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Westview Wolverine Roller Hockey Player Conduct & Eligibility Guidelines.

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1 Westview Wolverine Roller Hockey Player Conduct & Eligibility Guidelines

2 Athletic Requirements Ticket-to-Play Sports Physical –Good for one year –Form must be signed by doctor Additionally –Form signed stating you read and understood Athletic Handbook. –Proof of medical insurance –Parental consent form –Color copies of player school ID card and Escondido Sports Center membership card All forms on the Westview web site Turn all items above to Westview Athletics. They give you Ticket-to-Play card.

3 Academic Eligibility Each Quarter (9 weeks) player must: –Pass 2/3 of classes(2 of 2, 2 of 3, or 3 of 4) –Have GPA of 2.0 or higher for that quarter –Incomplete = not passed If one or more items above are not met: –Player is ineligible or on probation until at least next grading period –If player is placed on probation a second time, they will not be allowed to play ANY high school sport for the rest of their high school career.

4 Conduct Guidelines School Time –begins when you leave your house –ends when you enter your house –extends to all school events regardless of where they take place including: Dances All athletic events –Home or away –Spectator or participant School Plays Etc. If under the influence or have possession of alcohol or drugs during any of the above School Times you will be at a new school THE NEXT DAY. You will remain there for one full calendar year. This applies to all students at Westview, not just athletes. No questions No exceptions

5 Conduct Guidelines 24/7 Policy Evidence such as… –pictures on my space or other web sites –pictures on someones cell phone –etc… showing you partying at anytime or anywhere including in your own home: You will be suspended from participation in your sport for 4-12 weeks (whichever is longer).

6 Game Guidelines Arrive no later than 30 minutes before game time. Be suited up and ready to skate onto rink no later than when 2 minutes are left in the game before ours. Every shift of every period of every game each player is expected to push themselves to the limit of their skills, strength, and intensity. To do otherwise dishonors the game. Penalties will occur. HOWEVER, some penalties harm the team, distracts from the game, and will not be tolerated. These include: game misconducts, retaliation, hostile verbal exchanges with referees or opposing players, 10 minute majors, etc. Immediate action will be taken by coaches toward any player who receives these. Players will obey coach's directions such as when to go on or off the rink 24 hour rule. Players will not discuss or argue with coaches play time, position decisions, etc. during or immediately after a game. Such discussion is welcomed and encouraged from the player but not until the next day at the earliest.

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