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Strathclyde’s Agenda To encourage Strathclyde students to have some kind of international experience during their degree.

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1 Strathclyde’s Agenda To encourage Strathclyde students to have some kind of international experience during their degree.

2 Student Exchange Team Allison Handley – International Exchange Co- ordinator Kate Kenyon – ERASMUS Exchange Co-ordinator Karen Robley – Exchanges Assistant Recruitment and International Office (RIO) Graham Hills Building Level 4

3 International Exchange Programme Spend 1 or 2 semesters of your undergraduate degree at a partner university. Take classes which are compatible with your Strathclyde classes. Take your exams at the partner university Receive academic credit for the exams you pass. Credit is transferred to your Strathclyde degree. Return to Strathclyde to complete your degree. Not intended to affect duration of your degree.

4 Eligibility Criteria Each Department/Faculty/School has its own minimum academic standard for provisional/final approval to study abroad. HASS – average of 55% or above ENG – average of around 60% or above CPE looking for average of 70% or above SCI – average of 60% or above This does not guarantee you a place. Very competitive programme. Provisional academic approval at application stage. Final academic approval following May 2015 exams.

5 Estimate Costs Tuition fees continue to be paid to Strathclyde. You do not pay tuition at the host University. Estimate costs £6,000/semester – Visa application and fee – Flights – Accommodation and meals – Medical/Health Insurance – Books – Limited Scholarships available

6 2015/16 options Handout - University-wide agreements Limited places available at each University Places assigned according to availability, demand, current academic standing, course requirements, curriculum match and if study abroad is a compulsory requirement of your Strathclyde degree. Strong competition Which universities have students from your course studied at previously? (handout) Potentially you can apply to any of the Universities listed provided they offer suitable classes.

7 Duration of Exchange USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore – 1 or 2 semesters – S1 may begin as early as mid August – Dec – S2 begins early January – Students going for one semester would go in S1.

8 Australia / New Zealand Semesters back to front with Strathclyde – Limited to one semester (Feb to May semester) – Find out if your classes at Strathclyde are run on a semester/full year basis to determine your flexibility.

9 Application Procedure Online application Opens early January 2015 – we will email you List 3 Universities (in order of preference) Provide a provisional list of classes for each University Personal Statement RIO will forward your application to your Department, Faculty or School for provisional academic approval and ranking.

10 Timescales for International Exchange Application opens early January Application closes 30 January Can apply to International Exchange and ERASMUS. Will assume International Exchange is your preference If ERASMUS is your preference, don’t apply for International Exchange. RIO will notify you of outcome of your application by 2 March 48 hours to accept place otherwise it will be reallocated RIO will send you application information for host University Host University meetings in April Pre-Departure meetings in May Final Academic Approval to study abroad in June/July following May exams. New system – thanks for your patience!

11 Classes/courses at host University Contact Exchange/Academic Adviser in your Department or School. Ask for details of your core/compulsory classes in 2015/16 Search for class catalogue on partner University’s homepage. Usually level 3 (3 rd year) classes Select classes from other years if they offer a better fit. Visit RIO to check Feedback Files in case this information is already available. List links to partner institutions class catalogue (for your Exchange adviser to look at). Opportunity to review your classes when you have been assigned and are applying to particular host University.

12 Exchange Advisers Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Francesco Sindico – Law David Rowe – Sport and Physical Activity Gisele Mackenzie Smith – English, History or Modern Languages. Claire Timmins – Speech and Language Pathology Kellyanne Findlay – Psychology Fabrizio de Francesco – Government and Politics

13 Faculty of Engineering Mike Angus/Lynne Harvey – Architecture Philippe Sentenac – Civil Engineering Bruce Postlethwaite – Chemical Engineering Alasdair Downes – DMEM David Harle – EEE Andrew McLaren – Mechanical Engineering Erkan Oterkus - NAME

14 Faculty of Science / SBS Alison Gray – Mathematics Luke Chamberlin – SIPBS Peter Skabara – P&A Chemistry Francesco Papoff – Physics Conor McBride – Computer Science SBS – Lorna Bennet


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