandatory Medical Examination Prior to voluntary lifting or conditioning, a PSA who will be a first time participant is required to undergo a medical exam which must have been administered within six months prior to participation.

7 New Legislation Effective Immediately 17.4.2 (b) Baseball Practice Championship Segment. –Cannot commence practice sessions prior to the first Friday that is three weeks prior to the first permissible contest date for the championship segment. 17.4.3 (b) Baseball Competition Championship Segment. –Cannot play its first contest prior to the Friday in February that is 14 weeks before the Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day.

8 New Legislation Effective Immediately 17.27.7 Track Safety Exception –A coach may be present during voluntary workouts in our practice facility when the SA are engaged in field events, jumping hurdles, or the jumping element of the steeplechase. The coach may provided safety or skill instruction but may not conduct the individual’s workout.

9 New Legislation Effective Immediately 30.10.4 Softball recruiting periods: –(a) August 1 st through the day prior to Thanksgiving day (except for (1) below) (1) Monday-Thursday of the NLI week (Dead period)

10 Outside Funds DO NOT DO THIS! –Parent operating fund was supporting: Travel Meals Gifts –Four parents of current players revealed that many had contributed to the fund to defray the cost of meals for the team and purchase photo albums, frames, fleeces and blankets for graduating seniors. The fund was also used to purchase a team tent for games. –“The problem with an outside account is that completely innocent purchases appear to be improper because you can’t account for the funds,” Miller said. “If you can’t account for funds, it creates the impression that there were no receipts and no checks. We need to make sure athletes receive no extra benefits. We need to know what the athletic funds are used for.” – AD Quote

11 Outside Funds The Principle of Institutional Control and Responsibility –It is the responsibility of each member institution to control its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association. The institution's president or chancellor is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the athletics program, including approval of the budget and audit of all expenditures. Rules about Meals/Travel/Gifts –Parents may not pay for any benefits for the team. The team must use budgeted money for all expenses. Parents Want to Pay? –Have them write a check to Villanova Athletics –Give to Brian Murray –Will go into the overall Athletic Fund

12 Promotional Activities A S/A is not eligible if: –They permit their name or picture to advertise, recommend, or promote a commercial product or service –They endorse a product through their use of the product –Don’t ignore a request!

13 Recruiting Compliance Recruit File Audits will begin June 1 st. –Please schedule a time –Must be completed by July 31 st Comply & Verify vs. Jump Forward –Programs to track PSA phone calls –Running in Fall 2009

14 Eligibility Center Please give us any remaining PSA’s to add to your IRL. Encourage Senior PSA’s to send in final transcripts and proof of graduation ASAP. Seniors should log in and complete the amateurism questionnaire.

15 Scholarship Request Forms Due May 15 th Practice Logs March and April are due!

16 Coaches Exam May 20 th (Wed) 10:00 am –Compliance Meeting Go over new legislation on the test Test Dates –May 27 or 28? –June 1 st –June 18 th 10:00 am –June 29 th ?

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