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Parent/Athlete 2013-14 Fall Sports Information Meeting It isn't what you do, but how you do it. John Wooden John Wooden.

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1 Parent/Athlete 2013-14 Fall Sports Information Meeting It isn't what you do, but how you do it. John Wooden John Wooden

2 Core Values  COMPETITIVENESS: We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through hard work at all times  TEAMWORK: We work collaboratively and cooperatively for the benefit of the team  SPORTSMANSHIP: We are respectful, positive competitors, coaches, parents, and fans at all times  CITIZENSHIP: We represent the South Windsor community with pride, integrity, and dignity in all endeavors  PHYSICAL FITNESS: We view physical fitness and a healthful lifestyle as essential in order to perform at our highest level on and off the field.

3  Once a student enters 9 th grade for the first time, the “4 year clock” starts ticking. Four Year/Eight Semester Rule

4 1. Does your current schedule include at least 5 credits for the year and at least 5 graded courses that meet daily in this report card period? (Pass/Fail classes and independent studies may not be included.) 2. In the most recent marking period, did you earn passing grades in at least 4 of the courses that meet daily? 3. In the most recent marking period, did you earn a marking period GPA of at least 2.0? 4. Did you earn a marking period GPA of at least 2.0 in the previous marking period? Academic Eligibility YES:Go to question #2 NO:You are ineligible YES:Go to question #3 NO:You are ineligible YES:You are eligible NO:Go to question #4 YES:You are on athletic probation NO:You are ineligible

5 Playing on outside teams  Student-athletes cannot practice/compete on an outside team in the same sport that they are currently playing for at the high school.  Exception in individual sports (Swimming, tennis, golf, track, cross country, gymnastics): Athletes may participate as “unattached” individuals (not representing the school or on an outside team) with limitations.

6  In the case of any suspension, involvement in activities after the school day will not be allowed from the date of the incident until the day of the student’s return to their regular classes.  This includes all athletic practices and games, either as a participant or a spectator.  This applies to both in-school as well as external suspensions. In-School and External Suspensions

7 Student athletes are expected to refrain from the possession of or use of tobacco products, alcohol and other drugs, on or off campus, during the athletic calendar year. Substance Abuse

8 First Offense: Athlete shall be suspended for 2 games OR shall enroll in and successfully complete an administration-approved smoking cessation program. Second Offense: Athlete shall forfeit eligibility for the athletic season. Tobacco Policy Violation

9 First Offense: Suspension for the number of games equal to 50% of the regular season schedule; Reduced to 25% with completion of a drug/alcohol education program. Second Offense: Immediate dismissal from his/her team and a one calendar year suspension from interscholastic athletics Third Offense: The athlete shall be ineligible from participation for the remainder of his/her high school career. Alcohol/Drug Policy Violation

10 Coach Athlete Parent Communicating with the Coach Playing time Formations Plays Strategies Matters regarding the safety of athletes

11 Order of Communications  Player-Coach  Player-Varsity Head Coach  Player-AD  Player and Parent-AD  Player, Parent, Coach, AD, Principal

12  Always be positive and in control of your emotions  Before or after a game or during a practice or game is not a good time to approach a coach or an athlete.  Remember the order of communication. Tips for Parents on Speaking to Coaches and Athletes

13 Fan Behavior  Cheer, but never yell/scream at your child, someone else’s child, coach, umpire or visiting team.  If you have nothing positive to say -- say nothing at all.  No matter how it feels to you, people (including players, coaches and officials) don't purposely make errors. When they do, they already feel bad, and don't need reminders.  Don’t be a bystander. If one of your friends gets carried away, use your influence to discourage their inappropriate behavior.

14 Injuries CONCUSSION: A concussion is a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body resulting in symptoms. Symptoms include: * headache and/or pressure * nausea and/or vomiting * dizziness * feeling “foggy” and/or slowed down * drowsiness * sensitivity to light and/or noise * difficulty remembering and/or concentrating * emotional changes i.e. anger, depression, nervousness The best treatment for a concussion is REST. Every athlete is baseline ImPACT tested so that if a head injury occurs it can be used as a tool to allow your son or daughter a safe return to sports. Other injuries and doctor notes.

15 Details  Fall Sports Picture Day is Friday, September 6 th. All fall athletes must be in uniform and at the stadium no later than 2:30. Coaches will provide athletes with picture order forms.  When picking up or dropping off your sons/daughters to and from practice, go to the rear entrance of the building

16  If you are remaining at the school for any length of time after practice or a game, you must shower.  Disinfect any equipment, pads and other gear that you use on a regular basis.  Do not share towels or other personal items.  Report any skin infections to your coach and the athletic trainer immediately.  Cover any abrasions, scrapes, cuts etc. to prevent the spread of infection  Wipe down weight room equipment after use. Hygiene

17  Anonymous Letters/Electronic Media  Booster Club  SWHS Hall of Fame Miscellaneous

18  CIAC Sports Calendar, including cancellations  List of Coaching Staff with contact information  2013-2014 Athletic Handbook  Directions to CCC Events  College Guide for Athletes  Release of Liability – Alternate Transportation Form Athletics Section of School Website

19 Football: Cafeteria Girls’ Soccer: Auditorium Girls’ Cross Country: Media Center Boys’ Cross Country: Back Gym Girls’ Swimming and Diving: Front Gym Volleyball: Room 102 Cheerleading: Middle Gym Room assignments:

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