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Coláiste na nDán, na nEolaíochtaí Sóisialta agus an Léinn Cheiltigh College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies The BA (International) Year Abroad.

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1 Coláiste na nDán, na nEolaíochtaí Sóisialta agus an Léinn Cheiltigh College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies The BA (International) Year Abroad For Non-Language Students ATTENTION !! ALL SECOND ARTS STUDENTS There are opportunities for Bachelor of Arts students to study abroad in Europe and in North America for 2009-10. An information evening on the Year Abroad for non-language students will be held on Thursday February 12 th in the Colm O’hEocha Theatre College International OfficeAffairs Office

2 Faculty of Arts Non Language Students Full Third Year Abroad All Subjects through English Europe US and Canada BA INTERNATIONAL OPTIONBA INTERNATIONAL OPTION

3 Subject A Subject B Subject C Subject D BC THE YEAR ABROAD BC THE FOUR-YEAR B.A. INTERNATIONAL FinalArts SecondArts FirstArts

4 Destinations The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies and its disciplines are linked with a number of partner universities in Europe that offer courses through English. We also have links with Boston in America and Ottawa in Canada. Most partner universities offer courses through English in specific subject areas only. There are a limited number of places in each university.

5 Erasmus Links Country - University Austria – Salzburg/Vienna Belgium – Leuven Denmark - Aarhus Finland – Abo/Helsinki Germany – Göttingen* (good knowledge of German required) Malta - Malta Netherlands – Groningen/Leiden/Utrecht Sweden- Uppsala/Karlstad UK – Aberdeen/Aberystwyth/Glasgow

6 Studying Abroad In the C of A., SS & CS, students go abroad after having successfully completed second year and they transfer from the 3-year BA programme to the 4- year BA International Programme. You must pass sufficient subjects while abroad to give you a minimum of 40ECTS credits (20 credits in each subject)

7 Studying Abroad In this way, your study abroad is recognised as in integral part of your BA International degree. After spending their year abroad, students return to complete their fourth and final year in NUI Galway.

8 The Advantages of Participation in the Programme Academic development Personal development. A positive addition to your CV Cultural and social aspects: –Get to know another country & its culture –Perhaps learn some of the language –Make new friends –Expand your horizons….

9 Requirements Period of study must be for one academic year. Students are not required to pay tuition fees to the Host University – however, they are required to pay normal fees to their home university. You remain registered as an NUI, Galway student while studying abroad.

10 Requirements The year abroad must be passed successfully. Students are responsible for completing the year-abroad requirements, and making sure that the results are returned to the Examinations Office or departments. A full load of courses is the target, subject to availability and the structure of courses. Students must consult with the BA International coordinator in both subjects regarding the selection of modules to be taken at the host univeristy.

11 The Application Process If applying to Non-EU Institutions (Ottawa/Boston College): –Complete Application Form No.1 (Non-EU )& return to Arts by 20 th February –Consult host institution website (listed on application form) If applying to any of the following EU institutions: –Malta (non-maths), Gottingen, Utrecht, Uppsala (non-celtic studies) –Must complete EU Application Form No. 2 & return to College of Arts by 20 th February –Consult host institution website (listed on application form) If applying to any other EU institutions: - Complete the EU Application Form No. 3 –Return this to your primary coordinator as listed on the application form by 20 th Feb. –Ensure to obtain signatures of both of your departmental coordinators before returning it to the primary coordinator –They will make the final decision on who they will be nominating to go on Erasmus. Criteria for selection will be the same as for the universities listed in the previous paragraph.

12 The Application Process Carry out some research on the destinations available by consulting the different universities’ websites, or by contacting your department and/or the International Affairs Office. The College of Arts, SS & CS and the International Affairs Office make an offer of places by mid-March. If you accept the offer, you will be officially nominated to the relevant Host University as an International student for 2009/2010. You will need to follow the application procedure for the host university. NUI Galway International Office will advise.

13 Costs of going on Erasmus in Europe Total cost for the year will be between €7000 - €10,000 approx). This includes accommodation, electricity, food, travel, academic materials etc. Each of our partner university websites will have the approximate cost for an Erasmus student who spends a year in their country

14 COSTS … & FUNDING AVAILABLE General costs of living (Accommodation, Food, Heat and Light) Travel Costs Non-Tuition Fee to NUI Galway Erasmus Mobility Grant €1000 (approx) for Erasmus destinations only. Disability/Special Needs Grant (if applicable) Local Authority Grant (if applicable)

15 Studying in Europe Students must be citizens of one of the EU Member states (+Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Liechtenstein) Non-Irish citizens will not be nominated to study in their birth country. Students in 1 st year of their study programme are not eligible to participate

16 Cost for North America and Canada Boston College - Total Cost for one academic year is $18,000 (approximately) - Grant-in-aid is $5,000 (approximately) University of Ottawa - Total Cost for one academic year $18,000 (approximately) - There is no grant-in-aid

17 BOSTON COLLEGE Approximate Estimate of Student Expenses Accommodation (see website for off-campus cost) on campus$6,000 Books $ 800 Food (Meal Plan)$4,000 ID Fee$ 20 Medical Insurance$1,550 Health Services Fee$ 400 Recreational Complex Fee (Optional)$ 230 Travel$1,000 Personal Expenses$4,000 Total $ 18,000

18 Website for Ottawa and Boston Boston College website - l/ l/ University of Ottawa website – dents/intl.html

19 Website for European Universities Please see the handout where we have listed all the university websites along with subject combinations which are possible in each university.

20 Criteria for Selection Your Examination results; First Arts and (Christmas results) 2 nd Arts. The extent to which you demonstrate having researched your selection The strength of your Personal Statement The ‘fit’ between your subjects and your selection.

21 Compliance Failure to successfully complete the requirements of the year abroad will result in students been deprived of the BA International and on completion of their final year in NUI, Galway awarded the BA Omnibus degree only. The student will be obliged to pay in this case full fees for the final year of the BA Omnibus.

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